Friday, July 22, 2011

Update: 1.3.2012 - Donny Long was utilized a a scapegoat for PornWikiLeaks. Click here for the truth.

This was a comment I posted tonight in response to a post on in regards to my friend Mike South being disgusted over the pornwikileaks issue:

Pornwikileaks 2.0 could easily happen if the people behind the site are not brought to justice AND if the blueprint of the website is not patented and then made ILLEGAL within the USA (and beyond). Here I'll tell you why - along with why certain people in the porn industry will continue to back Michael Fattorosi aka Pornlaw of AdultBizLaw.

Here's what I realized from looking at some comments here in regards to Fattorosi tonight.

Certain people in the industry - namely those who have paid their $100 per months to be in club AdultBizLaw dot com will keep their mouth's shut about him and even attempt to separate Fattorosi from this entire situation completely (maybe even support him). Wanna know why? I'll tell you why.

Fattorosi is set to attempt to make ALOT of people in porn a ton of money who have lost money over the past few years.

PWL was just a test - only a test (at least in my view).

Here's the thing - Fattorosi is a forerunner in the upcoming trend for porn studios to sue "John Does" for downloading pirated porn from the bittorrent sites. This will work via such sites collecting the IP addresses of all the bored and horny schmucks out there who think they hit paydirt with a "free porn download" site (which I wouldn't be surprised if such sites were run and maintained by the studios themselves - those darn greedy SOBs - kinda like how certain studios own and maintain tube sites).

Then the sites will hand over the IP's to Fattorosi or some other creature like him who in turn will work with the cable/internet companies to track the IPs to "John Doe".

"John Doe" will then be contacted with a settlement agreement saying "if you don't pay us x amount of dollars for downloading GangBanger #56 from such and such bittorrent site, we're going to sue you and it will go on LEGAL RECORD your real name, what you stole (downloaded), what date, what time etc - oh and by the way - this will all be public information" - get it? LEGAL EXTORTION.

And don't ya know that PWL 2.0 (or maybe more like JohnDoeWikiLeaks) will pop up and some point with ALL the "John Doe" info that Google will probably be oh so happy to index? Just think - "John Doe" googles his own name one day and what pops up? "John Doe is a sex addict who downloaded GangBangers #56 on on 01/01/2012 - and he lives at 123 fucked street".

And the porn industry bottom feeder like Fattorosi will justify all this by saying "well the porn talent's had their private personal info outed in PWL and nothing was ALL public information - shouldn't it be the same for the John Doe's who we basically BAIT into stealing our content? - it's not our fault pornstar's info was amassed in one easy to search site - it was Donny Long's fault".

Looks to me like certain people in porn realized that there IS a way to make money from a supposedly "free" product. It's kinda like those gypsy fortune tellers on the street who grab your hand and read your palm - and who then DEMAND $10 or more when you never asked for a reading in the first place.

Lets see, what am I forgetting here...OH! Did you all know that the very first lawsuit (which is intended to be settle out of court) of this type is in regards to the Paris Hilton sex tape? Yep - Kevin Blatt brokered that and wouldn't you know that he was in business with Fattorosi at one point in time in regards to his 2257safe / 2257snap venture?

Think I'm wrong? Read this:

You don't try to legitimize a business in America by fucking over the country's citizens in this fashion. People will not tolerate it - if you can't get it together LEAVE THE COUNTRY AND NEVER COME BACK.