Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Do the Right Thing - an update on the defamation / libel lawsuit filed against me.

do the right thing 02In regards to the lawsuit I'm currently contending with, in late July I took note of how the opposing counsel appeared to be baiting me (via the location of a required Early Court Conference) into violating the terms of a Protection Order requested by the opposing party.

The Protection Order was issued through the Nevada courts against me by default (I was unable to attend the hearing), and the order request was based solely on non-direct Tweets & a piece of artistic parody (a First Amendment issue).

In response, I filed an Early Court Conference Report outlining the situation.  A few days later, the opposing counsel AGAIN has attempted to coerce me into violating the CLEARLY STATED TERMS of the Protection Order - a violation which would result in my being charged with a FELONY (which would result in my imprisonment from one to twenty years).

Objection To Notice of Early Case Conference 

Objection To Notice of Early Case Conference exhibit A

Objection To Notice of Early Case Conference exhibits B - J

Objection To Notice of Early Case Conference exhibit F

Download the following court documents above (in their entirety) to learn about the situation.

This is a perfect example as to how individuals are routinely silenced at all costs (even by "legitimate" attorneys) when they speak out in regards to situations such as organized crime & civil rights in our society (in my particular situation, I've been in activist in regards to informing the public and individuals in government positions about why certain legislation should be enforced and passed to protect the health and safety of adult film performers).

The Protection Order which was issued to me clearly states:

“You are prohibited, either directly or through an agent, from contacting, intimidating, using, attempting to use, or threatening the use of physical force or otherwise interfering in any way with Applicant [redacted] and/or the following persons: [redacted], [redacted], [redacted] including, but not limited to, in person, by telephone, through the mail, through electronic mail (e-mail), text messaging, facsimile, or through another person”.

It is NOT good enough (or legally binding) for the opposing counsel to simply state that they would not consider my attendance or communication with them as a breech of the Protection Order terms.  The opposing counsel DOES NOT have such authority.  ONLY A JUDGE of the NEVADA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA COURT system has the authority to define (and change) the terms of the Protection Order issued against me (if they determine they should do so).

As of current, the Protection Order's terms completely prevent me from participating in the Civil Court Judicial process - therefor through legal means, I am experiencing an Obstruction of Justice. do the right thing 

Below you can see exactly who in (and attached) to the Los Angeles, California pornographic industry had interest in coercing me into being charged with a felony: porn director Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder, porn camera man Matthew Holder and porn disinformation figure Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre.

Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder, Matthew Holder, Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre 

If you are an adult film industry performer - I strongly encourage you to avoid Jeff Mullen and Matthew Holder.  At one point in time I made the mistake of viewing both men as individuals who were decent human beings who I could trust.  Matthew Holder in particular... at one point in time I believed I loved him very much.