Monday, September 19, 2011

Update: 1.3.2012 - Donny Long was utilized a a scapegoat for PornWikiLeaks. Click here for the truth.
Monica Foster - Pornwikileaks still needs closure and who is Sean Tompkins?

On this broadcast of Monica Foster at home, Monica discusses Sean Tompkins. Sean Tompkins is an interesting case and a case of concern in Monica's view considering that he's an individual who chose to enter the porn circuit / adult industry rather late in life (he's currently 40 years old) and from a background that was completely removed from the adult entertainment sphere.

Monica outlines how Sean Tompkins came onto the porn industry "scene" (via the hight of the pornwikileaks issue which terrorized Monica Foster, her family and countless others on and offline plus breached the privacy of many private citizens) and how as of current Sean is taking bold steps to establish his carbon copy of the pornwikileaks website , his porn "tabloid" and "tube site" brand adultwikimedia and asserts himself at every opportunity as the porn industry's "online hero".

Monica examines some relatively confusing and contradictory actions and inconsitencies in regards to Sean Tompkins and shares how she is particularly concerned about Sean's 4 children (from 3 different relationships) of which he seems to be carelessly exposing to the negative elements that the adult entertainment industry brings into one's life.

Monica specifically notes that parents who are adult entertainers need to be very careful in not exposing their children to the public. In her view the public should never even be aware of adult entertainer's children considering how they deserve a clean slate in life and could easily become targets of sick and disturbed individuals.

Monica shares how the pornwikileaks issue will not have come to a full close in her view until Sean Tompkins makes public the database of which he had access to and has compiled of the user names, IP addresses, and real names of the individuals who created the wikis and participated in the consistent on and offline harassment and terrorism of adult industry professionals and their families. Monica feels that if Sean does not come forward with this info so that the pornwikileaks issue can be resolved in a court of law, he's not only supporting a cyberbullying, stalking and a hate crime - but terrorism within the United States of America as well.

Monica conveys how at this stage the framework and technicalities like the initial and need to be outlined, documented, blueprinted and then made illegal due to the intent of such sites being utilized to terrorize the individuals they target on and off line.

Monica outlines how she realized that Sean Tompkins does "take sides" and attempts to slant "porn news" in the direction of which he desires after doing a series of interviews in regards to some serious accusations that a porn talent by
the name of Daisy Dare made against Marc Drescher (aka MarkFromTheDark).

Monica explains how since she has disassociated herself with Sean Tompkins , she is again being terrorized in a fashion that mirrored what she experienced with the pornwikileaks website.

To conclude Monica questions as to why the domain is still active and why it forwards to the website of the individual who allegedly initiated the pornwikileaks website (Donny Long).