Friday, February 20, 2015

Monica At Home Mid-week: SugarDaddy Dating, Noel Biderman, ArrangementFinders & a message to men

On this installment of Monica At Home Mid-Week, Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster addresses how from her perspective Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby dating is nothing more than prostitution.

Alexandra questions why Noel Biderman of ArrangementFinders and AshleyMadison is able to get away with essentially being a pimp for pornstars (his website features several who openly make it known they are escorts). Is it because he's a Jewish White man (the porn industry is primarily controlled by Jewish people).

Alexandra also wonders if a Black person could get away with what Noel Biderman is doing (she highly doubts it). Alexandra concludes the webcast with a message to men by reading a twitter post by the now incarcerated Jonathan Koppenhaver aka War Machine about Jesus Christ, Manny Pacquiao and marriage.