Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get a webcam show from me this week! I'm going to try to be online 24/7 !
(yea, we'll see how that works out - LOL)

I've noticed a few commenters on certain adult blogs and forums having issue with my continuing to discuss the adult entertainment industry (along with my continuation to work within it independently) since my departure from the Los Angeles porn circuit. 

To those people, I have the following thought to share:

You can’t abort a baby once it’s born.

You can ask your brother or parents to raise it and never let that baby know you’re the parent, yes. You can put it up for adoption – sure. You can put it in the garbage even.

The thing is no matter what you do, that baby still will be around and still will be a part of you and still have your traits. You’ll ALWAYS be aware of it and that’s simply the punishment and burden you can’t avoid in such a situation.

Even if you KILL THE BABY, that baby still was there at one point and you’ll never forget it, and more than likely someone else will remember that at one point you were indeed pregnant with it and if that baby isn’t around after 9 months – questions will be asked.

The best thing to do with an unwanted baby – especially if you don’t want that baby to grow up, seek you out and turn on you once it realizes how much it was unwanted – is to ensure that baby is taken care of in the BEST way possible and that it’s allowed to grow and develop in such a healthy and happy fashion that you, the irresponsible selfish and incapable parent almost NEVER cross the mind of that (now grown) individual.

It’s also a great idea to stay as far away from that baby as possible once it becomes an adult being that you didn’t have the nerve to kill it when you could.

That baby deserves to live their life in ANY WAY THEY WANT – and most likely since that baby carries your genes – some things they do in life may be similar to things you’ve done…BUT that baby has someone else’s genes too, so they’re not exactly LIKE you and most likely are better and stronger than you being that they survived your rejection. I suppose that’s just how evolution works…

So to conclude, remember – you gave that baby up so you no longer have any right to dictate what that baby does or how that baby lives. My suggestion, is to always use birth control in the future so you don’t have to deal with such pain ever again.

Monday, September 26, 2011

This will be a busy week. Not only do I have to do my routine tasks to live and survive monetarily, but I have to complete a few projects in order to continue telling the truth about what REALLY happens when you try out working in porn, but then decide that you're better off on your own and independent rather than playing the Los Angeles Porn Industry game.

In my view there are 3 men of concern of which I feel have been the primary sources of the terrorism, harassment, slander and suffering that myself and family has been dealing with since Decemeber of 2010 (which was hatched via the Pornwikileaks project). These men's names are Michael Fattorosi, Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder, and Sean Tompkins.

You can read about these men on my blog page by clicking here.

Jeff Mullen / Will Ryder as of recent has gone as far as to write in a press release that I am "mentally ill". I assume this is due to my recent clarity of mind which has helped me realize that I need to not live in fear and tell the truth about not just some, but ALL of my experiences in dealing with him.

Sean Tompkins as well has taken great lengths to paint a picture of me being a "liar" and "crazy" via fabricated posts I supposedly wrote on the Pornwikileaks forum. I personally am very concerned for Sean Tompkin's children (especially his oldest daughter), because throughout the time I got to know him over the phone, and via texts and emails I realized that he may be a sex addict, appears to be obsessed with building a career for himself in the porn industry, may be considering grooming his daughter to enter the porn industry when she is of age, and I believe he behaves inappropriately in regards to his other young children (I have outlined my thoughts in regards to him in detail on ).

If I were a white woman with 3 black gangsters harassing me and my family on and offline long after I've left the Los Angeles porn industry, it would be all over the news. However in this situation it's the opposite, so no one does anything or says anything. If anything the situation is suppressed. As of current (and I never thought I'd feel this way) I am AFRAID of older white men (and may be for the rest of my life considering the trauma I've dealt with).

I will no longer be afraid to speak out however,  nor will I be intimidated by people who can't deal with facing the truth of their actions and having those outside of their circles being aware of their agendas. I know that with each blog and video blog I create I am taking a huge risk, but I feel it's my duty to put out the warnings so that other young women don't fall into the pit of hell of which I'm not certain I've yet escaped from - which was the Los Angeles Porn Industry.

Each day I still am striving to make a life for myself. I feel very alone as of current and a bit lost, however I will keep moving in the direction that I perceive as forward and upward. I'm better than the people who are giving me a hard time in life right now - and I know it - and they hate it - and I'm glad.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monica Foster on Dollhouse Radio - hosted by Sexy India
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Friday, September 23, 2011

As of today, I've come to the conclusion that it's time that I forgive Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane - an ex pornstar , porn director and studio owner who was heavily involved in the Pornwikileaks project.

From December of 2010 to the present date, I've learned much more than I ever cared to about each and every individual who was involved in the Pornwikileaks project ; along with those who claimed to be against it, but in actuality stood to gain much from it's presence and closure.

I will never forget Donald's actions, however I do forgive him. I wish he and his family the best and I hope he in time is able to be a good father to his child.

Update: 1.3.2012 - Donny Long was utilized a a scapegoat for PornWikiLeaks. Click here for the truth.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Update: 1.3.2012 - Donny Long was utilized a a scapegoat for PornWikiLeaks. Click here for the truth.
Monica Foster - Pornwikileaks still needs closure and who is Sean Tompkins?

On this broadcast of Monica Foster at home, Monica discusses Sean Tompkins. Sean Tompkins is an interesting case and a case of concern in Monica's view considering that he's an individual who chose to enter the porn circuit / adult industry rather late in life (he's currently 40 years old) and from a background that was completely removed from the adult entertainment sphere.

Monica outlines how Sean Tompkins came onto the porn industry "scene" (via the hight of the pornwikileaks issue which terrorized Monica Foster, her family and countless others on and offline plus breached the privacy of many private citizens) and how as of current Sean is taking bold steps to establish his carbon copy of the pornwikileaks website , his porn "tabloid" and "tube site" brand adultwikimedia and asserts himself at every opportunity as the porn industry's "online hero".

Monica examines some relatively confusing and contradictory actions and inconsitencies in regards to Sean Tompkins and shares how she is particularly concerned about Sean's 4 children (from 3 different relationships) of which he seems to be carelessly exposing to the negative elements that the adult entertainment industry brings into one's life.

Monica specifically notes that parents who are adult entertainers need to be very careful in not exposing their children to the public. In her view the public should never even be aware of adult entertainer's children considering how they deserve a clean slate in life and could easily become targets of sick and disturbed individuals.

Monica shares how the pornwikileaks issue will not have come to a full close in her view until Sean Tompkins makes public the database of which he had access to and has compiled of the user names, IP addresses, and real names of the individuals who created the wikis and participated in the consistent on and offline harassment and terrorism of adult industry professionals and their families. Monica feels that if Sean does not come forward with this info so that the pornwikileaks issue can be resolved in a court of law, he's not only supporting a cyberbullying, stalking and a hate crime - but terrorism within the United States of America as well.

Monica conveys how at this stage the framework and technicalities like the initial and need to be outlined, documented, blueprinted and then made illegal due to the intent of such sites being utilized to terrorize the individuals they target on and off line.

Monica outlines how she realized that Sean Tompkins does "take sides" and attempts to slant "porn news" in the direction of which he desires after doing a series of interviews in regards to some serious accusations that a porn talent by
the name of Daisy Dare made against Marc Drescher (aka MarkFromTheDark).

Monica explains how since she has disassociated herself with Sean Tompkins , she is again being terrorized in a fashion that mirrored what she experienced with the pornwikileaks website.

To conclude Monica questions as to why the domain is still active and why it forwards to the website of the individual who allegedly initiated the pornwikileaks website (Donny Long).

Friday, September 16, 2011

Today I shipped off another piece of art I was commissioned to paint by one of my twitter followers. I'm starting to find it a bit difficult to send away my artwork - I suppose because my art is a piece of my being - however I know this particular piece will wind up in a very good home.

"Manifestation Focus"

I always ship my art framed, because well - I feel like it's the least I can do. This particular acrylic painting I am truly proud of, so I decided to scan it, and will be selling the scans as high resolution 8x10 framed signed and numbered prints. 

If anyone out there reading this is interested in one of my original paintings you can purchase one through my online art store on or you can ask me to create a custom piece for you by contacting me through the 'Contact' form on my website

Thursday, September 08, 2011

My final thoughts (for now at least) on the
Daisy Dare vs. MarcFromTheDark situation.

I'm glad I'm not the judge of "Pornstar Court"
Click the above link to read my thoughts - I made a separate page for my thoughts considering
how lengthy they are (as usual).

Monica Foster of, interviews pornstar Tucker Slain in effort to gets to the root of some recent issues within the porn and adult entertainment industry.
This video piece begins with footage of the Tucker Slain / Daisy Dare / Kenny webshows (footage provided by Marc / MarcFromTheDark ). Monica then interviews Tucker and he relates his experiences, thoughts and observations in regards to the very serious MarcFromTheDark vs Daisy Dare allegations (links can be found on )

Then Tucker Slain goes on to share his experiences and thoughts with pornstars Chad Diamond, Alana Evans and her husband Chris, Grace Evangeline, Beverly Paige, Scarlett Fey, Kendra Secrets, ChristianXXX, and the late Hunter Bryce.

Tucker Slain discusses his involvement with the August 2011 HIV case in the porn industry of which initially a performer allegedly tested positive, but has since tested negative.

Tucker also shares how he hopes that porn legend Tabitha Stevens does not believe what Alana Evans has been stating in regards to him, as he greatly admires and hopes to someday work with Tabitha.
Tucker Slain explains how his goal is not to be a pornstar - but rather a musician in time, however while he is in porn he will strive to be as professional and considerate as possible being that he loves being a part of the industry not just as a performer, but as a webcam model, entrepreneur and driver for performers without vehicles.

(side note: I have additional "Tucker Slain thoughts" that I will be editing together in the future in another video. Due to this video already being very long I had to leave them out).

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Part 1


1-2-3-4 do I detect a twitter war? Maybe it should be more like 1-2-3-4- I declare a pimp war!

Recently a young lady who decided to take the plunge into the Los Angeles adult entertainment ( porn ) industry wrote a rather disturbing email / manifesto to a friend of mine who runs Daisy made several very serious allegations against a man by the name of Marc Drescher who whom brought her out to Los Angeles and who she worked with upon arrival.

Though I had the chance to speak with Daisy and set up an interview to get more details from her side of the situation, I have was notified at the scheduled time of the interview without prior notice that she now has legal council and has been advised not to do interviews.

I was contacted shortly after by Marc Drescher who wanted to share his side of the situation so the same day of Daisy's canceled interview, I interviewed him. Please watch parts 1 through 3 of this interview set featuring Marc Drescher (@markfromthedark), Britany Blaze (@Brittany_Blaze), Amanda Blow (@Amandablow), and last but not least Tucker Slain (@tuckerslain ). All individuals share their thoughts and perspectives on what is a rare look at a rather common situation in the adult entertainment sphere.

This particular situation is a rather dramatic one - however I personally feel all parties of whom I've spoken with are incredibly talented and intelligent individuals ( though they've taken an unconventional road in life ) and have been sincere.


Daisy Dare 's initial post / manifesto on

Marc Drescher 's official website:

Marc on

AdultTalentRegistry on
Brittany Blaze 's official website

Amanda Blow's blog

Brittany Blaze and Amanda Blow on

Daisy Dare on Twitter

TuckerSlain on Twitter

Information on the Porn Industry - and

Friday, September 02, 2011

Just added my latest painting to my online art shop.  If you'd like to own a piece of me feel free to purchase it by clicking here.