Friday, July 08, 2011

Update: 1.3.2012 - Donny Long was utilized a a scapegoat for PornWikiLeaks. Click here for the truth.
Last night a big part of the truth came out in regards to the terrorism and on/offline stalking I've been dealing with since December in regards to the Pornwikileaks project.

At this moment I am not sure how to feel so I'll just share the following:

Thanks to Mike South of , Sean of , and quite a few other helpful, brave and good souls quite a few identities have been brought to light who have had involvement with Pornwikileaks - but there is one in particular who stands out along with Donald Carlos Seoane (aka Donny Long).

Her name is Tara Akinlose and she runs a blog called and many other online ventures.

Tara Akinlose is an African-American woman who has never worked in porn with the exception of being an event photographer and relatively unskilled website developer. Tara has an unhealthy possibly psychotic obsessesion with individuals in the industry and especially has a personal vendetta against African-American female pornstars due to jealousy, envy and her feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.

I now realize that much of the negativity I've dealt with has stemmed from Tara. Why she fixated on me - I can clearly see. I'm everything that she was never brave enough to become. I'm not the first woman however who's life she's affected. Read about a publicised altercation she was involved with (between herself, a male adult industry talent named Mark Davis and 2 other African American female adult actresses named Kitten and Sinnamon Love):

Tara Akinlose has been causing issues for people on and offline via aliases since 2006:

It also seems her association with Pornwikileaks had a pre-meditated agenda:

"Tara, webmaster of (NSFW), prefers the latter approach. "It would be better to sacrifice some people so everybody else can get on with it," said Tara, who declined to give her last name because her family doesn't know about her job. Extreme content producers, she said, "need to cool it, pull back a little bit" instead of "asking for it" during a right-wing administration."

I never would have imagined, that a woman - especially a black woman would have attempted to ruin my self view and experience in this world like this creature has.

Sadly her final tweets today on illustrate her fixation with me.

I'm moving on in life now - this is a battle I've won - however Tara Akinlose will forever be haunted by her deeds and by her thoughts. I'm glad. Life will be very difficult for her from this day forth, and I won't have to lift a finger in regards to the events that she will be dealing with - karma will take care of everything.