Monday, September 26, 2011

This will be a busy week. Not only do I have to do my routine tasks to live and survive monetarily, but I have to complete a few projects in order to continue telling the truth about what REALLY happens when you try out working in porn, but then decide that you're better off on your own and independent rather than playing the Los Angeles Porn Industry game.

In my view there are 3 men of concern of which I feel have been the primary sources of the terrorism, harassment, slander and suffering that myself and family has been dealing with since Decemeber of 2010 (which was hatched via the Pornwikileaks project). These men's names are Michael Fattorosi, Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder, and Sean Tompkins.

You can read about these men on my blog page by clicking here.

Jeff Mullen / Will Ryder as of recent has gone as far as to write in a press release that I am "mentally ill". I assume this is due to my recent clarity of mind which has helped me realize that I need to not live in fear and tell the truth about not just some, but ALL of my experiences in dealing with him.

Sean Tompkins as well has taken great lengths to paint a picture of me being a "liar" and "crazy" via fabricated posts I supposedly wrote on the Pornwikileaks forum. I personally am very concerned for Sean Tompkin's children (especially his oldest daughter), because throughout the time I got to know him over the phone, and via texts and emails I realized that he may be a sex addict, appears to be obsessed with building a career for himself in the porn industry, may be considering grooming his daughter to enter the porn industry when she is of age, and I believe he behaves inappropriately in regards to his other young children (I have outlined my thoughts in regards to him in detail on ).

If I were a white woman with 3 black gangsters harassing me and my family on and offline long after I've left the Los Angeles porn industry, it would be all over the news. However in this situation it's the opposite, so no one does anything or says anything. If anything the situation is suppressed. As of current (and I never thought I'd feel this way) I am AFRAID of older white men (and may be for the rest of my life considering the trauma I've dealt with).

I will no longer be afraid to speak out however,  nor will I be intimidated by people who can't deal with facing the truth of their actions and having those outside of their circles being aware of their agendas. I know that with each blog and video blog I create I am taking a huge risk, but I feel it's my duty to put out the warnings so that other young women don't fall into the pit of hell of which I'm not certain I've yet escaped from - which was the Los Angeles Porn Industry.

Each day I still am striving to make a life for myself. I feel very alone as of current and a bit lost, however I will keep moving in the direction that I perceive as forward and upward. I'm better than the people who are giving me a hard time in life right now - and I know it - and they hate it - and I'm glad.