Thursday, September 02, 2010

I'm thinking I should re-title "The Official Blog of Monica Foster" to "How I Feel Today" for quite a wide array of reasons.

So lets see, how do I feel today? Well, I feel pretty damn great! I feel grounded and centered, quite happy and confident being that I'm currently only doing in life things that I feel can add positively to my future. Also overall I feel good simply about being me - I've faced and have dealt with a few personal issues I've toted around for years, and my mindset has expanded and developed tremendously.

I have a few projects I'm FINALLY completing independently and a couple new ventures I will be working on with others so I'm entering new phase professionally. I'm very fortunate to currently be surrounded by a small circle of some pretty cool individuals - It's interesting to see how the company that you keep (or don't keep) can really effect where you go in life and what can happen.

This Friday I'll be doing another installment of "" at 10pm PST on

Next Monday at 9pm PST I'll be doing members only "Club Monica" 1 hour long webcam show on my official website:

This weekend I plan on doing quite a few private webcam shows as Mighty Afrodite ( , so make sure you get a show with me through this Saturday

What I've come to realize is so fantastic (and rare within the adult entertainment industry) about having worked as independently as I have in developing "Monica Foster", is that now that I can take my persona as "Monica" (even though the persona is basically just who I really am) anywhere and into any arena of entertainment (or outside of entertainment) that I'd like.

I feel great about not being "locked in" to the adult circuit and I think deciding not to work as a talent ever again for any other adult studios other than my own was the best decision I could have made professionally (and it was probably at the best point in time I could have made that choice to boot).

"Monica Foster" might have been a "pornstar" at one point, but before being a pornstar, she was a glamour model, online personality and webcam girl and now after being a pornstar, she'll continue to do quite a few things.

Well that's about it. I'm anticipating doing quite a bit of travel over the next few months (I'm set to host a couple of events out of town), so look for blogs and videos on that :) I finally have the opportunity to get behind the camera and into the directors seat with a new adult content studio, so I'll post news on that another day. I'll also be implementing quite a few of my personal interests into "Monica Foster" a bit more so check in with me frequently!

See you all online soon!