Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 14th - 7 years ago. By the grace of Jesus Christ, today I'm not barren

As early as 2012, porn industry stalkers attached to Ari Scott Bass
and Sean Matthew Tompkins have falsely labeled me "barren".
Later tonight I'm going to write an article for which will provide evidence of people in and attached to the porn industry having the objective of insuring that women (especially those who leave the porn industry) wind up BARREN (infertile and unable to have children - click here to read it. Since 2012 my stalkers have stated on multiple occasions that I am barren. I am, in fact, quite fertile.

It's frightening however to realize that there are people within adult entertainment who ACTIVELY TAKE MEASURES TO INSURE that women they can't profit from are physically harmed in such a manner - but unfortunately, it's a reality.  Come to think of it, it's no wonder that the CEO of the porn industry's "political face" (the Free Speech Coalition) has a history of running a Planned Parenthood center. 

The fact that porn industry professionals are as fixated as they are on their female victim's fertility actually points directly to satanic practice.  Please take the time to read about a demon by the name of Zepar (a demon many males attached to the pornographic industry call upon and invoke). In addition take the time to familiarize yourself with The Ars Goetia.

A man by the name of Aleister Crowley (a figure very popular within the community of people who make up the Los Angeles porn industry) re-wrote The Are Goetia.  Aleister Crowley is behind the American popularity of the Ordo Templi Orientis - a cult which many within (and attached to) the porn industry belong to.

Below are my tweets from earlier tonight in regards to the issue of my stalkers falsely labeling me barren.  On twitter, all the accounts stating the lie are direct affiliated with the criminal Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre & Sean Matthew Tompkins.

As of recent, a porn industry attached stalker by the name of
Tristan Stadtmuller has falsely labeled me "barren".
Every 7 years your body #regenerates Yesterday it was 7 years ago I was in my first #porn scene. A #NewCycle begins.

Please #women DO NOT deal with people in the #LosAngeles #porn industry. They really are #satanic & #evil. They really do use sexual energy to spiritually bind themselves to you. They do it because they have no energy or strength of their own. They need souls from outside their world (which is #satanic, #evil & void of #JesusChrist) to survive. The people in the #LosAngeles #porn industry are #mentallyill - there is quite a bit #biologically wrong with them. #Psychologically they are #broken. As I move forward from here, I'll continue to address this issue here & there, but not as I used to as I have other interests. Some that tie into my past, but others that don't.

I'm very grateful & blessed that #JesusChrist stood by me whether I wanted to acknowledge him or not when I made the choice to do #porn 7 years ago. It was only through #JesusChrist that I didn't suffer any permanent damage to my body. Especially my reproductive system.

A pastor friend of mine who has studied the pattern of #stalking I've dealt with over the past 3 years noticed that my #stalkers have been very fixated on my #fertility. The reason they are, has to do with #satanic #ritual. In #satanic #cults, if they are unable to impregnate a #woman they target, they
attempt to either kill her, or do something to her to leave her unable to have a child. That didn't happen to me fortunately, BUT members of the #porn industry who are attached to the #satanic #cult that wanted me, wants the world to believe I am #barren. I am not and my monthly period cramps that are as painful today as they were when I was a teenager is the proof.

I will make a video soon with the evidence in regards to what I'm talking about. Yes, the #Jewish #dominance of the #porn industry is #real
however in time, I will have to address the #satanic element as well - I know #JesusChrist needs me to go forward with that. I know exactly who is involved with what in #porn & the #world has the #spiritual #right to know the #names of those who's turned on #JesusChrist.

That's about all I have to say on the issue tonight. I wanted to explain how #sick #stalkers are in the #porn industry to label #women who see the #LosAngeles #porn industry for what it is (complete #trash) as being #barren or #crazy or #broken because they CHOSE to #leave. I think their objective is to attempt to prevent #normal #good #men from wanting to give #women like myself a chance, but the efforts not only #fail, it just makes the #porn industry look even worse to people who never knew.

Nowadays I keep my personal life fairly private, but I will state that I've managed to successfully date & will continue to do so. I do plan to have kids at some point - if I had earlier I know I wouldn't wind up being as good of a mom, as I know I'll be now. I see why #God put me in certain situations.

As #women we need to remember that a primary reason some #evil #men #hate us as much as they do, is due to us having the control over when & if we decided to have kids. Part of the reason so much #rape happens is due to #men attempting to circumvent #women's #spiritual #rights. Many #men know that they would NEVER have a chance of having kids if they didn't #rape - which is exactly why when #men are unable to unsuccessfully rape certain #women - they go to great lengths to convince the world something is wrong with her (by labeling her frigid, barren, broken, etc).

I know a lot of you #women out there reading this know exactly what I'm talking about too :) So have a good night, it's my last day of my Aunt Flo's stay (which is #ironic considering these tweets), so I'm just chilling & laughing at my #insane #stalkers who know, they #failed.