Sunday, October 03, 2010

Asking for Help, Giving Thanks, Taking & Receiving

I'm in the middle of reading an excellent book right now that was recommended to me by someone who guides many. Actually I've read another good book as well lately, which was recommended to me by my father entitled "Who Moved My Cheese".

The book I'm reading as of current though, has really made me re-evaluate my past mindset and views when it comes to asking for help, giving thanks, taking and receiving.

I've always been a giver (an excessive giver in fact) mainly because it's something that has always been easy for me to do. I've also never had a problem saying "thank you" - even when the thanks wasn't always warranted.

I've had two things of which in the past I've always had trouble doing however:

1) Asking for help.
2) Receiving

Sometimes it simply takes admitting yourself and identifying your troubles and issues in order to get past them - amazing how that is.

By creating and I know I've helped many who are active within the adult entertainment industry in creating a better career for themselves. Through my websites - primarily and it's attached social networking profiles I know that I've set an example as to how work and build a career for yourself within the adult entertainment industry independently.

I've received many emails from quite a few men and women expressing gratitude and I've been touched. However I have noticed, especially as of late, that there are a number of individuals who are using my work as a template/outline/example - yet are not acknowledging (or even saying a simple "thank you") so.

Furthermore a few of these individuals have outright attacked and/or attempted to bash me professionally and personally without just cause. I do not like this.

Interestingly enough certain individuals who have displayed such behavior have found that they've fallen upon troubles when it comes to their projects (in one case a person's entire website seems to have disappeared). Perhaps if they'd given thanks appropriately, rather than being dysfunctional - karma would not have bit them in the ass.

Lesson learned here? Find a balance in life - ask for help when needed, say thank you when appropriate - give and receive in a balanced fashion.