Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Alexandra Mayers LIVE : Thoughts on travel, Africa, displacement & being human on Earth

Alexandra Mayers talks about her travel plans, thoughts in regards to wanting to visit areas of the world where the indigenous people flourish and shares her feelings about being an African-American woman.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Alexandra Mayers LIVE - Transexual pornstar escorts & Michael Strother aka Mike South is being sued

In this Wednesday's webcast of Alexandra Mayers LIVE - Alexandra explores the issue of Transexual pornstars being marketed to the general public via "straight" pornstar escort agencies such as HelpUBookHer (Help U Book Her), along with the element of pornstars testing positive for HIV / AIDS (which is linked to the situation).

In addition Alexandra reports on the legal situation of Michael Strother aka Mike South aka Tom South... a self defined pimp and blogger. As of this week it was made public (by well known stalker Sean Matthew Tompkins) that Strother is being sued for defamation by a private citizen who's had enough of being bullied by Strother on MikeSouth.com

Alexandra concludes this webcast sharing some "words of wisdom" for young women in regards to why opting to be a pornstar (and having sex on camera in general) isn't a good idea...