Friday, April 11, 2014

Monica Foster At Home 2014 - Thursday 04-10-2014

On today's webcast I focus on the question "Why hasn't the Free Speech Coalition fought for current and ex pornstars to receive residuals from the adult content they are featured in?"

Mainstream Hollywood actors and actresses receive residuals, so why not pornstars considering that the porn industry claims to be "crossing over" into mainstream? Why haven't Freee Speech Coalition mouthpieces such as James Deen, Stoya, Kayden Kross or Ron Jeremy ever brought up the issue?

I question why the Free Speech Coalition is attempting to monopolize performer testing and why people in the Free Speech Coalition such as Diane Duke and Mo Reese appear to have complete disregard for performer health and safety by opposing the condom mandates. Are they in actuality anti-porn activists?

Pornstars are legally defined as employees, so rather than the FSC worrying about STD testing subsidy funds, shouldn't they be enforcing the fact that porn companies (producers) should be covering the cost of porn talent STD / STI testing?

I share a few tweets directly from the Free Speech Coalition twitter account which are clear proof of the online bullying tactics the FSC utilizes towards pornstars who are diagnosed HIV positive and who choose to speak out to save the lives of their peers (such as Cameron Bay aka Cameron Adams who's last adult scene was with

I also share a tweet directly from the FSC twitter of which California Assemblyman Isadore Hall III is referred to as an "ass hat" (which is incredibly disrespectful and unprofessional considering that the Free Speech Coalition proclaims itself to be the "political face" and "lobbying group" of the pornographic industry).

I explain that many pornstars find themselves destitute after a career in the pornographic industry due to not having claim to residuals, and I present the case of Nina Devon (who played Rudy in Not the Cosbys XXX 2) as an example of a pornstar who would not have to live the dangerous life as an escort (it's only legal to work as an escort / prostitute in certain counties of Nevada) if she were entitled to residuals.

I conclude todays webcast by mentioning an email I received in regards to Wicked Pictures as to what may be the real reason why they've been one of the few condom mandatory companies for years, yet have been against condom legislation (I suggest my audience keep in mind that one of the final scenes the now HIV positive TJ cummings shot was for Wicked Pictures).