Thursday, June 28, 2012

Check out the preview for the new Monica Foster & Desi Foxx joint webcast: Porn In The Valley

Enjoy the preview I put together for the joint webcast featuring myself and Desi Foxx ... Porn In The Valley !

Friday, June 22, 2012

Monica Foster on Christian Pornstar - racism, sell outs within ethnic groups and dichotomy.

Monica Foster begins this Christian Pornstar segment with a prayer, explains her newest venture to assist law enforcement and sex trafficking organizations ( PornStar Hooker Alert), addresses the issue of racism within the Los Angeles porn industry, explains that it's often "sell outs" of particular ethnic groups that perpetuate racism in any industry and lastly discusses the concept of dichotomy within humans and how she feels everyone innately embodies both the light and the dark (it's our free will which determines which side we align ourselves with).

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Destroying the root of what tried to silence me.

This weekend some solid proof has surfaced that porn IS the gateway to illegal escorting. I will be posting this proof and research in the form of an article on both and my upcoming site which is set to launch next weekend

A woman was recently arrested who appears to have essentially entered the Los Angeles porn industry to increase her rate and status as a prostitute. This woman's arrest enabled me to research and compile data which links the agencies of which she was associated with as an prostitute, to the agency of which she's associated with as a pornstar. While researching this situation, I also realized and will bring to light some details in regards a popular pornstar who died not too long ago named Hunter Bryce (allegedly via a drug overdose).

In my view the research of this issue, which I will post tomorrow, proves further that the Los Angeles porn industry is beyond dangerous and must be swept clean of every single illegal escort and prostitution ring operator along with their associates (which is the goal of my new website  These criminals must all be convicted, brought to justice and jailed (or deported).

The Los Angeles porn industry's STD testing system is pointless and it's time for the general public to know THE TRUTH AS TO WHY. It's also time to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that condoms (barrier protection) MUST BE MANDATORY in ALL PORN shot within the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Pornstars who work double time as prostitutes, regularly have unprotected sex with UNTESTED "Johns"  - while shooting (as soon as the next day in some cases) with their TESTED peers in the porn pool - which can (and does) result in the transmission of STD's from their escort clientele to the Los Angeles porn industry talent (who consistently and unjustifiably perpetuate the lie of being the "safest group of people to have sex within").

Some people within the Los Angeles porn industry are calling me a hypocrite and a "scumbag" by launching  To those people who think that, I suggest you read the mission statement of the website along with the letter I wrote to the public introducing the site on the attached blog

Now if after you read the mission of , the blog and watch the embedded video blog, you still find yourself labeling me as a "scumbag" - I simply have the following to say to you:

If you go against me, not only will you be openly identifying yourself as a criminal and one who supports and endorses criminal'll be labeled as a TERRORIST who resides on AMERICAN SOIL which is completely UNACCEPTABLE to the general populace of our country.

I've had nearly everything taken from me since I chose to leave and speak out about my time as a performer in the Los Angeles porn industry. I am alone, with very little material wise and have no hope or prospects in regards to a romantic relationship or in having children.  I'm an outcast and will always be to a degree since being identified to the mainstream public as a sex worker. I couldn't be a prostitute if I even wanted to  (Los Angeles porn criminals made certain of that), so I figure since I have nothing to lose, no prospects, no ties, no major responsibilities and can't reap the benefits financially of my porn (which unbeknownst to me was merely an advertisement for the escort life I didn't know I was being corralled into) I'm left with nothing to do but DESTROY the issue of my torment...AND I WILL.

Being that I will be doing NOTHING wrong and will not be breaking ANY LAWS by launching (which will assist law enforcement in identifying EVERY SINGLE illegal escort and prostitution ring attached to the Los Angeles porn industry) the only way to stop me is to:

1) Give me back EVERYTHING that was taken from me - multiplied by 100.


2) Kill me.

Regardless of the option chosen (or not chosen), I win.

End of discussion.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Pornstar Hooker Alert - coming soon...

This is a resource website I'm working on which will be live and operational soon.
I believe it will make a positive change not just in America, but throughout the world.