Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year everyone! Well it's 2010 and I'll officially state here, that the most you'll see of Monica Foster will be EXCLUSIVELY on unless it's a "mainstream" project, or for my upcoming studio which I'm launching this year "Monica Foster Films".

Considering all the other projects I'll be working on this year, this particular blog will be tapering off substantially. Don't think I'm disappearing however - I'll still be sharing my thoughts and life adventures via my other blogs which in time will grow just as this one has:

2009 was one wild ass ride. I've grown tremendously - much more than I ever thought I would or could.

Having the opportunity to move out here to Los Angeles, from Fort Lauderdale and working as a performer in the porn industry was one of the most challenging, but best life adventures I think anyone could ask for. Yes it was an unconventional path but being that I'm an unconventional type of woman, I was well suited for the challenge.

Keep up with my website so that you can keep track of the release of my other websites and projects. This blog will always be around, and will always remain free to read for those who want to know what Monica Foster and the girl (who now feels like she's officially an adult) who created Monica Foster is truly all about.