Monday, May 10, 2010

I haven't written an "in depth" blog in a quite a while, so I figured I would today, simply to touch base with all of my fans and friends who have stuck by me over the years (since 2002 in fact which was the year "Monica Foster" was conceived).

Not too much is going on in my life...well that's not really true, a lot is going on, but everything that is happening as of current falls under the category of "project in the works". I have about 3 websites I'm STILL working on launching, I'm still doing my daily webcam shows on , I've been trying to keep up with my daily adult industry half hour commentary video blog , and last but not least am working my ass off to get myself into a better position financially to where I can open my adult content studio/label by the end of the year.

I currently have nothing to "hold me back" and I'm incredibly grateful for that. I used to look at myself and think "woe is me, I'm all alone" , but my mindset has totally flipped as of late - now I look at myself and say "HA HA I'm free and have no chains to hold me down suckas!"

That's right - no kids, no romantic interest and limited debt (of which I'm paying down more and more day by day).

Before I moved to CA, and since I've moved to CA, I've had a few elements here and there which have managed to slow down my life progression - shitty friends, losers I've made the mistake of dating, career opportunities I didn't need to consider, etc.

However I've successfully cleaned all of the crap out of my life - people, situations, and material items - and I feel GREAT about that. Now that I'm motivated, blazing forward and am no longer willing to allow negativity into my world I'm excited as to what future lies ahead.

Check out this cool cartoon version of my alter ego Mighty Afrodite / Afrodiva , my friend miss Julie Meadows made for me! If you haven't read her blog do so, it's been keeping me on track and might do the same for you as well (and if you enjoy her blog, don't be shy about donating a few dollars to her - remember it takes money to keep these interesting takes on life written by interesting people going).

Don't forget, tonight at 6pm PST is a live broadcast of Monica @ Home on and then at 8pm PST members of my website can catch my free live one hour show - only in Club Monica!

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