Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Sunset Thomas: Ex-Pornstar & Ex-Legal Courtesan TELLS ALL – an exclusive Interview

Legendary multi-award winning ex-pornstar and ex-legal courtesan Diane aka Sunset Thomas TELLS ALL in this extensive and exclusive interview hosted by adult industry investigative blogger Alexandra aka Monica Foster.

This interview takes you on a detailed journey from Diane’s rise to fame as Sunset Thomas (a top-tier highly sought after pornstar), to her transition into the Nevada legal brothel system – a transition that forever changed the face of the Nevada legal brothel circuit and opened doors for multitudes of her porn industry peers.

Though Diane has suffered years of abuse and has been routinely terrorized by a multitude of predatory men who’ve managed to weasel their way into her life, her inner light has never dimmed. Diane’s courage and drive to regain a sense of safety, security and normalcy allowed her to persevere and escape the brothels (namely Dennis Hof) for good.

Diane aka Sunset Thomas has made it clear to the public that she’s made the decision to completely retire from the world of adult entertainment. In November of 2014, veteran journalist Ben Tinsley conducted a detailed interview with Diane in regards to her retirement and her desire to live a normal life with the man she loves. Tinsley revealed in his article that Diane has experienced extreme stalking and harassment which stems from Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hof.

In this interview, Diane shares frightening details of exactly Dennis Hof has done to her and her loved ones. Rather than Dennis Hof opting to respect Diane’s wishes to move forward in life in peace, it seems that the Moonlight Bunnyranch Nevada legal brothel owner has intensified his fixation upon Diane – and to this day continues to pursue her in effort to corral her back into the Nevada legal brothel system (a system of which she’d vowed never to return to).

To learn more about Diane aka Sunset Thomas’s journey – pre-order her book “The Naked Truth” on

Monday, November 02, 2015

Discussion videos for pages 09 – 16 of my coffee table book “Perfect For Porn”

I have posted discussion videos for pages 09 – 16 of my coffee table book “Perfect For Porn” – the only coffee table book that serves as an introduction as to the harsh truths of the pornographic industry.
Though I’m offering the entire contents of the book for free via my video series on – if you’d like to give a paper copy of the book as a gift to someone you love for the holidays in effort to deter them from the dangers of adult entertainment – you can purchase a copy of Perfect For Porn via

Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 2015 News Review - Hosted by Monica Foster & Desi Foxx - Vivid, Dennis Hof, Lamar Odom, the Clintons & more!

As a Halloween treat, your favorite ex pornstars Alexandra aka Monica Foster and Diana fka Desi Foxx present an October 2015 news review!

This webcast focuses on the Vivid Entertainment rape allegations revolving around Bill Asher and Steve Hirsch, The frequency of famous pornstars with a history of being sexually molested in their youth, Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre's habitually stalking and intimidation of targets who investigate & report the truth of the pornographic industry, The history, manipulation & abuse of prostitution victim Christina Parreira (aka Gabriella Stone aka Christina Page aka Goddess Vienna), The Lamar Odom situation circulating around Dennis Hof's Nevada , legal brothels, Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre's direct link to Dennis Hof, Organized stalking, Diana fka Desi Foxx's latest website, Pornographer Mike Kulich's involvement in the herbal viagra product "Reload" which contributed to Lamar Odom's hospitalization after visiting Dennis Hof's Love Ranch, Axel Braun's strange decision to turn Peter Pan into a hardcore adult movie, Contract girl Riley Steele being advertised on Eros for "private" appointments, Joe Francis and his involvement in the careers of Kim Kardashian and Stefanie Morgan, and finally Roger Stone and Robert Morrow's latest book "The Clinton's War on Women" .

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Desi Foxx & Monica Foster discuss The Clinton's War On Women book by Roger Stone & Robert Morrow

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss Roger Stone & Robert Morrow's new book "The Clinton's War on Women".

In this preview for Diana and Alexandra's October 31st, 2015 webcast learn about how the exact same cyber bully and stalker, a man known as 'Redgoat', who stalked Diana is who stalked Anthony Weiner - husband to Huma (Hillary Clinton's assistant).

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Another Monica Foster - Desi Foxx video October 31, 2015 webcast collaboration preview: Axel Braun - Porn Director or Peter Pan XXX pimp of Riley Steele on Eros?

Click here to read more about this on

Alexandra aka Monica Foster and Diana fka Desi Foxx discuss Axel Braun, Riley Steele and their xxx Peter Pan Parody for the Wicked Pictures line of Fairy Tale themed hardcore adult movies.

Porn director Axel Braun initially seemed like a "good guy" considering how he claimed to only want to shoot talent over the age of 21 and his stance on mandatory condom usage in adult films, however as of late it appears as though he's turned to the "dark side" and lost his mind!

Axel Braun recently turned Walt Disney's children's classic Peter Pan - a fairy tale specifically about young children into an adult xxx hardcore porn parody for Wicked Pictures. In addition Axel Braun's contract star Riley Steele is being advertised on Eros - a well known prostitution and escorting website.

Does Axel Braun need to pay Riley Steele more money to keep her off the Eros website, or does her contract with Axel require her to be available on Eros to supplement Axel's income?

As of October 27th 2015 Axel Braun was asked this question on Reddit's Ask Me Anything, but he failed to provide a reply.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 2015 Porn News Wrap Up Preview with Monica Foster & Desi Foxx

Get ready for the October 2015 Halloween Night Porn News Wrap-Up hosted by your favorite porn industry news experts, independent bloggers and commentators Alexandra aka Monica Foster and Diana fka Desi Foxx.

This upcoming webcast will focus on the Lamar Odom Moonlight Bunny Ranch Brothel scandal. Diana fka Desi Foxx, who once worked at Dennis Hof's establishment, will disclose juicy insider information about the Nevada brothel system that mainstream media doesn't dare to touch.

To learn more, visit Diana's latest project - for further information.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I began webcamming back in 2002 - take a look at me today...

Monica Foster - October 2015
Made a brief appearance on one of my long time favorite sexy webcam networks this morning.  Due to my regular job and other projects I won't be camming very often nowadays, but I truly still do enjoy the art today just as much as when I first stepped onto the "world webcam stage" back in 2002.
Here's a few screen grabs from my show today :)

You can always find links to my sexy cam shows on 

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Perfect For Porn the book - pages 04 - 08 : A discussion on whether or not a career in pornography right for you?

ex pornstar Alexandra aka Monica Foster asks, "Are you plagued by Peter Pan syndrome? Do you take Viagra at the same pace of a garlic love who pops Tic Tacs?"

Alexandra explains that the majority of porn professionals are very immature psychologically and spiritually. In addition she explains how Viagra plays a huge role within the males of the porn industry and how it negatively affects them longterm.

ex pornstar Alexandra aka Monica Foster asks, "Will you be able to live the rest of your life knowing the majority of society will label you as a 'whore' (or a 'sexual predator' if you are a male)?"

Alexandra explains the the reality of entering the porn industry is that upon your exit (even if you've only shot one scene) many people will view you in a negative light for the remainder of your life, regardless of what you do in life afterwards. In otherwords, once you enter the porn industry - your past will haunt your for eternity.

ex pornstar Alexandra aka Monica Foster informs young men and women considering a career in pornography that "If you think wearing Gucci and Prada while living paycheck to paycheck is high class, then you are perfect for porn".

Alexandra explains that though there are tall tales of wealthy pornstars, the reality is that even if you intend to save money while working in porn most likely you won't be able to due to you being lied to about how many bookings you'll receive, unexpected expenses you'll have once you're in the porn industry and the pressure to keep up with the lifestyle your peers are living.

ex pornstar Alexandra aka Monica Foster asks, "Do you feel good about working in an industry that has a legal task force who's mission is to prevent you from using condoms during sex scenes (to protect yourself from STDs)?"

Alexandra explains about how the political face of the porn industry, the Free Speech Coalition, is actively working to prevent pornstars (the porn industry's work force) from being able to adequately protect themselves from deadly sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV (which can lead to AIDS). 

Alexandra further explains how most of today's pornographers routinely put profits above the health and safety of human lives. Alexandra concludes by making it known that unfortunately today's porn industry is primarily comprised of individuals attached to organized crime who are fraudulently labeling themselves as "porn professionals" rather than actual law abiding business owners.

ex pornstar Alexandra aka Monica Foster informs young men and women considering a career in pornography that "If you don't care about humiliating your family and many of your friends, then you are perfect for porn".

Alexandra explains that though the majority of society likes to consider themselves "open minded", in actuality society as a whole looks down upon pornstars (and sex workers in general). The image of the "successful pornstar who's accepted by mainstream society" (such as what Jenna Jameson was presented to be years ago) is not real.

Alexandra further explains that though she doesn't suggest that anyone become a sex worker, if someone were to seriously consider a career as a sex worker - they would be better off electing to work behind closed doors off camera (and only in locations where sex work activity is LEGAL). 

Alexandra concludes by explaining that regardless of how intelligent or talented you are, once you choose to participate in pornographic content, unfortunately everything you do thereafter is diminished in the eyes of today's society.

Monday, September 14, 2015

My coffee table book video series: Perfect For Porn - is a career in the porn industry or as a pornstar right for you?

Welcome to Perfect For Porn - hosted by Alexandra Mayers aka ex pornstar Monica Foster.

If you've ever wondered if a career in the porn industry or as a pornstar is right for you (or a good idea), then by the end of this video series, you will know. Alexandra aka Monica Foster shares with the public for FREE the entire contents of her widely celebrated coffee table book "Perfect For Porn".

In the following videos (which you can follow on or ), Alexandra discusses each page of her book - which is a series of questions one should ask themselves prior to potentially destroying their future by affiliating themselves with the organized crime controlled pornographic industry.

Page 01

Page 02

Page 03

Monday, August 31, 2015

I built my own "Twitter" social network -

There's only one major flaw with "social networks" from my perspective...they're run by PEOPLE - people who just like government employees can easily become corrupt.

Rather than complain about the operation of popular social networks (an element of life that I have no control over), I've decided to build my own social network for uncensored & stalker free discussion in regards to my projects, websites and webcasts.

From now on, if you want to communicate with me directly, you can connect with me in real - time  on my own "Twitter": or you can email me via the address listed on

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Monica At Home - August 2015 - personal & professional update

Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster addresses her viewers in regards to her current projects, her new projects, her new look (she's wearing her hair natural), and the multitude of her creative endeavors - especially her new project PornWikiNews,com (which is in no way associated with Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane and Pornwikileaks). Alexandra Mayers will be traveling from the summer of 2015 to the end of 2016 - she's a wonderful person to meet...if you can.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

what's Alexandra up to?

I don't have much to say in regards to news pertaining to my stage persona "Monica Foster" - but in regards to myself, Alexandra, my latest project is

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Making a change

Don't let the title scare you - it's a change for the better :)

Many elements of my life have come to a close (whether I wanted them to or not), but I'm glad because I'm ready to step through some new doors. 

It's been an interesting past 7 years.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hypocrisy - updated

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool my twice, shame on me."

I don't allow people in my life to fool me more than twice.  Anyone who really knows me is very well aware of that.

At this very moment I'm extremely angry, but I'm not going to do what I COULD do just yet, because it's time for someone who I thought was genuine to show their true colors...not just to me, but to quite a few people watching the situation very closely.

As I wrote in my previous blog post, I wasn't aware that an ex-friend of mine felt that I "pimped" her name to benefit my own projects. I've never made a DIME from any of the videos posted on or on - none of that work was about money - they were about EDUCATING THE PUBLIC OF THE TRUTH OF THE PORN INDUSTRY. In actuality, considering several elements that are relatively unclear & extraordinarily controversial in regards to her past, I'd say that my attaching her name to any of my endeavors has been more of a "loss" rather than a "gain"...but that's besides the point.

Regardless, after my ex-friend made me aware of her thoughts and informed me that she wanted to sever our friendship, I respected her decision, have removed links to her websites from mine and posted a brief Monica At Home video outlining to my viewers that she and I will no longer be working together.

But get this...

I found out tonight that my ex-friend is utilizing (or should I say PIMPING) MY NAME, my image, and MY HARD WORK (videos that took me HOURS to edit and produce) in order to fundraise for HER OWN project.

I have informed my ex-friend that she needs to stop utilizing my name, image and work to raise money for her venture. She's not an idiot...she is more than capable of either editing the videos she's using to where ONLY SHE is showcased OR she can produce HER OWN videos.

Enough is enough.

*Update: issue resolved - the ex-friend stopped using me name, image & work.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Diana fka Desi Foxx & Alexandra fka Monica Foster discuss the reality of adult webcam modeling

Enjoy this bonus clip from the January 2015 Porn News wrap up (brought to you by and which will be posted by the first weekend of February 2015!

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra fka Monica Foster discuss the realities of adult webcam modeling & the differences between an independent solo adult webcam show versus traditional pornographic content.

Friday, January 23, 2015