Thursday, December 28, 2017

The End

"White Privileged Enabled Pimp" is the end of one phase of the life of the woman who’s (at times) known as the entertainer Monica Foster – and the beginning of a new phase which will be continued on

This song’s perfected recording (in time) will be available on an album titled “Christian Pornstar volume 01”.

Ps: The key to a successful life is to finish what you start. As of current, I've finished all my projects - and anything new I've started (or plan to start in the future), I'll complete as well.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Thoughts on racism on Earth which have to do with my past as Monica Foster and my life as Alexandra Mayers

In response to the CNN initiated hashtag #RealizedIwasBlack feature, Alexandra Mayers shares her life experiences in regards to times that she knew her skin color set her apart from other humans she's known and interacted with throughout her life as a child, teenager, an adult.

Alexandra Mayers also shares information about a new project she is launching independently about her interactions with (and thoughts about) "white" people over the years and her quest to find some solid understanding in regards to exactly why SOME "white" Americans (and "white's" internationally even, as the news has recently brought attention to via the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle situation that points towards alleged racism Markle is encountering within the British Royal family view and treat humans of other ethnic / racial backgrounds (in some cases and situations) as negatively as they do.

As a side note, as Alexandra Mayers approaches turning 39 years old, from her perspective the only "race" that needs to be acknowledged at this stage on Earth is "human" (especially considering that many individuals who label themselves as "black" or "white" genetically are often not exactly what they claim to be) - but since such a high percentage of the human population wants to continue to focus on minute aesthetic differences - Alexandra will explore such individual's mentality as to why, and present it on the world's stage (because she can).

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Become an Anatomy Of An Anti-Hero backer for a chance to win my painting

Alexandra Mayers LIVE - if you are interested in a chance to win the original piece of art I'm working on tonight, become a backer of Alan Delabie's series Anatomy of an AntiHero: code Alpha Breed - season 3
I will be playing a role in the series.

This webcast I discuss Alan Delabie, Meosha Bean, thoughts about languages and the issue of narcissism.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

I've moved on in life - so enjoy my latest altered cover single - "I Loved You"

I've moved on away from everything "Monica Foster" brought into the life of "Alexandra Mayers" - so enjoy my latest music project - an altered cover single titled "I Loved You"

I Loved You (an altered cover of I Love You by Avichyil)- this song is about looking back on romantic relationships in which you loved your ex partner at the time, but are now OVER THEM for good (and finally have found the closure that you were seeking).

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Recent video posts from the life of the woman formerly known as Monica Foster

Alexandra Mayers LIVE: How to get LEGAL closure on the HATE CRIME that is PORNWIKILEAKS

Alexandra Mayers LIVE - Porn Industry blog monopolies, the Trinity St Clair lawsuit news & Jared Kushner thoughts

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A few updates before I take a journey & before the Solar Eclipse

Heading out to take a bit of a journey (which will include being in a prime location to view the solar eclipse). To learn more about the woman formerly known as "Monica Foster" visit

Monday, August 07, 2017

Last week's LIVE Alexandra Mayers open webcasts

Alexandra Mayers LIVE: Stuff I feel like talking about

Alexandra Mayers LIVE - Discussing your children online opens the door to blackmail / extortion

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Alexandra Mayers LIVE: Upcoming webcasts & WHY BEING A FAN IS POWERFUL!

Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster briefly checks in to talk about her upcoming webcasts on the issues of:

Neo Nazi White Supremacists and trolls in the porn industry

An issue the entertainer known as Jovan Jordan recently dealt with

How 2 well known escort agencies featuring pornstars recently became legitimate business entities

Thoughts about a new pornstar known as Bella Elise Rose and an issue she recently dealt with revolving around veteran pornstar Alana Evans

Alexandra Mayers also shares in this brief check in about how she's doing in life, her belief in Jesus Christ and God and why being a fan (rather than someone seeking to attain fans) is powerful.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

January Seraph has passed - and Trump's politics, regime & Obamacare repeal are (in part) to blame

Alexandra Mayers shares her thoughts about the tragic passing of model and adult entertainer January Seraph.

Upon investigation, Alexandra discovered that the brilliant, creative and politically minded artists and activist January Seraph was incredibly concerned and distraught about Donald Trumps politics, policies and his Obamacare repeal. She also was very passionate about eradicating the stigmas associated with suffering from mental illness and being a sex workers.

January was very angry with Republicans due to what she perceives as their lack of compassion for those who desperately needed what President Barack Obama's Obamacare offered (to people - humans - such as herself).

January tweeted extensively about her concerns - tweets which Alexandra has included in this webcast.

Alexandra urges those who may have the motivation or resources to launch a suicide hotline specifically for pornstars, sex workers and adult entertainers.

At the end of this webcast, Alexandra Mayers shares one of her original works which she posted as a blog a few months ago titled "A phone call at 2am EST - the night before last". The piece Alexandra wrote and reads to her audience outlines how though many pornstars, sex workers and adult entertainers take accountability and responsibility for their past, present and future choices and actions in life - often there's a crowd of people behind them who neglect to take accountability for the actions they've taken that affect the lives of others.

Click here to read more about January:

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Alexandra Mayers LIVE: an article that links GirlsDoPorn to Pornwikileaks & organized crime

Alexandra Mayers shares an article that links GirlsDoPorn directly to Pornwikileaks & ties the website to organized crime.

The article from is from

The article explores the connections in great detail between the Girls Do Porn amateur porn enterprise, Pornwikileaks and organized crime (arms dealers, offshore banking and cartels). as of current is being sued by several women for the allegedly criminal and unethical behavior of Michael Pratt, Matthew Wolfe and Andre Garcia.

It appears that Pratt, Wolfe and Garcia work in cooperation with Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long (an ex pornstar, male prostitute and the founder of pornwikileaks. Seoane has been on the run for several years while exploiting his pregnant wife online through adult webcams).

It appears that all four men, Pratt, Wolfe, Garcia and Seoane believe that the exploitation of personal lives, privacy and psychological well being in the name of fortune and fame is OK. Regardless of whether or not any of the named men face legal penalties, life and society has a way of balancing things out. The 1st step was simply publicly identifying exactly the type of predators these men are.

Alexandra Mayers and a multitude of others believe that it is time to raise the minimum age to perform in American adult content (pornography).

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Alexandra Mayers LIVE: Abusive men in porn behind websites designed to TRAP souls in the industry

Alexandra shares about why donating to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission ( is a good idea considering how many young men and women who may travel to Las Vegas to work in porn, may find themselves homeless upon their decision to leave the industry.

In addition, Alexandra Mayers shares her views about the multitudes of abusive men in the porn industry and how (in her opinion) where websites such as pornwikileaks failed is due to the fact that such sites (which are designed to “mark” the men and women who fall prey to the porn industry) are built, operated and designed by abusive men (and sometimes women) who are completely incapable of maintaining healthy relationships (the man who designed the blueprint of pornwikileaks is one of the most abusive and sociopathic people on Earth).

Bottom line – the porn industry’s predatory power players primarily prey upon targets they believe can be easily abused (psychologically, spiritually and physically).

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Alexandra Mayers LIVE: Serena Williams, pregnancy & racism world wide

Alexandra shares her thoughts on the inspirational tennis living legend Serena Williams, her pregnancy while remaining an active tennis players and the adversity rooted in racism that Serena Williams and her sister Venus Williams has had to endure… experiences rooted within racism which Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster can relate too (considering the incredibly racist Los Angeles porn industry that she survived and bravely fought her way out of).

Monday, May 29, 2017

a phone call at 2am EST - the night before last

Every once in a while nowadays I still stay up really late at night... Usually it's when I'm listening to cinematic music by David Arkenstone in effort to numb the pain from thoughts of the past...memories I thought I'd completely forgotten...memories that for whatever reason have recently started to resurface (and that I'm unable to completely purge from my mind).

Sometimes I wonder if the thoughts that keep me awake are actually visitors from other dimensional planes keeping me company until it's time for me to do my job - a job I never have been paid for monetarily... a job which has brought one of the porn industry's lead attorneys to manufacture a fraudulent lawsuit against me that I've been forced to defend myself against in civil court... and a job that has led several attached to the pornographic industry and organized crime to discuss my pending death (which will likely be a murder) for approximately 7 years now.

The night before last was an evening I found myself wide awake till 2am EST to receive a phone call - a call I'm sure my visitors watching from an unseen dimension expected, but that I certainly didn't anticipate.

You see, I have a friend...a male friend who used to work in the porn industry too.  I've known him over 5 years and if it weren't for his advice (when I was homeless and wandering from Nevada to Arizona a couple of years ago) I probably never would have had the courage to reconnect with my mother.  Honestly, if it weren't for my friend being on the other end of the phone when I called him on occasion a couple years ago, I'd likely already be dead.

My current state of mind leads me to believe that my male friend gave me the advice he did back then as a sort of deposit into a "savings account".  I feel he knew that one day he'd need to return to the "Bank of Alexandra" to withdraw his deposit - and at 2am EST the night before last...he did.

A little backstory... once upon a time my friend was essentially the male equivalent of the pornstar known as Jenna Jameson.  I never worked with him while I was an active pornstar - and I consider that a blessing because I have a habit of not remaining friends with men I've had intercourse with (be that intercourse having been either personal or professional in nature).  My friend who called me at 2am EST is my brother in spirit.  At one point I cursed him for not being my lover, prior even to having met him in person (ironically we initially connected online), because at the time I thought the only way a man (outside of a blood related family member) could ever really care about me was through sexual attraction to me.

The night before last (after the "main course" of our conversation) I told my friend that I thought if he became a Father it would improve how he feels about himself and his life... Being a parent would be a distraction from his pain, a sort of closure for him too.  My friend would be an amazing father because he knows how the world works, cares very deeply and is intensely creative.  He writes stories that rival the movie scripts from Steven Spielberg & George Lucas... stories that paint fanciful mental images like the works from Boris Vallejo and Salvador Dali.

In response to my suggestion to my friend that he breed, my friend asked me if I'd have his kid. I think he was kind of joking, but kind of wasn't. I had to let him know that at this phase I feel too old to be a mother, though that's only the partial truth. The complete truth is I'd be one selfish bitch to become a mother at this stage considering the enemies I've made in the porn industry who are attached to organized crime... the thing about me is that I'm not the type who believes in cursing children straight out the gate.

So back to 2am EST... what many don't realize about my friend, is he has many invisible wounds (the worst kind of wounds one can have from my perspective).  As a child he was beaten down very badly that he ran away from home well before the age of 25 (the age that a human's brain is biologically fully developed).  My friend told me at 2am EST the night before last, that he knew back when he ran away from home he had two choices...he could either be homeless on the streets or he could "join the circus". I told him in response that I think he actually realized that he could either die, or become a slave...his response in turn was, "yea, I agree".

My brother in spirit was crying a little the night before last because like me, he's a reminder to those who made the choice to bring him into this world that they didn't exactly care for him properly.  He's a reminder that he wasn't fully heard or understood. Like me, my friend is a mirror that reflects the faults and the mistakes of those who created him - and like me, he elected to put his creators' blunders in the "center ring" as the "main attraction" for the world to see.  For people who like to keep up "appearances", it would be far easier for their mirrors (mirrors like myself and my friend) to simply crumble into dust that can easily be swept under the rug - rather than mirrors that remain intact.

Probably only an hour or two before 2am EST the night before last, my friend was watching a movie with his mother...a woman who happens to be a bartender and who keeps quantities of alcohol in the house.  She had a drink and my friend (her son) had two drinks.  Then her son had another drink. Then my friend's mother said to him, "You sure drink a lot...maybe you should stop drinking for a week".  He responded, "Maybe we should both stop drinking for a month." His mother then told him to get out.

I have a family member who once told me, "There are the people who drink, and the people who drive others to drink".  I think my friend's mother would highly benefit from talking to this particular family member of mine.

After my friend told me about his evening's events that led to him calling me at 2am EST, I asked him if he was in a safe place.  He was...he was in his room at his mother's house still.  I explained to him why she became upset... it wasn't his drinking - it was hers.  My friend didn't learn how to drink on his own and when his mother looks at him, she sees her mistakes, her flaws, her choices and her failures...she simply sees herself (and she doesn't like what she sees).

I explained to my friend shortly after 2am EST the night before last that his mother likely CAN'T go without drinking for a month.  I told him that his father who turned him away multiple times throughout his life is a jerk who refuses to take accountability for his creation and who is running away from taking responsibility for the result his creation is.  I asked my friend if his history as a pornstar is still a "hot topic" in his family...his response - "yes". I let him know that it's only because it's easier for his family members to use him as a distraction from their own issues rather than allowing attention to be drawn to their own shortcomings.

I made it clear to my friend that what led to him calling me the night before last was actually a healthy part of the healing process that he and his mother are experiencing.  I let him know that his mother won't kick him out.

I asked my friend around 2:30am EST the night before last if his family knew about his book, his scripts and the amazing way he communicates and shares his ideas.  He told me they don't.  I asked my brother in spirit if his family knew about how much effort and time he's put into trying to help others who've walked in his shoes.  Again, he told me that they don't know.

I believe that my friend thinks his family doesn't know how awesome he is (and I didn't tell him this), but I have a feeling that a couple of his family members actually DO know - but choose to keep beating him up anyways because they're jerks.  Jerks who want to keep a "whipping boy" around because they know damn well they aren't strong enough to survive being whipped equally as hard, and for as long as my friend has endured the sting of their lashes.

My friend told me that he feels like he's returned to the same "place" that led him to run away to "join the circus" back when he was still essentially a child, but that this time there's no "circus" for him to join.  I told him that he might feel that way, but that's not the reality because back then he didn't have me to call - but today he does... so things will be different this time.

As you my readers know, I have almost zero monetary resources.  I do have a brain though, and a few weeks ago I decided to build my friend the start to a new "circus".  It's really just a tent with a center ring and some bleachers and it doesn't have any acts yet...but it may very soon.  I hope my friend can develop his "circus" into something far better the one he was lured into being a part of...the one that fraudulently advertises itself as "the greatest show on Earth", but in actuality is a legal human slaughter house.

By 3am EST I was able to get my long time friend to laugh.  He then told me that he had to go to bed, and I gave him a pleasant thought to dream about.

Towards the end of the conversation my friend said to me "hey, you did a good job" - and I told him "thank you".

That's how I get paid for my job you know...not in tangible currency - but in spiritual currency.  Being told that I did "a good job" is what helps me understand why people attached to the porn industry and organized crime go to such lengths to make me feel like a piece of trash, why they build websites to slander my family members and why they publicly discuss my pending death.

More people need to be awake at 2am EST because one day I won't be here to answer the phone. More people also need realize that on this earthly dimensional plane, some of the most important occupations don't receive monetary compensation.

My friend told me that I'm the strongest woman he knows - and I know he believes that.  The truth however is that I'm only a woman who was taught by another woman, her mother (a retired elementary school teacher), that sometimes you MUST be the one who's strong for others...even if it means that you run the risk of losing your sanity.

I'm also a woman who believes in the wonderful stories that people like her talented friend (an ex male pornstar who never received the same attention as Jenna Jameson simply because he's a male with a strong spirit) writes... a woman who's strength is merely the equivalent to that of a child who believes that the Unicorns in fairy tales are indeed real.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

an Alexandra Mayers LIVE exclusive interview with David Gunn of King 810

Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster interviews David Gunn of King 810Alexandra Mayers (formerly known as pornstar Monica Foster) presents an exclusive interview with David Gunn of the metal band King 810 ( ).

Alexandra Mayers and David Gunn discuss King 810's groundbreaking song & music video La Petite Mort (Conversations With God), what inspired the song and the creative process that led to incorporating hard core pornography in the music video (which can be viewed exclusively on

In addition Alexandra Mayers and David Gunn discuss issues pertaining to child abuse in the Catholic church, how the issue is illustrated in the King 810 Alpha & Omega music video and how tackling the horrific crime of child abuse and pedophilia seems to be a part of the "matrix" (mass consciousness) that many artists are tapping into in effort to address and eradicate the problem.

David Gunn & his band's official website is
Twitter: @King810Flint
Instagram: @King810Flint

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Lately (piano only rough edition & pop music mix edition) - Christian Pornstar vol. 01 : by Alexandra Mayers

Enjoy the piano only rough edition – final (well… at least final for now) of Lately. The pop music mix of Lately is also included at the end of this video.

Lately is an original song written, produced and performed by Alexandra Mayers, and is the 1st single from the music album Christian Pornstar vol. 1 (produced independently by Alexandra Mayers)

The complete pop version of this song can be found on

Look for more music, art & thoughts from the Christian Pornstar spiritual movement on (website set to re-launch in June of 2017).

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Lately - Christian Pornstar volume 01 - piano only instrumental rough preview - Alexandra Mayers

Alexandra Mayers (formerly known as Monica Foster) presents the official piano only rough edition preview of "Lately" - the first single from the music album Christian Pornstar vol. 1 (by Alexandra Mayers of

The complete version of this song is posted for free on 

This song has been registered with the copyright office of the United States of America.

We Are All ONE

This is a link to my final LIVE webcast of Alexandra Mayers LIVE (unless I’m conducting an open discussion). I will continue to post pre-recorded webcasts as long as the higher powers I believe in feel is needed.

Follow my music on and my spiritual, thought and art movement on

A transcript of the webcast can be found by clicking here.

The answer - the insecurities that negative sects of society indoctrinate us to believe.

Monday, May 08, 2017

2 important articles that Alexandra Mayers recommends her audience pay close attention to.

Some things on Earth change quickly...other elements take longer to change (which is why retaining FAITH is very important).

Below are links to 2 important articles that Alexandra Mayers recommends her audience pay close attention to:

Showtime likely edited Ana Foxxx from their 2017 AVN awards broadcast due to her multitudes of Escort ads – not due to her race 

Mystikal was good enough for the Ellen Show & the industry as a pornstar, but not the Xbiz Miami summit? HYPOCRISY & DISCRIMINATION LAWSUIT ALERT!

Monday, April 17, 2017

17 Reasons why you may want to date an ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker

Alexandra Mayers shares 17 reasons why those who may have never considered dating an ex-pornstar, ex-escort or ex-sexworker may want to - and why (in her opinion) the vast majority of individuals who already believe that they DO want to date an ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker in actuality are not good enough to do so.

From Unicorns, to the "dark side" of society, to genetics, to family, to intuition, to independent thought - Alexandra Mayers goes into extensive detail as to what it REALLY takes to qualify to date an ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker.

Reason's 1 - 9 are below. For the remaining 8 reasons - watch the video.

1. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker is basically an einhorn aka unicorn.
2. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker knows the reality of the "dark side" of society.
3. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker is a survivor.
4. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker is very strong willed.
5. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker has a sense of self worth.
6. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker loves themselves.
7. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker is a fighter.
8. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker has great genetics.
9. An ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker generally will not be with you for your money.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

90 days of fitness & the enslavement, replacement & disposal of white women - Alexandra Mayers LIVE

In this webcast, Alexandra takes on a 90 day fitness challenge and discusses the strategic enslavement, replacement and disposal of american white women.

Alexandra also announces her 2017 Christian pornstar music and event tour and outlines the Christian Pornstar movement, music & visual art which will be accessible soon exclusively on

The christian pornstar event and music tour will have stops in the following
cities: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Denver, Seattle and Miami

The primary focus of this webcast revolves around Elizabeth warren, the horrific fact that the current political establishment has ties to white nationalists, the strategic targeting and destruction of white american women by those with the mentality of today's racist Trump supporter & that Melania Trump was indeed a sex worker considering that she worked as a nude model willing to do lesbian sexual acts on camera (for Jarl Ale Alexandre De Basseville specifically).

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster - Lately - Christian Pornstar volume 01 - lyric video

Lately - the premier single from the Christian Pornstar volume 1 album by Alexandra Mayers - lyric video

For more music from Alexandra Mayers and the story behind this song visit and

Friday, January 13, 2017

New music release from Alexandra Mayers - "Lately"

Last night I released my new pop music single “Lately” from my upcoming album Christian Pornstar volume 01

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Christian Pornstar Storytime on Alexandra Mayers LIVE : The Golden Rule

In this Christian Pornstar edition of Alexandra Mayers LIVE, Alexandra reads aloud an article (which is an adult industry gossip / "storytime" piece) she'd written earlier in the day titled "BEWARE PORNSTARS of Shy Love and Miles Long – two self centered peas in a pod. SECRETS EXPOSED". The article can be found on

Alexandra also shares information in regards to her decision to transform Christian Pornstar into a collection of music, thought and visual art.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Alexandra Mayers LIVE - a special guest from South Korea shares her views on Donald Trump

Alexandra Mayers welcomes a viewer as her special guest on this final Alexandra Mayers LIVE webcast for 2016.

Alexandra and her guest (a 20 year old student living in South Korea) discuss Donald Trump, his apparently delusional posts on Twitter, racism in America (specifically the upcoming white suprimacist anti-semitic march in Montana), political tension and Asia, and much more.