Tuesday, December 13, 2011

As we move from 2011 to 2012, I can't help but let out a HUGE sigh of relief. This past year (well these past few years for that matter) have been quite the journey - and ultimately quite the MISSION.

The trials and tribulations of which I've had to endure over the past few years have brought me closer to God and Jesus Christ, than I ever could have thought possible. I am so THANKFUL and FORTUNATE to be where I reside spiritually as of current.

People often say that God reserves his most difficult missions and tasks for his strongest, best and brightest... Well, I believe it considering the type of person that I am, the life I've been granted to live and the path that I've been guided to take.

My motto on my official website: www.MonicaF.com for the past few years has been "I'm in it to win it." Well - I was, and I won. I didn't "win" in the way I envisioned I would - however the actual "win" has been FAR better than I ever could have anticipated.

2012 will be my final year of working as a webcam model. There are many other professional ventures of which I need to focus my time and energy on, and truthfully I don't feel that God and Jesus Christ want me to share my nude body with the world beyond that point in time.

My presence in the world of adult entertainment was a miracle which needed to happen, to assist in bringing to light the TRUTH of the satanic, demonic and evil presence within the world of adult entertainment.

My journey into the porn industry was a mission from God, which is nearly complete - and my personal sacrifice of having to share my nude body, sexual presence and soul with the world for THE TRUTH to come out, of what the adult entertainment industry REALLY IS - was worth it.

It's comforting to know that so many of you (my fans, friends and supporters) are appreciative of all the trouble I've had to go through. Knowing that I've saved (and will continue to save via my legacy) countless lives makes me feel at peace.

I am LIVING PROOF of God AND miracles being real. Only God and a miracle could have caused me to think that working in the porn industry would be a good idea. Only GOD and a miracle could have delivered me safely away from the EVIL that I encountered, which tried to destroy my life. Finally, ONLY GOD AND A MIRACLE, could have returned my sanity (because I was clearly out of my mind to have worked in the Los Angeles porn industry), so that I can share with the world the truth of my experiences within the Los Angeles porn sphere.

As of current my life is better than I ever could have asked for.  Financially I'm doing well, my relationships with my family members are great and I now know exactly who my REAL friends are. I'm extremely happy and feel very whole. God, Jesus Christ and the Light have rewarded me for all my hard work (that I didn't even realize I was doing) and it's just AWESOME!

Yes, a few idiots in and attached to the Los Angeles porn industry are still attempting to bother me, but I have it on good authority as of TODAY that the wrath of God is coming down upon them.

To conclude, no other woman on this planet with my looks, intelligence, background and heart would deal with those who are the Los Angeles porn industry UNLESS God felt it was necessary for her to do so. IT JUST WOULD NOT EVER NORMALLY HAPPEN - so the next time you hear someone doubt the reality of God, Jesus Christ or miracles just direct them to my official Monica Foster website http://www.MonicaF.com

M.F. stands for Monica Foster & MIRACLES are FACT

If you know of any women personally in the Los Angeles porn industry, tell them to leave ASAP. Let them know they're too good for those sick losers. Tell them to visit www.ChristianPornstar.com as well :)