Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Monica At Home is back! Richard Nanula, Anthony Weiner, Nik Richie of TheDirty & the UAWA

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster brings you the latest in regards to the Richard Nanula, Samantha Saint and Trinity St. Clair sex scandal. Alexandra explains how and Nik Richie is an interesting link between Nanula, legal loophole extortion, organized crime, Anthony Weiner and pornography.

Alexandra introduces the United Adult Workers of America (UAWA) and announces Katie Summers (the pornstar in the middle of a monumental HIV lawsuit against John Stagliano who didn't disclose his STD status to her) upcoming column on

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yesterday I was mentioned by my real name, Alexandra Mayers, along side an acknowledgment of my website in the Los Angeles Times:,0,2492650.story?page=2 which consequently led to me being huge media draw in Sweden for some reason (my traffic on all my websites from Sweden is through the roof).

 I'm glad I stood my ground in regards to keeping those photos that are allegedly of Richard Nanula on - this news item has shed a tremendous amount of light upon what my other site has always been about.

I wrote a post this morning which outlines a bit more background in regards to the Richard Nanula sex scandal, and how legal controlled opposition is utilized to organize settlements in such situations (which is essentially legal extortion).

For an idea as to what my next project will be about - I invite you to read my commentary on the following post:  

Sunday, July 07, 2013

My porn news and commentary blogs hit the mainstream media!

Monica Foster art by Ebony Bunny King
A graphic art piece of me by 'EbonyBunnyKing'
My porn industry news, gossip, investigative and commentary blog hit the mainstream media TWICE over the past few weeks due to my coverage of the Richard Nanula sex scandal. 

The first time was June 26, 2013 (via &

A Richard Nanula sextape starring Samantha Saint – or just an instance of escorting? Emails give clues!

the second time today July 7, 2013 (via the Dailymail in the United Kingdom)

Nanula-Gate continues… Richard Nanula is a SEX ADDICT according to divorce papers

As of today I am VERY GLAD that I decided to take a stand back in May of 2012 as you can see in the video below (the video is from when I launched My fellow independent media moguls Crystal Cox, Gene Ross and Rob Black have helped to validate the work I've done over the years.