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Alexandra Mayers LIVE - Transexual pornstar escorts & Michael Strother aka Mike South is being sued

In this Wednesday's webcast of Alexandra Mayers LIVE - Alexandra explores the issue of Transexual pornstars being marketed to the general public via "straight" pornstar escort agencies such as HelpUBookHer (Help U Book Her), along with the element of pornstars testing positive for HIV / AIDS (which is linked to the situation).

In addition Alexandra reports on the legal situation of Michael Strother aka Mike South aka Tom South... a self defined pimp and blogger. As of this week it was made public (by well known stalker Sean Matthew Tompkins) that Strother is being sued for defamation by a private citizen who's had enough of being bullied by Strother on

Alexandra concludes this webcast sharing some "words of wisdom" for young women in regards to why opting to be a pornstar (and having sex on camera in general) isn't a good idea...

Saturday, November 26, 2016

A special "Story Time" from my days as an active pornstar - an exclusive

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster shares an interesting "story time" (from her days as an active pornstar) revolving around pornstar Mahlia Milian and the issues of racism, intimidation and perception .

To watch the full video of this episode of Alexandra Mayers LIVE, just visit and be sure to subscribe to

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Now you can listen to the reality of the criminals who have targeted my elderly parents. Donald Carlos Seoane is just the front man for 6 others.

4 audio recordings of the front man (Donald Carlos Seoane - a male prostitute) for the criminal stalkers behind the reputation attacks and hate crimes against my elderly parents. It appears that Marc Randazza (a criminal porn, pedophile and "men's rights" attorney) is advising Seoane.

The calls below are hard to listen to due to the nature of what's said, but it was necessary for me to utilize my acting skills in order to present to the public the reality of what Seoane (and men like him) really is.

Prior to these conversations, Seoane called me via a private / unknown number over 10 times. Today he has continued to try to call me, but I've elected to cease communication completely.

As you will hear (especially in the final recording) Seoane is specifically fixated on my mother and father. He repeatedly refers to African Americans as "niggers" and is extremely homophobic. Starting in later 2010 (or early 2011) the Pornwikileaks website focused heavily on my family.

From 2010 to the present the following individuals have harassed and/or made threats towards me and my family: Donald Carlos Seoane, Sean Matthew Tompkins (purchased my father's full name as a domain and later gave control of it to Seaone, Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre, Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder (a porn director who specifically stated I should end my life), Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Maybe the "dark side" I'm exploring is just my inner "Girl Next Door"

So in my effort to "balance out" my life a bit, I've decided to explore (what I at least consider) the "dark side" of all that is for a while... Maybe "dark side" isn't the correct term - maybe what I'm really saying is that I'm willing to take a look at, consider, examine and entertain opinions, ideals and ways of being that in the past I judged and rejected without a complete knowledge of.

For just over a month now, some gateways to a few new worlds have opened - so I've taken a deep breath, channeled Indiana Jones and have stepped into the great unknown...

Embarking on this new adventure is a little scary, but a phrase (actually a line from a script) that helps me get over my fears is from the movie "The Girl Next Door". The main character, Danielle, repeatedly says in times of uncertainty to the other main character, Matthew,  "Just go with it."

Ironically, come to think of it, I've slept with more guys named Matthew than any other name... I wonder what that's about. LOL!

Enjoy my most recent webcast below.

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" But I know the rage that drives you. That impossible anger strangling the grief, until the memory of your loved ones is just poison in your veins. And one day you catch yourself wishing the person you loved had never existed, so you'd be spared your pain. I wasn't always here in the mountains. Once I had a wife, my great love. She was taken from me. Like you, I was forced to learn that there are those without decency that must be fought without hesitation, without pity. Your anger gives you great power, but if you let it, it will destroy you, as it almost did me. " - Batman Begins

Sunday, August 21, 2016

How Pornstars who did not consent to being listed on The Luxury Companion could have their photos removed - DMCA notice

I wrote an article titled "How Pornstars who did not consent to being listed on The Luxury Companion could have their photos removed - DMCA notice" this morning that I decided to turn into a permanent page on this blog, due to it potentially being an important resource for pornstars who want to free themselves from organized crime run illegal prostitution and escorting rings.

The article can be accessed on here:

And directly on this blog here:

Viewer & Reader Emails - "why in the hell so many people have such an axe to grind" with me

I've decided to start sharing some of the emails I receive from my webcast viewers and blog / website readers. Here's the first.

This email is in regards to a recent blog I wrote in regards to the end of the Foxx & Foster project.

The reason many individuals often either initially have an issue with me, or develop an issue with me in time has to do with the fact that I am honest and I have recorded (and witnessed) a substantial amount of history.  In addition, there's only 2 situations someone could offer me to slant my views in a direction to favor certain parties with certain agendas.

Gotta love Falkor
So in other words - I'm not for least not yet :)

When you throw into the mix that I have a close relationship with God through Jesus Christ, individuals who seek to destroy the human being's tie to God completely flip out.

One of my favorite speakers, a man by the name of David Wilcock, has stated on his series "Wisdom Teachings" that the most powerful thing to the Cabal (a group that some have labeled the "illuminati" - though the actual "Illuminati" today is a different group) is a person who has a large following and the ability to influence others through their actions. I am such a person.

When powerful people realize that they can't own their target OR are not willing to pay their target's  "price", then they act like a 2 year old throwing a temper tantrum.  That's what many who follow me on @AlexandraMayers, are witnessing as of current.

I am obsessed with Unicorns
Traditionally, people like the organized crime members attached to the porn industry that I've had to deal with are able to "scare" their targets into silence. That obviously doesn't work in the case of Alexandra Mayers.

Often times powerful people at the heads of businesses and organizations (such as who I've confronted) are able to dig up "dirt" or "secrets" on whistle blowers such as myself. However, I don't have any. Plus there's nothing for anyone to take from me financially, because I'm poor.

I have been thoroughly (and publicly) researched, observed (aka stalked) and vetted.  Though there's unusual circumstance to my life, I don't have a criminal history, I consistently evolve, I genuinely act with good intention and I embody a tremendous amount of credibility.

Specifically in regards to the end of Foxx & Foster - there was just nothing left for us to say as a "team" and I wasn't willing to be someone that I'm not.

At this stage, those who have an "axe to grind" with me have resorted to fabricating lies about me. Lies that can easily be disproved and that honestly destroy the liar's own credibility and reputation - not mine.  It's almost like certain parties have willingly pushed their own "self-destruct" buttons because they've run out of material and argument.

I'm not seeking to be liked. I'd rather be hated for acting as I feel and know I should, than liked for reasons that are completely wrong. I have very few people in my personal life, but I'm grateful for who I have - and even if I were completely alone physically, the Kingdom of God was built inside me so spiritually, I'm never alone.

In regards to me ever producing adult content along the lines of Michael Ninn - there's only one person on this planet I'd be willing to work with in order to manifest that idea into a reality...and truthfully, it's not an idea I'm that into nowadays considering that over 90% of the porn industry's talent pool are sex trafficking victims.

I know I confuse a lot of people, because I'm a far different type of person than many would expect someone of my age, race & sex to be - but there's nothing I can do about that (nor would I want to). From my perspective, those who have an "axe to grind" with me just need to learn HOW to share this planet with me. I'm not going to stop being who I am & if you take my toys, I'll just build more - as my "super power" is the ability to create something out of nothing :)

I feel very good about the person I am at this moment. Whatever I believe God wants me to do, I will do with Jesus Christ by my side.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Michael Strother / Mike South states WHO posed as Jennifer Randazza requesting my help, AFTER Marc Randazza offered legal services to Strother to sue me

Michael Strother / Mike South has stated WHO posed as Jennifer Randazza requesting my help, AFTER Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group offered legal services to Strother (in what appears to be "pro-bono" form) to sue me.

The following document (complete with exhibits) has been filed and accepted into the United States of America Clark County Nevada Civil Court - case A-14-699072-C Dept. 32

I will post a video blog (vlog) about this issue soon on

click here for the complete filed and stamped copy of the PDF document

click here for a higher resolution of the exhibits in PDF document format.

Below is the text of the legal statement filed into the case:

On August 16, 2016 porn industry blogger Michael Strother aka Mike South of wrote a post (exhibit A) stating that Sean Matthew Tompkins and Ari Scott Bass posed online (trolled me) as Jennifer Randazza – which is what led me to post the tweets in question (exhibit B) that this lawsuit is based on.
            I have been told by another porn industry blogger known as Kelli Roberts, that Randazza Legal Group was involved in Sean Matthew Tompkins’ acquisition of a website called
            Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre was on the initial witness list sent to me from Jennifer Randazza’s legal council (exhibit C).
            The domestic and international organization, the Aids Healthcare Foundation, recently released a press released which states that Michael Strother aka Mike South is a credible blogger / journalist (exhibit D).
Michael Strother told me on Twitter August 13, 2016 that he would take up Mr. Randazza (Marc Randazza’s) offer to sue me if I did not delete the claims I posted online about him being a pimp and being involved in sex trafficking (exhibit E).
            Michael Strother aka Mike South has also stated that to me via email (exhibit F) as of August 15, 2016 that if I don’t apologize to him for stating that he is a pimp (even though he labeled himself a pimp as of December 4, 2002 and November 26, 2002: exhibits G - H) and involved in sex and human trafficking, that he will sue me.
            Michael Strother aka Mike South has a multitude of posts (some in which he recruited civilians for his Bukakke pornographic adult movies which are filmed in Atlanta, Georgia), on a website called (a website that labels itself as a sex travel / sex tourism guide. Sex Tourism is a form of human and sex trafficking). Strother vouched for illegal prostitute’s sexual performances on the website’s forum and offered recommendations to other posters of the website who were seeking to illegally purchase sex (exhibit I).
In addition from 2002 to 2011 Michael Strother operated a website called (exhibit J) which showcased photographs and stated the exact streets in Atlanta where illegal prostitutes could be located. Strother stated on his own blog (exhibit K) that he gained financially from the sexual exploitation of illegal prostitutes, being that the photographs he took of them drew online traffic to his website, which converted into sales of his pornography on his “pay sites”.
Michael Stother aka Mike South emailed me September 5, 2014 (exhibit L) stating that Marc Randazza was receptive to the idea that someone was impersonating Jennifer Randazza and that he felt he could arrange for Marc Randazza to drop this lawsuit against me if I apologized.
Lastly, August 16, 2016 at 2:20pm (PST) Michael Strother aka Mike South sent me an email stating that “several people” are offering him money to get a judgment in Georgia against me to take all of my websites (exhibit M).
            Considering Marc Randazza’s offer to Michael Strother to file a lawsuit against me, I believe that Marc Randazza’s and that of Randazza Legal Group’s actions are that criminal conspiracy & illustrate the abuse the United States judicial system to intimidate me, silence my work on the truth of pornography and organized crime (namely sex and human trafficking), harass me and extort money from me via a legal judgment.

DATED this 16th day of August, 2016.
Pursuant to NRS 53.045, I declare under penalty of
perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

Alexandra Mayers
/s/ Alexandra Mayers
Defendant, In Proper Person

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mike South aka Michael Strother has threatened to sue me for my stating what he's labeled himself as - a PIMP

On August 13, 2016 veteran porn blogger Mike South aka Michael Strother stated that he would take Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group's offer to sue me (apparently Randazza offered his legal services to Strother pro-bono). Strother indicated that he would sue me for "libel" because I claimed that he is a pimp and involved in sex trafficking.
Well, if Michael Strother wants to move forward and sue me due to my stating that he is a pimp / sex trafficker - that is fine by me, because in 2002 Mike South aka Michael Strother labeled himself a pimp on his own blog as you can see in the screen shot below.

How in the hell would Randazza Legal Group attorneys (who've already filed one fraudulent lawsuit against me in regards to Jennifer Randazza's attachment to organized crime) and Michael Strother explain the above to a Judge? In addition how will Randazza Legal Group explain to a Judge that they are offering their legal services pro-bono to self labeled PIMPS (who are not owners and/or operators of legal brothels in Nevada) - all in effort to silence individuals who have opted to share the truth about sex trafficking and the adult entertainment industry?

According to wikipedia and many other sources - a pimp is a sex trafficker. 

Definition of “PIMP” according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary: a criminal who is associated with, usually exerts control over, and lives off the earnings of one or more prostitutes

I will not be apologizing to Mike South aka Michael Strother. In addition, he will not be suing me for "libel", as his entire proposed lawsuit has no legitimacy or merit.

I encourage you all to read and sign this petition I wrote, just a day prior to Mike South aka Michael Strother's lawsuit threat:

Update as of 8-16-2016

Friday, August 05, 2016

My interview with Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé de Basseville - The man who took Melania Trump's erotic, nude photographs

In this Alexandra Mayers exclusive interview, Alexandra interviews Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé de Basseville - the Artist, Photographer, Businessman & Social Activist who released the erotic, nude photographs of Melania Trump (Presidential candidate Donald Trump's wife).

In this interview Alexandra and Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé de Basseville discuss why he released the photographs of Melania Trump, his legitimate Normandy royal lineage and family, his thoughts on the difference between art and pornography, Donald Trump's recent announcement in regards to signing a pledge to fight online pornography, politics in America, politics in Europe, the issue of terrorism, the issue of sex and human trafficking in the high end fashion industry attached to name brands such as Chanel & Juicy Couture and Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé de Basseville's constant efforts to bring awareness to Women's Rights.

Alexandra and Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé de Basseville discuss at great length how at this particular juncture in time, Melania Trump has the opportunity to bring incredible awareness to the notable problem of sex and human trafficking within the fashion world - but the question is "Will she?" considering her attachment to Trump Model Management - the agency that recently was exposed by ABC News Goodmorning America for allegedly victimizing Jamaican fashion model Alexia Palmer by bringing her into the United States on a special H1-B visa and lying about $75,000-a-year wage.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Preview for my interview with the man behind the erotic nude photos of Melania Trump

Look for the upcoming interview late tonight that Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster just conducted with the man (Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé de Basseville) who took the nude erotic photos of Presidential candidate Donald Trump's wife, Melania Trump.

In addition Alexandra Mayers explains that due to her Foxx And Foster co-host, Diana Grandmaison fka Desi Foxx's decision on August 2nd, there will no longer be any additional Foxx and Foster webcasts.

Why the webcast Foxx And Foster has reached it's end

Considering how it appears to be of interest to the adult and pornographic industry community as to why the webcast venture Foxx And Foster reached it's end, I've decided to share the following.

I've known Diana Grandmaison (fka pornstar Desi Foxx) for many years (since 2008).  I initially met her and her daughter (known as Elle Foxx) shortly after I began working as an adult actress in Los Angeles, California. All three of us at the time were represented by veteran porn agent Brian of GiirlzInc (who today has an agency called AMA modeling).

The afternoon of August 2, 2016, after I'd posted a piece on in regards to nude erotic photographs of Melania Trump (Presidential candidate Donald Trump's wife) obtained by the New York Post I decided to investigate the story further to learn more about the "French photographer" who took the photos.  Upon learning that there's far more to the history of the photographer than the New York Post opted to disclose, I contacted him - then decided to tell Diana about the situation via text message.

About an hour later, Diana texted me back in regards to her feelings about my "going after" Donald Trump.  From her perspective Donald Trump signing a pledge to fight online pornography would "take down our enemies". Diana initially was not a Donald Trump supporter, but over the past few months, her support for him has escalated. I felt however (and continue to feel), she has a right to her political views...just as I do.

I explained to her that from my perspective Donald Trump is dishonest and will do and say whatever he and his team feel is necessary to gain media attention, support and win the Presidency.  It's always bothered me extensively that Trump is closely connected to the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Diana was well aware of my concern.

Diana went on to text me that from her perspective this is not just politics. She specifically texted to me "This is God versus Satan and you know it. To help the Democrats is to help domestic terrorism against our nation to steal children.". Now, that was a statement I highly disagree with considering that both Republicans and Democrats alike have been attached to crimes against children over the years. In addition I know for a fact that the Libertarian party has been highly linked to pedophilia as well (as my research on the adult entertainment industry reflects).

I texted Diana back and told her that though I respect her perspective, I don't agree and I suggested that she contact me later if she liked.

Diana then texted me again and said the following "No thanks! This isn't the first time you've crossed boundaries to do what you want instead of what's right. I always come out looking bad when you do. We can keep this quiet and leave everything with videos as is or take down. Let me know. i'm over it and ready to move forward with the facts we know, not my emotions and prejudices. It's just the World! No biggie!"

I responded with the following, "I'm not taking anything down and I'm not arguing with you. I'm also not going to agree with you. if you want to part ways, its OK, but I think you need to sleep on it. Again, for now I'm going to pretend you never sent me these texts because someone who's my friend wouldn't have said to me what you just did. G'nite"

Diana then sent me these final words, "Look, you act like this is easy for me. Believe me when I say it's not I'm slept on it for weeks now I was a Democrat my whole life as well so that's not easy for me either. Facts are facts though and this is both domestic and international terrorism going on big time. You can do and feel whatever you want but we can't be friends when you're actively helping the known enemy. Plain and simple. We both have choices and sometimes it's not the easy choice we have to make. You're choosing to help people who are removing God from our world. I choose God! That makes us enemies whether we like or not. Good luck!"

After those final words I decided not to ever text, call or contact Diana again.  Not just due to this particular instance, but due to a few other elements I've turned a blind eye to and chalked up to her simply not knowing any better over the years.

I take my relationship with God and Jesus Christ very seriously and I try my best to live a good life nowadays.  In the past I've made the mistake of overly judging others, being unfair and thinking that what I feel is correct is what God feels is correct.  However the further I delve into my religious studies, the more I've come to realize that God not only has a plan, but that there are necessary evils in this world as well - as it's the evils that often bring out the best within humanity.

Diana's texts also made me question, exactly WHO does she feel I make her look bad to? When it came to the webcast Foxx And Foster - it was I who came up with the entire concept (actually quite a few of her projects were my ideas).  Diana purchased the domain AFTER I came up with the name. It was her job to update the website with the new webisodes, but it was I who did all of the video recording, editing, graphics, and video uploading (which took many unpaid hours out of my days). I am the one who wrote, performed and produced the opening theme song. In addition, I led the discussions.  All Diana really ever had to do was call me on Skype on time. I actually encouraged her to learn how to video edit and create graphics so she could do shows on her own (which I hope she does to continue to her brand of activism).

I felt that Diana and I's differing political views at this stage would make for a far more interesting webcast - however I suppose from Diana's perspective (as many who have known her over the years are aware) it's her way or nothing. She likes to attempt to take a "leadership" position without always having the experience, knowledge or skills to do so.

The following day, though I was saddened, I decided to keep the situation to myself and go on with life - however upon tweeting my thoughts in regards to some political issues she opted to make the situation public herself. In fact, I was surprised and pretty hurt that Diana tweeted the following:

"For the record, I terminated partnership with Alexandra Mayers due to breaching source confidentiality & victim intimidation!"

"I will not be associated with someone who says they're anti porn activist yet attacks anti porn activists!" 

"Facebook Alex. You're a #hypocrite doesn't care about anyone or anything except yourself. Mad at me so attack @GOP. LAME!" 

"Like you promote #Prop60 yet slam the man who has made the entire campaign possible. You have slammed them all including me!" 

"You're a lost soul Alex. Go ask @HillaryClinton & @BarackObama for help. They've only ignored your plight for 8 yrs now!"

I didn't realize that I had to share her political views to feel that voting YES on prop 60 was a good idea in regards to protecting the workplace health and safety of adult actors and actresses. In addition, her comment in regards pornstar Serenity Haze was a tremendous slap in the face considering the efforts I took (with Diana's encouragement) to bring awareness to that particular situation - a situation that I feel the need to elaborate on...

When I first learned about the Serenity Haze alleged onset rape - I immediately felt that the alleged victim needed help, so I not only posted a "play by play" video about the behind the scenes footage I was privy to viewing (ironically it was the producer himself who allowed me to watch the footage)... I also did my best independently to contact organizations and law enforcement in regards to the issue - despite the fact that either Serenity (or someone else who may have been operating her twitter account posted some extremely derroagtory and racist remarks about Blacks / African Americans - referring to them as "niggers").

The individuals  I contacted in both the sex trafficking organizations and law enforcement felt that the situation should be investigated so I wrote full reports and provided my testimony. Law enforcement inquired if I could reach out to the girl known as Serenity Haze and have her contact them. After discussing the situation with Diana, I found Serenity's facebook account and contacted her via ONE private message and ONE post on her facebook wall.

Shortly after telling Diana I'd contacted Serenity and providing Diana with the phone number to the law enforcement officer Serenity should contact, Diana told me that Serenity had reached out to her and said that she'd received the information. However, also at that point Diana said that my ONE facebook wall post and ONE facebook private message to Serenity was "harassment".

I never "signed up" to be an activist nor did I ever sign on to any organization to attempt to help sex workers in need. Life just put me in certain situations to where I've done what I felt was the right thing to do - however after this Serenity Haze situation (which truth be told is extraordinarily questionable on a multitude of levels), I'm taking a step back.

I don't hate Diana Grandmaison and I'm disappointed that she feels my political views prevent us from being friends, but upon looking at this from a logical perspective, I know that parting ways for the final time is for the absolute best.  Diana has brought an extensive amount of stress into my life and I feel that at some point she needs to realize that she's not ALWAYS the victim and is not ALWAYS correct. One thing I know about true friendship, is that it survives differing opinions (regardless of what it's about).

I wish Diana the best in whatever it is she chooses to do, and perhaps if she wants to continue telling the truth about the pornographic industry, she should create a webcast titled "Foxx and Foxx" - with her daughter who she entered the pornographic industry with. I know for a fact that the intelligent and talented young woman once known as Elle Foxx has never left her mother's side, has made incredible personal sacrifices to ensure that her mother is OK and has quite the story to tell and perspective to share.

My continued work of course can be followed on - I know I'm far from perfect, but I'm also far from being evil or a lost soul. I actually feel (especially nowadays) that I'm a pretty decent person when it comes down to it.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Recent research and discussion in regards to the truth of The Luxury Companion

Foxx and Foster - The truth of Sugardating, The Luxury Companion & whiny pornographer Mike South

Judge David S. Cunningham III of California - Is he the uncle of Dwight, The Luxury Companion owner?

Channon Rose fka Randi Wright shares a scary story about an agency like The Luxury Companion

Foxx and Foster - Racist threats attached to The Luxury Companion, Pornwikileaks & Randazza