Monday, February 28, 2011

Monica Foster discusses Charlie Sheen , Lenny Dykstra , CBS & gives tips on Entering Porn

Friday, February 25, 2011

Another new broadcast of - don't miss tonight's live webcast on - LOTS and LOTS to talk about (plus a wine review of course).

Below is a re-upload of February 2nd, 2011 broadcast in regards to my concern of CBS continuing to run "2 and a Half Men featuring Charlie Sheen" - well it looks like CBS has shut down production of the show due to Charlie Sheen's recent public behavior and comments on an Alex Jone's radio show broadcast with none other than dumb ass Lenny Dykstra (yep, that idiot that I had the misfortune of meeting).

THANK YOU CBS for realizing that Sheen is a loser! 2011 is shaping up nicely.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Each time I think I'm getting close to the completion of my second book and am amidst the editing process, my perspective on many of the events of which have transpired within the California adult entertainment industry and the manner of which I want to share my journey changes.

I suppose that with each day we live, and with each new experience and encounter we find ourselves a part of, our perspective is broadened (while other times narrowed) and altered. At times this process can be exciting and enlightening - other times frustrating...especially when we (or at least I) struggle to grasp exactly what we're perceiving and processing.

Maybe that's why writers remain writers throughout their lives - writers are seekers, explorers, recorders and teachers - whether they want to accept the responsibility or not.

So I've been introduced to the raw food diet recently. It's not really a "diet" - it's how all human beings should be eating period - from birth. Initially I was wary and resistant to it (as I am of many things), but a healthier way of living (mainly eating) is something I feel I'm ready for at this moment. The more I've read about the raw food way of living and the benefits of such a lifestyle, I really can't find a reason why anyone wouldn't want to do it.

A new friend of mine introduced me to the "diet" and didn't really try to sell me on it...he didn't have to actually because he's a walking billboard for how it can enhance your life.

My initial thoughts on "raw food"....hmmmm....honestly looking at it - from the way it's prepared, to how it's served, to just the overall "raw" state of the ingredients, it DOES appears as though it was just beamed down from the Star Trek mothership. The taste is a bit alien as well...but why should I really be surprised really - California is like another planet in comparison to the east coast.

I'm not going to go cold-turkey raw...I'm going to do it gradually. I ordered a blender and a few other vitals to get started. The food in general doesn't cost more or less than "regular" food - actually from my perspective as of current I'll basically be eating nothing but fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils, and water. I'm sure there are a few other raw items included on the menu - I was given a book on this "diet" - so we'll see what happens.

Something I've noticed from the bit of raw-food I've had so far, is that it's very very filling considering how little you find yourself actually ingesting. I suppose that's due to it being chock full of nutrients that one generally doesn't get in processed "regular" food. This is a benefit to me because overall I see eating as a big waste of time and would prefer that I was never hungry...yep I'm weird I know but I've always found bodily needs to be annoying.

Of course I'll be documenting my thoughts and progress on how this way of eating and living works out via my blogs and what not.

If you're curious about the raw food diet and how to get started, here's a cool youtube video I found that gives a decent overview. I have a feeling that in time I'll be creating one similar once I'm all raw and ready - lol.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Another new broadcast of Monica At Home!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I read a wonderful book a few months ago entitled "Animal Speak". It was recommended to me by a long distance friend of mine who's very spiritually aware of the interconnectedness of life (on this planet and beyond) and how at times, due to ego and the day to day tasks we as humans create for ourselves, we can forget that it's in nature, that we can find all the answers to all the questions that have ever perplexed us.

I suppose it's because I've lived quite deeply in a world of artificiality and superficiality for such an extended amount of time, that I now find myself seeking a balance in a world which is the opposite of where I've been residing for the past 3 decades.

This year will be very exciting for me, because I've been given the gift to be able to explore a different way of living, that still is interlinked with where I've been.

As of late, I've been allowing myself to ride the tides, and it's been working out well. I've had quite a few interesting options, opportunities and individuals enter my life over the past few weeks - and I've learned a vast amount from each - whether it be for the negative or the positive.

Positive / Negative : I'm beginning to realize that in the end, it's the balance that's important - not either element singularly.

Monday, February 14, 2011

This is a very well put together documentary on Shelley Lubben of The Pink Cross ( by Michael Whiteacre and Julie Meadows (

Take responsibility for your choices in life people and be pro-active in making a change if you need to - don't consistently re-hash the past, because it's just that - THE PAST

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Amazing how things in a person's life can change so rapidly while living here in Los Angeles. The fast pace of life here makes things consistently interesting...that's for certain.

It looks like I'll be going at the webisode series I mentioned in my last blog of which I wrote alone, and I actually feel great about it. I'm much more comfortable working independently and I don't take very well to "creative input" that isn't very creative.

I swear, some people couldn't come up with an original idea by themselves if their life depended on it.

The primary individual I was going to collaborate with, along with a mutual friend really aren't the type of individuals I want to spend time around any longer. I'm sure they're both good people in their own way, but as I'm moving forward into a more stable life, I've decided not to continue to spend time with people who are dishonest, who are at consistent risk of falling into negative situations and who are a drain on my energetic resources.

I found an awesome location to shoot the majority of the webisode series however, and for a very low rate as well so I'm quite happy. I have most of the parts cast and I think I should be able to get the entire project produced very inexpensively.

I'm very fortunate to have made it through life to where I am right now. I've had to wade my way through a lot of muck, and have found myself having to sift through the people in my life and separate the genuine from the wastes of space...time and time again....but it's all be worth it. I'm happy.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

So I decided to utilize most of my time this weekend to finally fine tune and complete the first few "webisodes" of a series I'm writing for a project I'm collaborating on with a couple of friends.

Writing a true script - especially a comedy with rather dark humor (my sense of humor could probably be equated to that of Larry David and Paul Mooney)- is weird and can actually be a bit uncomfortable. Primarily because (at least in my case) when you write characters, you tend to find yourself slipping into that character's mindset which can leave you feeling a bit unnerved as you allow your own mind to explore how a fictitious character's thought patterns may be.

I'm taking some of these characters I'm writing for this project pretty far when it comes to their dysfunctionality both in their everyday public personas and private personas so I'll probably need to go into seclusion for a while to reset once this production is over.

I'll be surprised if I don't wind up going completely schizophrenic before the end of this venture actually.

I'm actually very excited about shooting this project even though it will be a lot of work and will probably be frustrating for me being that I don't like working with other people very much, because it will be the first video project that I'll get to be primarily "in charge of". I suppose I'm not officially "in charge", but considering that I'm the person on the team who is the most organized and ADD, the role of producer basically falls in my lap by default (hey as long as I can perceive it this way at least, the situation is tolerable for me - luckily the people I'll be working with on this realize this).

After this projects first few installments are shot, I plan on shooting the first scenes of the adult parody that I want to complete by July of this year which will be based on one of my favorite works "Queen of the Damned".

Though I'm moving away from performing as an adult entertainer, I'm definitely someone who was destined to write adult material. It's odd too, because I really don't have sex too often anymore (and that needs to change).

A friend of mine brought over a bottle of Jack Daniels the other night - and I have to say it's been a very helpful tool. I hate to admit it but my best work pours out of me when I drink - I suppose because I allow myself to lower invisible barriers I've built up within my own psyche. I'm finally becoming comfortable enough with who I really am to lower those barrier without a stimulant, but it's still difficult at times.

I've just recently come to realize and have finally begun to accept that I have a certain "psychological twist" when it comes to what I find sexy, so I'm going to have to work that out a bit - I find that the band Muse really helps with that for some odd reason.

Well, back to work - I just wanted to take some time to update this blog. At this stage I really wish I could clone myself - if I could I'd get so much more done so much quicker. Being impatient has always been my fault.