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Monday, April 11, 2016

Foxx and Foster - March 2016 News Review & Commentary

I hope you all enjoy (and find informative) the March 2016 News Review and Commentary I produce monthly in collaboration with my friend Diana fka Desi Foxx.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Monica At Home – Alexandra Mayers on the price of whistleblowing and the presidential election

In this installment of Monica At Home, Alexandra Mayers discusses her thoughts on being a whistleblower and independent blogger who's opted to share with the public the truth of the organized crime elements which are deeply rooted in the porn industry. In addition she reads a blog she recently wrote that outlines how the Civil Lawsuit filed against her by Randazza Legal Group (which is an effort by the porn industry to 1- sex traffick Alexandra back into porn via debt bondage 2- attain her websites and 3- intimidate her into silence) is requesting a judgement nearly double the amount that pornstar James Deen was fined by Cal-Osha for breaking the law and putting the health and safety of performers at risk (in the work place).

Alexandra Mayers also shares her thoughts on how much she'll miss the Obama family being in the Whitehouse and how she's feels today's Presidential candidates don't really offer the young women of America much to look up to (in the sense of being a complete and healthy female role model).

Alexandra concludes the webcast by sharing how much she's enjoying being 37 years old and how much of a positive difference Jesus Christ has made in her life.
In the video below, Alexandra shares her thoughts on a recent news item pertaining to Bree Olson, Charlie Sheen, porn and sex trafficking.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

So many things are not right with today's Presidential candidates...

Over the past couple of days, I did a little research on Donald Trump, Beverly Johnson, Bill Cosby, Ben Carson, Alexia Palmer, Peter Nyg√•rd and the issues surrounding H-1B immigration visas. This has got to be one of the worst political climates in history. I think the election needs to be called off all together…

Did Donald Trump ORDER Beverly Johnson to speak against Bill Cosby? What about Alexia Palmer?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Added 3 new videos to my Porn News Alert playlist. They are informative and educational.

The 3 most recent videos are titled:

  • The truth of the reality of incest in the porn industry - an essay by historian Luke Ford
  • Hugh Hefner's new Non-Nude Playboy may lead to an INCREASE of teen sextrafficking victims into porn

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The irony of having spent time being known as Monica Foster

Last night I had a dream about a Collie.  Upon awakening I felt the dream was odd because I've never had a Collie as a pet and was never a fan of the TV show Lassie, so being that I do believe to a degree in dream symbolism, I decided to take a look at what a Collie represents

Considering the dream that I had (which I'm electing not to go into detail about), I feel great about what I've planned to do with my life in the near future.

The irony of having spent the past several years being known as adult entertainer Monica Foster, is that though I created the persona initially as an effort to draw enjoyment into my life and become someone far more care free and exciting than who I felt Alexandra was, the outcome has been the exact opposite of what I'd intended.

God has a sense of humor.  Monica Foster
was intended to be care free & exciting.
She wound up becoming far more serious
& intense of an individual than Alexandra
ever was.
God truly has a sense of a humor when it comes to selecting people to do what needs to be done...

The person known as ex-pornstar Monica Foster is quite the serious individual who carries a lot of responsibility.  She's become an independent investigative blogger, a commentator, a webcast host, an interviewer and has a highly sought after opinion in regards to several political issues that pertain to both adult entertainment and mainstream issues. The person known as Monica Foster has gone as far as to represent and defend herself against a $167,871 civil lawsuit, and has documented on court record key individuals within the porn industry attached to organized crime & violence against women.

Ex-pornstar Monica Foster has accomplished quite a bit and I'm sure there are many current and  ex-adult entertainers who'd love to be in her position, have her reputation and embody the credibility of which she does (especially considering the current economic climate of the adult entertainment industry as a whole), however I as who I truly am, as Alexandra, am not content with actively living my life alongside the result of who Monica Foster has become - so I'm putting Monica Foster away on the shelf in a display case indefinitely.

Who I, Alexandra, truly AM is an artist and it's time for ME to COMPLETELY BE an artist - which means allowing the world to hear the music that's within ME.

Part of the reason I went into adult entertainment, was due to having extremely low self esteem. I always wanted to go into mainstream entertainment (specifically the music industry) but never felt that I was "good enough" of an artist to get anywhere, so I never tried (honestly, I felt that the porn industry was all I deserved).

Today, thanks to God, I no longer have low self esteem.  Regardless of whether I'm "good enough" for the "music industry establishment" (or make a damn dime) doesn't matter, because I've already found success in the music industry by simply finding the courage to not just TRY, but to take the journey in as MYSELF - as Alexandra.

As a side note, I think my timing is perfect.  Over the past few weeks I've been AMAZED at how far "do it yourself" music production has come.  Really it's only at this particular time in our technological evolution (as a society) that I can produce the music that's been in my soul for quite a few years (totally independently).

I've made the decision to take serious efforts to make what I look like on the outside, match who I've always been on the inside.  I tweeted earlier today that I believe part of the reason that I've never done anything extreme with my appearance such as getting tattoos is due to the fact that till now, I haven't been sure as to what I really want to do with my life. Though our appearance is said to be superficial, in some cases it's not. What I see in the mirror does not reflect who I am inside AT ALL.  It never has.

I'm not saying I'm going to be unrecognizable in the future... I'm just saying I'm shifting.

It's amazing how often the skills and talents we may embody, which we are led to BELIEVE will lead to our material success, often mask the PASSIONS & DREAMS we have which in the end, lead to our ULTIMATE PERSONAL SUCCESS.

The next webcast I post (which is in collaboration with my longtime friend Diana aka Desi Foxx), will be my last appearance as the woman you knew as Alexandra aka Monica Foster and/or Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster.

As time goes on, I'm sure various individuals and entities will continue to equate who I AM with my past as adult entertainer Monica Foster... and that's fine because that's something I have no control over. All I AM concerned about now, is what I DO have control over - which is MY ability to truly BE who I AM.

I suggest that those of you who want to continue to learn the truth about the porn industry and adult entertainment follow my friend Diana on twitter via @DesiFoxx and her multitude of blogs and websites all linked up on Diana truly has a passion to improve many of the issues and concerns I've addressed over the years.  She's someone I'm very fortunate to know.

From today forth, I'm dedicating the majority of my time, indefinitely, to my art. My art is how I can best serve the world, and how I can best show my gratitude to God. My art is the only way I can convey the reality that the Kingdom of God is within you. -Luke 17:21

Sunday, January 17, 2016

How I'm doing.

I can't sleep this morning due to a lot on my mind so I'm sitting here writing this blog.

I haven't written in the way I'm about to write in many years. Usually I reserve this form for my personal journal, but today I feel the needs to share my thoughts with whoever comes across this.

I often think about death - my own death.  Sometimes I yearn for it because I feel that it will be freeing on some unforeseen level that I currently can't comprehend.  I feel it would be stress free due to time no longer being a factor. I feel it would be liberating due to money (at least in the form as I know it) not being a factor.

I agree with the concept that our thoughts create our own reality - but only to a certain degree. I don't believe we have complete control in creating our own reality.  I think the ULTIMATE designer is God (of course) and I do buy into the fact that God only allows "evil" to throw at us what we're designed to handle - which is why I question my own strength.

Exactly how strong did God design me to be - because at times (such as now), I don't feel that I can handle much more being thrown at me. Somehow I continue to persevere - even with a smile on my face - but within, I'm in a tremendous amount of pain.

Earlier this week (Friday) I decided to dedicate over 50% of my time from here on solely on my music - and I intend to stick to that goal.  What I didn't count on though, is that my exploration into my music has dredged up some latent emotion that (in the past) I hadn't allowed myself to deal with...

The day after my birthday the pieces of shit behind the Pornwikileaks website posted my drivers license and social security card (complete with number) to the public.  That's identity theft - so now I need to apply for a new SS and DL # which is quite an inconvenience. On one hand, at least I can pinpoint a solid crime attached to Donald Carlos Seoane (the owner of the site) - however considering that he's supposedly living in Thailand - I doubt much can or will be done for a while.

Without a doubt, Seoane is working in tandem with my other stalkers Ari Scott Bass, Marc Randazza (who has filed a frivolous fraudulent lawsuit against me), Sean Matthew Tompkins, Tristan Stadtmuller and only God knows who else.  I've known for a while many Free Speech Coalition members have used Pornwikileaks as a tool to control the porn industry talent pool...

which brings me to another point.

I HATE that now I have no choice but to say "hey, don't go into porn because your life will be ruined due to the high likelihood of identity theft".  The reason I hate to say that is because there are other far more important reasons in my opinion to stay away from organized crime attached porn (such as health issues and even spiritual / religious issues).

I fear that my identity theft via Pornwikileaks will be used as a valid argument for Free Speech Coalition members (who are OK with pedophilia and child porn) to use to attempt to overturn the 2257 record keeping laws.  That can't happen.  Those laws are some of the only barriers that prevent psycho pedophiles from easily producing and distributing child pornography in America.

I'm so fucking angry.  I'm so fucking sick and tired of being targeted by these pieces of CRAP. I am so tired of being portrayed as being the one with the problem when all I did was tell the truth and speak up about elements that I feel could be rectified.

In regards to the Randazza lawsuit I'm contending with, the discovery questions I was asked revealed that STILL he's fishing for info from me about Crystal Cox (the woman who won the same rights for independent bloggers that traditional media has...she also has helped a man who claims to be the inventor of IviewIt technology). I've decided that I will die before I tell Marc Randazza or Randazza Legal Group one fucking thing about her.  Ironically, I barely even know her or anything about her - but it's about the principal... I'm like that.

I noticed one of my stalkers the other day stated on twitter that I won't live beyond the age of 47.  They could be correct. I'm rather tired.  It's the consistent little jabs from my stalkers and bullying like that on Twitter, forums and even youtube that wear on me & make me think about how great the afterlife might be.

Cyberbullying truly is psychological warfare.  I've decided that if I ever encounter those targeting me face to face, if need be, I will defend myself by any means necessary - which could easily include my opting to castrate the individual. Would that situation ever really arise? I doubt it...

I've been single for a long time now, and I often wonder if I always will be, because truth be told...I'm not what you'd call "lonely".  I keep myself occupied and have people who fill various roles in my life.  Romance is a fun thing, BUT the thought of it lately makes me feel squeamish because it never seems to last - and in my past has always resulted in memories I now literally cringe over.

Sex is something I'll admit I miss at times, but I don't go out seeking it because such actions lead to disappointment... Primarily because unfortunately, I think I've already had the best sex that I could have ever had with someone I was with before - and it's impossible to duplicate it. I was tweeting a bit about this earlier actually.  I'd rather just have the memory of those GREAT sex times than settle into sex with someone else who isn't up to par.

Anyways, if you've read this far - congratulations.  I doubt my writing is the easiest or most interesting to read, but it's therapeutic for me.  In case you're wondering, I will be releasing my music on the domain - right now that domain forwards to but when I put my music out - I'll rebuild a new site for that domain. I'll probably make my first album 7 songs.

I started another new website recently called - there's a leaked letter I need to put into video form still which will be posted on that particular website.  I've come to realize that though prostitution isn't something that I personally care to do, other women who want to do it (or try it) should only do so in a legal & ethical setting.  That's what will be about.

Spiritually Jesus Christ via God has shown me a few things lately & has helped me reach some understanding in regards to some questions I needed answers too.  Unfortunately, of the answers I was shown have made me realize that a guy I've known (who I considered somewhat of a friend) has never really been a friend - but so be it.  One thing I've learned about friendship is that sometimes, even though what your friend wants isn't good for them (or likely), you should still support them in their quest for whatever (or whoever) that may be anyways.

Again, in regards to this lawsuit I'm dealing with, next time I see the Judge, I'm going to let him know (respectfully of course) that he can just go ahead and make a ruling.  I really have nothing more to say about it and don't care if Randazza wins a damn thing.  Mainly, I was worried about my websites, but even if he attains my domains - no one will visit them once they know I'm not in control of them.  In addition, I can always make more websites.  In regards to the monetary judgement of $167,871 he's seeking - even if that was awarded - he'd never get it.  All I have to do is never earn another penny again in my life - and I'd do that gladly because I will depart from this world before Marc Randazza attains even one penny from me.

So that's about it. I'm angry, stressed, pining daily for someone who I can't have - but still doing my thing.  My life, my story, the reason I've done much of what I have is actually a rather tragic sort of love story.  I'm sure some of you who keep up with me know exactly how...but if you don't - one day, I'll explain the past 7 years to all of you from a different angle.

I hate the fact that I fall in love (or should I say fell in love) so deep.  My life would be completely different if I could turn that one emotion off...I definitely wouldn't think about death as much as I do.

Have a nice weekend.

Monday, January 11, 2016

My personal porn industry X-file (part 2) : Dave's real name is Dwight Cunningham? How does TLC avoid legal trouble?

You can read more about this on my website by clicking here.

Alexandra aka Monica Foster provides some closing facts, commentary, rumors, perspectives & gossip in regards to the truth of exactly what The Luxury Companion is and who's behind it.

Thanks to the reporting of Mike South of and Kelli Roberts of - it appears that the owner of The Luxury Companion's boyfriend/husband's real name is Dwight Cunningham rather than Dave. Why porn news bloggers & reporters are reluctant to state Cunninghams name remains a mystery.

Though extortion may be a part of why Cunningham pulled a gun on John from the pornstar agency Metro Talent - considering that The Luxury Companion is not a legal prostitution outlet or a licensed talent agency - neither the gunman nor the victim are technically in the right.

Is there truth to the rumor that Cunningham was looking to put a hit out on Shy Love? Is her life in danger?

Why did Derek Hay of La Direct Models repost a blog about Dave / Dwight Cunningham of The Luxury Companion that classified TLC as a legitimate "agency" even though it's clearly not approved by the LATATA (which is endorsed by the Free Speech Coalition).

Will the FBI call Derek Hay of La Direct Models in for questioning now that Sheikh Rashid of the United Arab Emirates (a man rumored to frequent The Luxury Companion stable of pornstars) is no longer alive to provide diplomatic cover for TLC?

Will the owner of the Luxury Companion's rumored deputy District Attorney cousin Karin Borzakian be able to bale both she and her husband/boyfriend out of legal trouble?

How many pornstars (and their clients) will the FBI call in for questioning to close the organized crime controlled sextrafficking racket The Luxury Companion once and for all?

Only time will tell...

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

My personal porn industry X-file : The Luxury Companion - Dave arrested, class F felony charges, sextrafficking, pornstars & other developments

Alexandra aka Monica Foster reports that Dave, boyfriend/husband of the owner of escort and prostitution agency The Luxury Companion, has allegedly attempted to murder someone by shooting them in the head, and has since been arrested and charged with an Class F felony. Apparently data theft and/or an extortion attempt is what prompted the confrontation.

Veteran industry blogger Mike South initially posted the news on January 4, 2016. Since then, an industry insider who is familiar with The Luxury Companion and close to Charlie Sheen has come forward and disclosed to Alexandra aka Monica Foster that he believes Dave, his girlfriend/wife Karen (aka Adonia) and Derek Hay of LA Direct Models are the individuals behind The Luxury Companion.

Click here to learn more

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Randazza Legal Group officially states the PRICE of telling the TRUTH of organized crime in the porn industry - $167,871

I'm nearly done editing the full "2015 Porn & Hollywood News Review" that I host monthly in collaboration with my friend Diana fka Desi Foxx.  Before I finish though, I decided to write this post in regards to the COST of being an individual (such as myself) who's opted to share with the public the truth of the organized crime elements within (and attached to) the pornographic industry.

Tonight I received an email from Marc Randazza's porn industry & pedophile defense lawfirm Randazza Legal Group.  The email contained an attachment in regards to the frivolous and fraudulent lawsuit he filed (on behalf of his wife Jennifer Randazza) against me in attempt to sextraffick me back into the porn industry & attain control of my multitudes of websites which contain the truth of adult entertainment.  The attachment included the following "damages" he believes his wife has incurred due to my disclosure to the public that I believed she was leaving him & the world of pornography and organized crime...

From the start, the lawsuit filed against me was designed to 1) intimidate me & 2) silence me - primarily in regards to the face that Marc Randazza is directly affiliated with an internationally known convicted pedophile by the name of August Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow, is attempting to overturn the 2257 record keeping laws which currently prevent the legal production of child pornography in America & the fact that he is openly affiliated with & associated with an assortment of criminals involved in criminal activity attached to internet fraud and various types of sextrafficking (such as illegal prostitution).

Initially Randazza Legal Group attempted to settle the lawsuit with me for $500. Now, since Marc Randazza has incurred a legal debt of his own to the gay pornographic studio which he has been ordered to pay (which totals $600,000) he has attempted to rationalize that I should pay over 1/6th of his debt - in the amount of $167,871 (that amount is 3 years worth of an annual Nevada's teacher's salary - supposedly Jennifer Randazza is a teacher - however since the lawsuit was filed she's actually listed as a Randazza Legal Group human resources employee... in addition any school district could easily have done a background check on her which would reveal that her husband defends pedophiles and deny her employment for that reason alone - regardless of whether I'd ever written about her situation).

So there you have it - Randazza Legal Group has OFFICIALLY set a price for all the investigative blogging I've done over the years in regards to the truth of adult entertainment (namely pornography) and the organized crime elements attached to it. $167,871

Ironically I've never been paid 1 penny for the investigative blogging, journalism & activism I've done.  

The reality is, that in the end, it costs EVERY porn industry professional (whether they tell the truth of porn or not) far more to LEAVE adult entertainment than any amount of money they ever earned while working within it (which is why most never leave). Whether an ex porn professional is forced to pay via extortion tactics (someone threatening to tell their employers or who they love about their past in adult entertainment), via loss of their professional reputation (ie: what Pornwikileaks is designed to do), via a manufactured frivolous or fraudulent defamation lawsuit if they opt to tell the truth (such as what I'm dealing with), via loss of job prospects, via loss of their health (via an incurable STD) or even via the loss of their life - the price is ALWAYS high. 

Below are the tweets and the piece of parody I am being sued a total of $167,871 for by Jennifer Randazza. I am representing myself in this legal matter (I don't have an attorney) - case: A-14-699072-C in Las Vegas, NV Eigth Judicial Civil Court

If Jennifer Randazza wins her case, I sure as hell don't know how I'd pay off $167,871 because my professional reputation in the traditional workplace is severely tarnished due to & Marc Randazza's associates Sean Matthew Tompkins & Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre of - I suppose Steve Hirsch of Vivid could offer me a large sum of money (as he did to Miss Columbia & Farrah Abraham) to perform in more porn, but I sure as hell have never been in the Miss Universe pageant nor am I a "Teen Mom"...Actually, if any pornographer were to offer to hire me to perform in additional porn to pay off the debt, I'd be 100% correct about this frivolous and fraudulent lawsuit having been to simply sextraffick me back into porn from the start. 

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens...

Monday, December 28, 2015

The 3rd week of December 2015 was one to remember!

The 3rd week of December of 2015, is one I'll always remember.  I took my webcast on the road to conduct an amazing interview with a woman named Jennifer O'Kane who has the objective to change the Nevada legal brothel system and Legal prostitution within the United States of America for the better.

I also went head to head and face to face with 2 organized crime attached porn industry attorneys who defend pedophiles in a Nevada state court of law in front of Judge Rob Bare.  My legal battle is far from over, but getting a good look at the unethical & criminal attorneys of Randazza Legal Group first hand, was a major step in the right direction...neither had the nerve to look me in the eye (and that is what told me EVERYTHING I need to know in regards to what I'm really dealing with).