Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Making a change

Don't let the title scare you - it's a change for the better :)

Many elements of my life have come to a close (whether I wanted them to or not), but I'm glad because I'm ready to step through some new doors. 

It's been an interesting past 7 years.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Jewish dominated porn industry has attempted to STEAL my concept of "Christian Porn" but has FAILED

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: A few years ago I developed www.ChristianPornstar.com and established the God given rules (commandments) for Christian Porn.  Since doing so (well prior to doing so actually), the Jewish & Satanic dominated porn industry "establishment" has gone to great lengths to relate to the public (namely via figures attached to the political face of the porn industry) that I "FAILED miserably" out of the porn industry.

Over the past few months, I've discussed at GREAT LENGTH via my blogs and my twitter account as to how evil (Satan) doesn't have a monopoly on the public display of sexuality (pornography) - after all, it is GOD who created sex.

Well wouldn't you know it, that as of this morning, porn director B Skow of Girlfriend's Films has made an attempt at "Christian Porn".  Unfortunately, his effort is a failure - but what matters is that he at least TRIED.  Perhaps he will review www.ChristianPornstar.com, think, pray to Jesus Christ and make another attempt in the future.

Yes - the pornographic industry is officially completely void of original ideas (kinda makes you wonder who the REAL "failure" is...doesn't it?).  On an upcoming Christian Pornstar webcast, I shall discuss this FAILED attempt at Christian Porn at GREAT LENGTH.

article below spotted on AVN 

Director B. Skow is exploring religion through adult filmmaking, as he mixes a messianic figure with hardcore sex in Skow for Girlfriends FilmsIn the Flesh. The pious Christian porn is available on DVD April 10 from studio Girlfriends Films.

“We get to see a wise man return to Earth to tell people that they’ve been too critical and grown too ashamed of sex in the past 2,000 years… In fact, they need to have more of it to be saved!” B. Skow said. “It’s a wild idea for a movie, but I believe there’s also a lot of truth behind it. More sex could promote more peace.”

For the SFW (safe-for-work) trailer on pop-culture site BaDoink.com, click here. For the softcore trailer on adult trade site AVN.com, click here. For the hardcore trailer on adult here. In the Flesh, written by David Stanley, tells the story of Aman, who returns to earth after two millennia and tries to save humanity from itself by spreading the message of love and forgiveness and hot sex. He believes the root of all evil in the world is the shaming of sex. But thankfully, he is able to find some true, if not horny, adherents to his message.
fan site Fleshbot.com, click

The sexy cast includes Raven Bay, Mercedes Carrera, Kassondra Raine, Daisy Haze, Kasey Warner, Alec Knight, Dick Chibbles, Seth Gamble, Michael Vegas, Karlo Karrera, and Steven St. Croix. Adult industry newcomer Kassondra Raine said, “I loved the plot of this story! It was really exciting and refreshing to work on a film that had some real depth to it.

“The concept that Jesus wants people to stop feeling so guilty and ashamed of their sexuality really resonated with me,” added Raine. “That’s something I personally seek to promote, and part of why I ended up appearing in adult films in the first place. I loved taking part in a film that came out and expressed this exact message, and in such a lighthearted, comical way.” click here to continue reading

Yes, Christian Porn is a possibility. Below are the 21 Christian Pornstar Commandments (CPS Commandments) of which one would have to follow to create a Christian Pornographic piece of adult content:
  • thou shalt utilize condoms for intercourse and oral sexual activity (with the exception of pairing that have been legitimately [legally and spiritually] married for 1 year or longer and STD tested within 1 week of the scene)
  • thou shalt not have anal sex between a man and a woman or insert any sexual toys into the woman's anus
  • thou shalt not have pairings that are not pre-approved at least 3 days in advance by each adult talent
  • thou shalt not create parody from historical, factual and/or classical bodies of work.
  • thou shalt not have multiple partners within a scene
  • thou shalt not allow multiple simultaneous penetration of any sort between a male and female
  • thou shalt not have a pimp
  • thou shalt not communicate professionally with unaccredited writers and/or bloggers ( especially those who have never actually worked in porn) who are not of the LIGHT about the technical and spiritual aspects of Christian Porn
  • thou shalt not depict minors in porn
  • thou shalt not depict an age difference between partners that exceeds 10 years
  • thou shalt not acknowledge the concept of IR sex - as all humans are created equal and the only race is the human race
  • thou shalt not create parody of material based on children's themes
  • thou shalt not create parody or content based on racist prejudice or sexist themes
  • thou shalt not depict beastiality
  • thou shalt not depict physical abuse
  • thou shalt not utilize verbally abusive language during sexual acts
  • thou shalt not ejaculate on the woman's face
  • thou shalt not depict scat
  • thou shalt not utilize actors and/or actresses under the age of 21 years old.
  • thou shalt only pair actors and actresses who have spent a minimum of 8 hours getting to know each other prior to the filming of a sex act.
  • thou shalt only utilize actors (and actresses) who have had an STD test within 1 week of shooting (full panel).

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Rape by Fraud Legislation & March 2015 Porn & Adult industry news PREVIEW

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster presents her March 2015 Porn and Adult entertainment industry news preview in conjunction with PornNewsToday.com Alexandra covers issues mainstream media and the adult entertainment industry establishment don't dare touch such as organanized crime, satanism within the pornographic industry, illegal prostitution rings connected to the pornographic industry, the Jewish dominance of the pornographic industry and much much more. In addition, Monica Foster introduces "Rape By Fraud" legislation which was recent introduces in New Jersey by assemblyman Trol Singleton. Alexandra explains how beneficial the "Rape by Fraud" legislation would be be in regards to regulating the asult and pornographic industry - along with how such legislation would incarcerate predatory sex criminals who pray upon the weak.