Thursday, December 01, 2011

As of late I've really been enjoying life.

My energy level is very high at this time, because I've fine tuned my already healthy diet a bit more.

I've also limited myself to enjoying wine no more than once a week (if that), have increased my water intake AND have ceased being a casual smoker (that's right - I'm nicotine free).

I still probably drink a bit too much coffee, but in time I will work on that as well. January of 2012 I will relaunch the RIGHT way and with a much improved physique and attitude :)

The foundation of all the life improvements I've been making has been my personal form of Christianity Alexandralism ( It is based on the teachings of the ancient church and school of Alexandria (in Egypt) along with my unique life perspective and views.

I understand that my ideas are viewed as unconventional and controversial by many - but I will not tolerate being threatened by those who have opposing views. I invite you all to read a recent article I wrote about being threatened and harassed recently due to my being a Christian and following my personal form of Christianity.

On a happier note - a friend of mine, Desi Foxx has launched a new blog called - so check it out.

I've been very busy with my various blogs and websites ( , , , , , , etc) and art work (on along with my webcamming and producing new content for the members area of which I will be rebuilding this month.

I have to say I love being busy at this stage of life - it's nice to have finally developed a sense of "purpose" and steady drive.

Beginning early Spring of 2012 I plan on traveling throughout the United States to promote my books, attend some adult industry conventions, photograph some upcoming adult and non-adult entertainers and conduct some interviews. I will post information in regards to my travel schedule later this month.

I'll be live on webcam for private shows beginning this morning and throughout the weekend - just visit for details on connecting with me :) Have a fabulous weekend!