Monday, January 15, 2018

August Ames death, an interview about depression before porn, Pornwikileaks & Jessica Drake (as of current, Jessica is not to blame in my opinion)

As many of you know, I have been upset about the death of January Seraph, and the stream of additional pornstar deaths that has followed. I believe that the element of bullying that pornstars often experience along with the disinformation they're often led to believe needs to be addressed. I also feel that the issue of mental health in relation to pornstars is something that the porn industry as a whole should take to task.

I have debated whether or not to share my thoughts, opinion & commentary in regards to August Ames' passing ,however considering the bullying that I've witnessed Jessic aDrake experience since the occurrence, I felt the need to share the following video commentary which includes a segment from an #interview between August and pornographer Holly Randall.

I do not feel Jessica Drake should be blamed for August Ames' death. Furthermore I commend Brad Armstrong for standing by his wife's side.

This situation is in the #legal courts as of current, but considering that it is also in the court of public opinion, I feel the public needs to realize that the stance Jessica Drake elected to take when communicating with August Ames was in direct opposition to the notorious racist, misogynistic & homophobic hate-crime known as Pornwikileaks.

My heart sincerely goes out to those who truly & genuinely loved August Ames. Her death should have (and could have) been completely avoided from my perspective. Far too many pornstars have passed this year for the wrong reasons. My heart also goes out to Brad Armstrong & Jessica Drake. I don't know either of them personally nor am I friends with Jessica or Brad, in fact Brad has made it known he dislikes me very much, however I admire the "unpopular in porn" stances both Jessica Drake and Brad Armstrong have taken in regards to the #porn #talent being condom optional and their efforts of creating an atmosphere free of hate against #gays & African-Americans / Blacks.

I know that my thoughts, commentary, opinion and investigative blogging (as always) will be attacked in regards to this issue - however at this stage I'm used to it. I feel that's it's important that my followers experience my point of view.

I #believe that in the end, the #truth always rises to the surface. Have a wonderful week and I hope this video commentary enlightens many of you:

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The End

"White Privileged Enabled Pimp" is the end of one phase of the life of the woman who’s (at times) known as the entertainer Monica Foster – and the beginning of a new phase which will be continued on

This song’s perfected recording (in time) will be available on an album titled “Christian Pornstar volume 01”.

Ps: The key to a successful life is to finish what you start. As of current, I've finished all my projects - and anything new I've started (or plan to start in the future), I'll complete as well.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Thoughts on racism on Earth which have to do with my past as Monica Foster and my life as Alexandra Mayers

In response to the CNN initiated hashtag #RealizedIwasBlack feature, Alexandra Mayers shares her life experiences in regards to times that she knew her skin color set her apart from other humans she's known and interacted with throughout her life as a child, teenager, an adult.

Alexandra Mayers also shares information about a new project she is launching independently about her interactions with (and thoughts about) "white" people over the years and her quest to find some solid understanding in regards to exactly why SOME "white" Americans (and "white's" internationally even, as the news has recently brought attention to via the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle situation that points towards alleged racism Markle is encountering within the British Royal family view and treat humans of other ethnic / racial backgrounds (in some cases and situations) as negatively as they do.

As a side note, as Alexandra Mayers approaches turning 39 years old, from her perspective the only "race" that needs to be acknowledged at this stage on Earth is "human" (especially considering that many individuals who label themselves as "black" or "white" genetically are often not exactly what they claim to be) - but since such a high percentage of the human population wants to continue to focus on minute aesthetic differences - Alexandra will explore such individual's mentality as to why, and present it on the world's stage (because she can).

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Become an Anatomy Of An Anti-Hero backer for a chance to win my painting

Alexandra Mayers LIVE - if you are interested in a chance to win the original piece of art I'm working on tonight, become a backer of Alan Delabie's series Anatomy of an AntiHero: code Alpha Breed - season 3
I will be playing a role in the series.

This webcast I discuss Alan Delabie, Meosha Bean, thoughts about languages and the issue of narcissism.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

I've moved on in life - so enjoy my latest altered cover single - "I Loved You"

I've moved on away from everything "Monica Foster" brought into the life of "Alexandra Mayers" - so enjoy my latest music project - an altered cover single titled "I Loved You"

I Loved You (an altered cover of I Love You by Avichyil)- this song is about looking back on romantic relationships in which you loved your ex partner at the time, but are now OVER THEM for good (and finally have found the closure that you were seeking).

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Recent video posts from the life of the woman formerly known as Monica Foster

Alexandra Mayers LIVE: How to get LEGAL closure on the HATE CRIME that is PORNWIKILEAKS

Alexandra Mayers LIVE - Porn Industry blog monopolies, the Trinity St Clair lawsuit news & Jared Kushner thoughts

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A few updates before I take a journey & before the Solar Eclipse

Heading out to take a bit of a journey (which will include being in a prime location to view the solar eclipse). To learn more about the woman formerly known as "Monica Foster" visit

Monday, August 07, 2017

Last week's LIVE Alexandra Mayers open webcasts

Alexandra Mayers LIVE: Stuff I feel like talking about

Alexandra Mayers LIVE - Discussing your children online opens the door to blackmail / extortion

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Alexandra Mayers LIVE: Upcoming webcasts & WHY BEING A FAN IS POWERFUL!

Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster briefly checks in to talk about her upcoming webcasts on the issues of:

Neo Nazi White Supremacists and trolls in the porn industry

An issue the entertainer known as Jovan Jordan recently dealt with

How 2 well known escort agencies featuring pornstars recently became legitimate business entities

Thoughts about a new pornstar known as Bella Elise Rose and an issue she recently dealt with revolving around veteran pornstar Alana Evans

Alexandra Mayers also shares in this brief check in about how she's doing in life, her belief in Jesus Christ and God and why being a fan (rather than someone seeking to attain fans) is powerful.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

January Seraph has passed - and Trump's politics, regime & Obamacare repeal are (in part) to blame

Alexandra Mayers shares her thoughts about the tragic passing of model and adult entertainer January Seraph.

Upon investigation, Alexandra discovered that the brilliant, creative and politically minded artists and activist January Seraph was incredibly concerned and distraught about Donald Trumps politics, policies and his Obamacare repeal. She also was very passionate about eradicating the stigmas associated with suffering from mental illness and being a sex workers.

January was very angry with Republicans due to what she perceives as their lack of compassion for those who desperately needed what President Barack Obama's Obamacare offered (to people - humans - such as herself).

January tweeted extensively about her concerns - tweets which Alexandra has included in this webcast.

Alexandra urges those who may have the motivation or resources to launch a suicide hotline specifically for pornstars, sex workers and adult entertainers.

At the end of this webcast, Alexandra Mayers shares one of her original works which she posted as a blog a few months ago titled "A phone call at 2am EST - the night before last". The piece Alexandra wrote and reads to her audience outlines how though many pornstars, sex workers and adult entertainers take accountability and responsibility for their past, present and future choices and actions in life - often there's a crowd of people behind them who neglect to take accountability for the actions they've taken that affect the lives of others.

Click here to read more about January: