Saturday, May 20, 2017

Lately (piano only rough edition & pop music mix edition) - Christian Pornstar vol. 01 : by Alexandra Mayers

Enjoy the piano only rough edition – final (well… at least final for now) of Lately. The pop music mix of Lately is also included at the end of this video.

Lately is an original song written, produced and performed by Alexandra Mayers, and is the 1st single from the music album Christian Pornstar vol. 1 (produced independently by Alexandra Mayers)

The complete pop version of this song can be found on

Look for more music, art & thoughts from the Christian Pornstar spiritual movement on (website set to re-launch in June of 2017).

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Lately - Christian Pornstar volume 01 - piano only instrumental rough preview - Alexandra Mayers

Alexandra Mayers (formerly known as Monica Foster) presents the official piano only rough edition preview of "Lately" - the first single from the music album Christian Pornstar vol. 1 (by Alexandra Mayers of

The complete version of this song is posted for free on 

This song has been registered with the copyright office of the United States of America.

We Are All ONE

This is a link to my final LIVE webcast of Alexandra Mayers LIVE (unless I’m conducting an open discussion). I will continue to post pre-recorded webcasts as long as the higher powers I believe in feel is needed.

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A transcript of the webcast can be found by clicking here.

The answer - the insecurities that negative sects of society indoctrinate us to believe.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Evidence of organized crime AND hate crime in American pornography for the government and law enforcement

Last night after my live webcast, a lot of evidence in regards to the various lies and possible truths from a multitude of pornographic industry figures on the twitter account @xtianpornstar – so I ask that those the information may be of interest to in a just way to view (and if necessary follow) the account to record the information (starting May 8th, 2017 at 10:48pm EST).

The information revolves primarily around TRPWL (Sean Matthew Tompkins), Kelli of the Naughty News Network, Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long and an industry insider source.

As of current, I’m unable to tell exactly who is being truthful and who is not – I feel that’s for those in positions of power to decide. Regardless, myself and my family members have been utilized as leverage (pawns) in the above mentioned individual’s personal and criminal battles who are either unwilling or incapable of fighting their own battles.

I’ve made it clear today that I am no longer willing to communicate with anyone in or attached to the American pornographic industry. In addition people in American government and legal positions have been notified in regards to this matter (they either are or soon will be in possession of my evidence).

Throughout the hate crimes myself and family have endured, my life has been threatened and I have been told that my freedom will be taken from me. I believe only God has the power to effect whether or not I remain free and alive.

A multitude of text messages from porn industry public figured in regards to prejudice and hate towards people of the Jewish faith will soon be made public. Just as a Black woman I despise racism and prejudice towards Blacks (African-Americans), I don’t feel those of the Jewish faith should be recipients of such hate either. Donny Long & Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL’s attack dog prompts the truth of exactly WHO in porn hates the Jewish

Monday, May 08, 2017

2 important articles that Alexandra Mayers recommends her audience pay close attention to.

Some things on Earth change quickly...other elements take longer to change (which is why retaining FAITH is very important).

Below are links to 2 important articles that Alexandra Mayers recommends her audience pay close attention to:

Showtime likely edited Ana Foxxx from their 2017 AVN awards broadcast due to her multitudes of Escort ads – not due to her race 

Mystikal was good enough for the Ellen Show & the industry as a pornstar, but not the Xbiz Miami summit? HYPOCRISY & DISCRIMINATION LAWSUIT ALERT!

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Alexandra Mayers LIVE: Hot Girls Wanted - Turned On: A commentary in support of Rashida Jones (plus information about the truth of the porn industry, the FSC & pornwikileaks)

On this webcast of Alexandra Mayers LIVE, Alexandra Mayers provides commentary and analysis for Rashida Jones (producer of the Sundance Film Festival movie Hot Girls Wanted) and Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On (Netflix series) producers Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus

(due to recording difficulties, the audio is choppy in this webcast)

Alexandra explains that the recent criticism of Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On does not come from the porn industry as a whole, but instead the political face of the Los Angeles porn industry – The Free Speech Coalition.

In this webcast, Alexandra shares her thoughts on the hypocrisy of AVN writer Peter Warren and the pornstars who have allegedly complained about being in the Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On series.

In addition, Alexandra Mayers questions why the FSC is so fixated on the supposed “invasion of privacy” and “wrongs” of Hot Girls Wanted, when not too many years ago Pornwikileaks and it’s front man Donald Carlos Seoane (with the cooperation of Ari Scott Bass and Sean Matthew Tompkins of The Real Pornwikileaks) engaged in racially based and homophobic hate crimes far more extreme than anything depicted in the Hot Girls Wanted franchise.

Alexandra verifies the Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On producers recent comments in regards to the Free Speech Coalition – and the fact that over the years, the FSC has habitually utilized intimidation and legal tactics to silence a multitude of independent investigate bloggers and journalists who have documented the truth of the pornographic industry (Luke Ford, Mike South, Gene Ross, Rob Zicari and Alexandra Mayers herself as of current – who is defending herself in court in a near half a million dollar Civil defamation lawsuit filed against her be a well known Free Speech Coalition attorney…a lawsuit that has the specific intention of stifling her first amendment rights – Clark County Nevada Eighth Judicial District Court Civil case: A-14-699072-C Dept. 32 ).

Alexandra Mayers goes into detail about how nowadays, it’s almost pointless for pornstars to utilize stage names considering that today (the moment you participate in ANY pornographic media) it’s incredibly likely that your real (legal) name will be attached to the product. As of current hundreds (if not thousands) of pornstars have their real names linked to their stage name on (along with a variety of other websites aside from Pornwikileaks).

Alexandra Mayers makes it clear to current and potential adult entertainers and pornstars that they need to understand that if they’re not 100% comfortable with their legal name (and likely their family) being attached to their on camera actions, then they have no business getting on camera in the first place.

Monday, April 17, 2017

17 Reasons why you may want to date an ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker

Alexandra Mayers shares 17 reasons why those who may have never considered dating an ex-pornstar, ex-escort or ex-sexworker may want to - and why (in her opinion) the vast majority of individuals who already believe that they DO want to date an ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker in actuality are not good enough to do so.

From Unicorns, to the "dark side" of society, to genetics, to family, to intuition, to independent thought - Alexandra Mayers goes into extensive detail as to what it REALLY takes to qualify to date an ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker.

Reason's 1 - 9 are below. For the remaining 8 reasons - watch the video.

1. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker is basically an einhorn aka unicorn.
2. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker knows the reality of the "dark side" of society.
3. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker is a survivor.
4. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker is very strong willed.
5. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker has a sense of self worth.
6. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker loves themselves.
7. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker is a fighter.
8. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker has great genetics.
9. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker generally will not be with you for your money.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Alexandra Mayers LIVE - BEWARE of the TRAP HOUSE (both pornstars & civilians alike)!

In this webcast, Alexandra explains that both pornstars and civilians need to beware of a danger called a TRAP HOUSE.

Alexandra Mayers shares that many predators within the organized crime world have started to set up make shift "brothels" in regular neighborhoods where unsuspecting victims may be drugged and forced (or coerced) to perform sexual services. As of current, has a post pinned to the top of their website in regards to a pornstar known as Trinity St. Clair rumored to be operating a "trap house".

For more current and ex sexworkers survival tips - find more on

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Alexandra Mayers LIVE - The exploitation of teens in pornography by fathers with teen daughters

Within the pornography industry (both in America and world wide) there are men who are fathers to teen daughters, yet who exploit, promote and pimp other parent’s teen daughters into the adult film industry...

Ex pornstar Alexandra (aka Monica Foster) herself understands what it is to be exploited by the sex industry, and she questions exactly HOW parents who work within the porn industry feel it could possibly be OK to NOT treat other people’s children (especially if they're underage) the way they’d likely want their own offspring to be treated.

Pornstar Holly Hendrix stated in an AdultDVDtalk interview conducted by “Captain Jack” that she was recruited into pornography prior to her turning 18 years old.

As of current the porn industry's (self defined) top blogger Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL is one of Holly’s primary promoters via The Real Pornwikileaks and XXXstarPR – but is Holly Hendrix aware that Sean claims to be the father of a daughter who’s not only close to Holly’s age – but who embodies a striking physical resemblance to her?

Underage sex, child pornography and pedophilia are becoming increasingly hot topics of discussion within the legal sphere of today’s porn industry – will the case of Holly Hendrix add to the argument in SUPPORT of lowering the age of consent? Pray to God via Jesus Christ that it doesn't.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

90 days of fitness & the enslavement, replacement & disposal of white women - Alexandra Mayers LIVE

In this webcast, Alexandra takes on a 90 day fitness challenge and discusses the strategic enslavement, replacement and disposal of american white women.

Alexandra also announces her 2017 Christian pornstar music and event tour and outlines the Christian Pornstar movement, music & visual art which will be accessible soon exclusively on

The christian pornstar event and music tour will have stops in the following
cities: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Denver, Seattle and Miami

The primary focus of this webcast revolves around Elizabeth warren, the horrific fact that the current political establishment has ties to white nationalists, the strategic targeting and destruction of white american women by those with the mentality of today's racist Trump supporter & that Melania Trump was indeed a sex worker considering that she worked as a nude model willing to do lesbian sexual acts on camera (for Jarl Ale Alexandre De Basseville specifically).

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster - Lately - Christian Pornstar volume 01 - lyric video

Lately - the premier single from the Christian Pornstar volume 1 album by Alexandra Mayers - lyric video

For more music from Alexandra Mayers and the story behind this song visit and

Friday, January 13, 2017

New music release from Alexandra Mayers - "Lately"

Last night I released my new pop music single “Lately” from my upcoming album Christian Pornstar volume 01

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Christian Pornstar Storytime on Alexandra Mayers LIVE : The Golden Rule

In this Christian Pornstar edition of Alexandra Mayers LIVE, Alexandra reads aloud an article (which is an adult industry gossip / "storytime" piece) she'd written earlier in the day titled "BEWARE PORNSTARS of Shy Love and Miles Long – two self centered peas in a pod. SECRETS EXPOSED". The article can be found on

Alexandra also shares information in regards to her decision to transform Christian Pornstar into a collection of music, thought and visual art.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

porn bloggers, reputation management, extortion & publicity agencies - Alexandra Mayers LIVE

On the first Alexandra Mayers LIVE webcast of 2017 (Happy New Year!) Alexandra breaks down the truth of the relationship between porn bloggers (such as Michael Strother aka Mike South, Sean Tompkins aka TRPWL, Kelli Roberts (Naughty News network) and Donald Seoane aka Pornwikileaks) and the recent slew of porn "publicity" companies that have sprung up such as xxxstarPR

Alexandra then shares her thoughts about Carrie Fisher, Star Wars, slavery and how 2017 is the year of the sexy independent woman who refuses to be silenced

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Alexandra Mayers LIVE - a special guest from South Korea shares her views on Donald Trump

Alexandra Mayers welcomes a viewer as her special guest on this final Alexandra Mayers LIVE webcast for 2016.

Alexandra and her guest (a 20 year old student living in South Korea) discuss Donald Trump, his apparently delusional posts on Twitter, racism in America (specifically the upcoming white suprimacist anti-semitic march in Montana), political tension and Asia, and much more.