Saturday, May 28, 2011

Click here for a list of people in porn I feel that you should avoid due to being a pimp, illegal drug dealer, connected to illegal drugs, unprofessional and/or being involved in other criminal activity.

In part 1 of this broadcast, Monica Foster discusses the recent developments in regards to the LA City council considering making condoms mandatory for the porn industry, Mercedes Ashley and her new project, the most recent FSC (free speech coalition) meeting of which details were shared in regards to the new porn industry network they are rolling out called the APHSS (adult performers health and safety services) her disappointment in Ryan Razor of accusing her of being behind the pornwikileaks project.

In part 2 of this broadcast Monica Foster discusses the history of the O.T.O. ( Ordo Templi Orientis ) , her views on the cult / organization, the organization's relationship to the porn industry and an experience she had in dealing with a group of their members.

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