Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 and finding out the truth about my rape, abortion, the porn industry & the FBI

As of January 20th 2014 Rob Zicari of The Real Rob Black Show noted that comedian Rebekah Kochan made jest of abortion being "funny" at the 2014 AVN awards.

Abortion is not a laughing matter - view the video below for details.

December 31st of 2008 I was raped by a man who utilized the alias Chase Styles. As of today an ex-pornstar by the name of Cherry Ferretti contacted me via skype to let me know he is still a fixture in the Los Angeles porn industry.

As of current, I'm under the belief that my ex-boyfriend Matthew Holder (aka Matt Holder / Matty Holder) and Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder both were not only aware of who raped me - I believe the event was orchestrated and that both men have protected the identity and conviction of Chase Styles.
click to enlarge - Cherri informs me Chase Styles is still welcome in Los Angeles porn circles even though he's a known rapist.
Furthermore it's come to my attention that in July of 2011 2 individuals I was led to believe were FBI agents were in fact in actuality actors sent to my apartment by porn agent and organized crime member Mark Spiegler (click to enlarge each image below - as you can see Pornwikileaks is still being used to attack myself and family - read details here: http://pornwikileaks.blogspot.com).