Friday, April 18, 2014

Monica Foster at Home 2014 - Thursday 04-17-2014

On this webcast I discuss the truth of what I feel Michael Weinstein of the Aids Healthcare Foundation is really up against, why I feel his safety and life is in danger of an anti-Semitic hate crime and why every pornstar's life is currently in danger of a major corporation who's willing to put profits above the health and safety of human lives.

As of current a gay male model and pornstar by the name of Eric Paul Leue has created a petition on in effort to force Michael Weinstein to resign. The petition is "officially" backed by the Free Speech Coalition and Xbiz magazine, but I'm also under the impression that Eric Paul Leue is backed by the multi-million dollar pharmaceutical Gilead Sciences - the manufacturers of Truvada (a medication being marketed as "the new condom" though it doesn't protect against STDs other than HIV - further more the clinical definitive findings will not be published about Truvada until 2017).

At this stage, I feel that Gilead Sciences has targeted the Aids Healthcare Foundation and the Free Speech Coalition as a means of not only marketing Truvada, but a way to gain access to female pornstars to use as a "test subject" pool for Truvada clinical studies. As of current though Truvada has been found to be very effective in males, it hasn't been equally effective in clinical trials for females.

As of current Michael Weinstein in my view is the only person standing between female pornstars being used essentially as "lab rats" and Gilead Sciences.

Condom legislation must be adhered to and mandatory condom usage must be present in adult filming.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Monica Foster at Home 2014 - Tuesday 04-15-2014

Monica Foster at Home - LIVE - a daily webcast commentary hosted by Alexandra aka Monica Foster on the topics of News, Gossip & Life pertaining to the Mainstream & Porn / Adult Entertainment Industry.

Today I give my closing statements for the week in regards to Tiffany Fox, organized crime, the Los Angeles porn industry and why a scholarship fund needs to be created for young women who speak out in regards to sex trafficking in the pornographic industry (which has essentially become a modern day slave system due to illegal escort and prostitution rings such as The Luxury Companion).

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monica Foster at Home 2014 - Monday 04-14-2014

Exclusive interview with Tiffany Fox (@RealTiffanyFox) - a young pornstar who has spoken out against sex trafficking in the porn industry (most notably LA Direct Models and The Luxury Companion) -a feature article on Tiffany Fox and this situation can be found on by clicking here.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Monica Foster At Home 2014 - Thursday 04-10-2014

On today's webcast I focus on the question "Why hasn't the Free Speech Coalition fought for current and ex pornstars to receive residuals from the adult content they are featured in?"

Mainstream Hollywood actors and actresses receive residuals, so why not pornstars considering that the porn industry claims to be "crossing over" into mainstream? Why haven't Freee Speech Coalition mouthpieces such as James Deen, Stoya, Kayden Kross or Ron Jeremy ever brought up the issue?

I question why the Free Speech Coalition is attempting to monopolize performer testing and why people in the Free Speech Coalition such as Diane Duke and Mo Reese appear to have complete disregard for performer health and safety by opposing the condom mandates. Are they in actuality anti-porn activists?

Pornstars are legally defined as employees, so rather than the FSC worrying about STD testing subsidy funds, shouldn't they be enforcing the fact that porn companies (producers) should be covering the cost of porn talent STD / STI testing?

I share a few tweets directly from the Free Speech Coalition twitter account which are clear proof of the online bullying tactics the FSC utilizes towards pornstars who are diagnosed HIV positive and who choose to speak out to save the lives of their peers (such as Cameron Bay aka Cameron Adams who's last adult scene was with

I also share a tweet directly from the FSC twitter of which California Assemblyman Isadore Hall III is referred to as an "ass hat" (which is incredibly disrespectful and unprofessional considering that the Free Speech Coalition proclaims itself to be the "political face" and "lobbying group" of the pornographic industry).

I explain that many pornstars find themselves destitute after a career in the pornographic industry due to not having claim to residuals, and I present the case of Nina Devon (who played Rudy in Not the Cosbys XXX 2) as an example of a pornstar who would not have to live the dangerous life as an escort (it's only legal to work as an escort / prostitute in certain counties of Nevada) if she were entitled to residuals.

I conclude todays webcast by mentioning an email I received in regards to Wicked Pictures as to what may be the real reason why they've been one of the few condom mandatory companies for years, yet have been against condom legislation (I suggest my audience keep in mind that one of the final scenes the now HIV positive TJ cummings shot was for Wicked Pictures).

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Monica Foster At Home 2014 - Tuesday 04-08-2014

Today's LIVE webcast of Monica At Home will start at 5pm PST via a live streaming YOUTUBE event. Remember you can SKYPE in with questions via my ID MonicaAtHome01

Alexandra aka Monica Foster presents the latest pornographic industry news, first amendment issues, current events, legal sphere topics and drama.

At the start of the webcast I question why Mo Reese (a free speech coalition mouth piece) is irresponsibly telling the porn talent misleading information and propaganda in regards to AB 1576 and their self produced content for their websites and clips4sale stores.

I state the Mo Reese needs to clarify to the talent the AB 1576 will not affect SOLO pornstars who are SOLO in their websites, webcam show and clips4sale content.

 I also question why Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals is attempting to spread the message to mainstream media that the condom legislation (existing and proposed) in regards to the porn industry, isn't to ultimately protect the health and safety of pornstars and sexworkers.

 Dr. Chauntelle has never actually been a porn talent (as far as I know), so how exactly does she know what the pornographic industry system is actually like? Why doesn't she approach other porn studios to take up Wicked Picture's business model? Does she not realize that if most pornstars want to work, they are currently pressured NOT to use condoms (which is why condom legislation must be enforced to criminalize porn producers who don't follow the legislation).

Next I express why I think attorney general Eric Holder's gun control potential legislation is a good idea and I state that the Adult Entertainment Exo [correction - Adultcon] being moved to the same week as the Gun Expo in Las Vegas is a bad idea considering the sex and violence typically don't mix well.

Next I delve into the history and events surrounding Pornwikileaks and I explain about the lies and mistruths the Free Speech Coalition has told the public (even via wikipedia) in regards to the event of which released over 15,000 performers personal information to the public. I question whether or not the information on pornwikileaks really was from AIM (it could have been from a 2257 record keeping database such as the now closed

I also explain that the Free Speech Coalition's recent rise to power and influence is directly tied to and dependent upon their alleged involvement in closing Pornwikileaks (which is currently back online).

Last I explain how pornwikileaks may be used as an event or case in the Free Speech Coalitions fight to overturn 2257 record keeping laws - laws of which protect minors and children from being exploited in adult content. Being that the Free Speech Coalition has a history of defending child abuse and pedophilia, the 2257 laws must remain firmly intact.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The LIVE daily webcast of Monica At Home - 5pm PST streaming LIVE through Youtube

Today's LIVE webcast of Monica At Home will start at 5pm PST via a live streaming YOUTUBE event.
Remember you can SKYPE in with questions via my ID MonicaAtHome01

Monday, April 07, 2014

Teleka Patrick case - closing thoughts Sunday April 6, 2014

Independent investigative blogger Alexandra Mayers shares that as of today, mainstream media has reported that a body has been found which may be that of Teleka Patrick.

An autopsy to confirm this development in the Teleka Patrick case has been scheduled for Tuesday (April 8, 2014).

Please send your prayers and positive thoughts to the Patrick family. Further information in regards to the Teleka Patrick case along with links to contact the family can be found on

Alexandra Mayers explains, that at this point in time, there may be a need to introduce legislation in regards to "web sleuthing" and the registering of missing person's names as domain names by the United States government (the Federal Bureau of Investigations specifically) in effort to collect statistics and tips from the public in regards to cases (and also to control and/or prevent false information about missing person's cases from being unjustly inflated by mainstream news which can easily skew public opinion).

If such a piece of legislation is proposed, it should be called the Teleka Patrick Act.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Monica At Home 2014 on the Rob Black network Friday 04-04-2014

Alexandra aka Monica Foster presents the latest pornographic industry news, first amendment issues, current events, legal sphere topics and drama.

At the start of the webcast I give a health alert to the Los Angeles porn industry talent in regards to a meningitis outbreak which has hit Los Angeles, that has a high probability of affecting the Los Angeles talent pool.

Next I discuss gay pornstar Michael Lucas and his decision to put profits above porn talent health and safety by opting to shoot bareback HIV positive pornographic content.

I discuss whether or not pornstars represented by Mark Spiegler of the SpieglerGirls talent agency are having sex in their personal and/or professional lives with HIV positive talent considering that much of the pornstars Mark Spiegler represents have worked with HIV positive John Stagliano of the porn studio Evil Angel.

Being that Katie Summers currently has a lawsuit against John Stagliano for not disclosing his HIV positive status to her prior to having physical contact with her, I feel it's possible that John Stagliano (and many other porn professionals who may be HIV positive as well) has had sexual contact with the majority (if not all) of the SpieglerGirls considering that they are consistently featured in John Stagliano and Evil Angel porn movies.

At the end of the webcast I question why so many influential porn industry professionals who are immigrants from other countries (namely England, Germany and Canada), feel that they have the right to dictate American legislation and laws.

In the conclusion of the webcast I suggest that the foreign born porn professionals who don't respect or follow the United States laws, simply leave the country and return to their nations of origin rather than opposing the Aids Healthcare Foundation and California Assemblyman Isadore Hall the III who are only trying to help the porn industry and bring it into the future (not hurt it).

Porn professionals, in my view, who oppose the laws (and break the laws) are simply ANTI PORN.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Monica At Home 2014 on the Rob Black network Thursday 04-03-2014

Alexandra aka Monica Foster presents the latest pornographic industry news, first amendment issues, current events, legal sphere topics and drama. In the beginning of the webcast, I address the rumors that I'm an active escort - oh which I'm not. The only adult work I currently do (and have done for the past few years) is that of a solo independent webcam model. Next I discuss a recent article by Jennifer Ketcham, formerly known as Penny Flame which was about the label of "sex-worker". I also discuss Farrah Abraham's upcoming book trilogy about her porn video "Celebrity Sex Tape" which she claims will be better than "50 shades of Grey". After the cartoon break, I discuss Natasha Starr and Natalia Starr, better known as the Starr sisters. I outline a plan which could bring them into the mainstream entertainment industry, and could deliver them out of prostitution and porn. Later in the webcast I discuss AB 1576 (a piece of legislation designed to protect sex-workers in the pornographic industry from STDs - presented by California Assemblyman Isadore Hall and backed by the Aids Healthcare Foundation). At the end of the webcast I relate a few of my experiences from the start of my time in the Los Angeles porn industry.