Saturday, May 14, 2011

Monica Foster discusses in the beginning of the broadcast her visit with Shelley Lubben of the Pink Cross to the La City Council where she testified that condom usage needs to be mandatory in porn immediately to protect the health of adult industry actors and actresses from curable and incurable STD (sexually transmitted diseases).

Monica then shares her findings in regards to how the Pornwikileaks venture has been making money - via acceptance into the affiliate programs of Mallcom / (which is owned by Jerry Aharony ) and WebWizard Inc / (which is owned by Dirty D aka MIchael Storm aka MIchael Joseph who runs the explicit website )

Monica shares her views, opinions and thoughts in regards to her disappointment in adult industry professionals such as Aharony and Dirty D overlooked countless adult entertainers (and their family's ) safety and privacy. As of May 12, 2011 Aharony has indicated the he was unaware of his company's acceptance of Pornwikileaks into his affiliate / referral program (even though his website would have received a VAST injection of targeted traffic directly from the Pornwikileaks website).

Monica reports her findings on a connection between Luke Ford of (an adult industry reporter and blogger who release several pornstars real names back in the late 1990s) and Mallcom Corp as well.

At the end of the broadcast Monica Foster conducts an online prayer session for those involved in and affected by the pornwikileaks venture who haven't allowed Jesus Christ and God into their hearts and souls.