Sunday, December 04, 2016

Alexandra Mayers LIVE - Transexual pornstar escorts & Michael Strother aka Mike South is being sued

In this Wednesday's webcast of Alexandra Mayers LIVE - Alexandra explores the issue of Transexual pornstars being marketed to the general public via "straight" pornstar escort agencies such as HelpUBookHer (Help U Book Her), along with the element of pornstars testing positive for HIV / AIDS (which is linked to the situation).

In addition Alexandra reports on the legal situation of Michael Strother aka Mike South aka Tom South... a self defined pimp and blogger. As of this week it was made public (by well known stalker Sean Matthew Tompkins) that Strother is being sued for defamation by a private citizen who's had enough of being bullied by Strother on

Alexandra concludes this webcast sharing some "words of wisdom" for young women in regards to why opting to be a pornstar (and having sex on camera in general) isn't a good idea...