Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here are a few of the results from some photos sets I took of myself today. Quite a few of the photos from today I'll be using in my 2012 Monica Foster calendar project which will be available before Christmas.

Below is a new photo of me. Taking some more today :)

I've been feeling very good lately - very centered, relaxed and "at peace". If you want to see how I'm doing daily - follow me on twitter:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A little something I manifested to create a window to my past, that I can open and look through anytime I desire.

It's Porn Industry news from my perspective, and it doesn't matter whether anyone likes it or not. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The above clip is one of my all time favorite movie scenes.
Featuring Robin Givens and the legendary Grace Jones !

Monday, October 17, 2011

Diane Duke - Executive Director of the Free
Speech Coalition (FSC) - Is her goal to extort the
public and pervert the minds of children all in the
name of PORN and MONEY? Seems like it.
Update: 1.3.2012 - Donny Long was utilized a a scapegoat for PornWikiLeaks. Click here for the truth.
On July 21, 2010 I wrote a blog entitled PornWikiLeaks 2.0 could happen including the names of pornstars AND porn VIEWERS. I was right (I hate being so darned accurate about the future of porn at times).

Porn companies and those with interest in the porn industry such as the FSC (Free Speech Coalition) over the past few months in the USAhave kept their attorneys busy filing lawsuits to "stop pirating" - but not against the file sharing sites (many of which the porn studios actually own). Instead against the end users who download the content. These lawsuits of course are all intended to be "settled" .

In the US, lawyers have issued tens of thousands of letters of demand to people accused of illegally downloading explicit content in the past year. Typically, these letters suggest that if the case were to go to court, the alleged downloader could, if found guilty, face fines of up to $150,000, plus costs.

Alternatively, they are told, the case could be settled immediately for a small fee, generally just a few thousand dollars. Many pay up rather than face the possible expense and humiliation of a court case. A similar approach has also been used with some success in Britain.

One of the primary attorneys handling these lawsuits in the US (Los Angeles - Porn Valley) ironically is Michael Fattorosi - the EXACT same attorney who advised Donny Long and other operators of the PornWikiLeaks website which terrorized, harassed, stalked and released the personal information of countless adult industry performers and professionals.

Looking back at the pornwikileaks issue - I still believe that it's intent may have been to eradicate adult performer's anonymity simply so lawyers representing porn studios would have justification in exposing the personal info of the end users the porn studios were planning to sue later if the user chose NOT to settle out of court.

Apparently this "extortion" trend the financially broken porn industry has begun to utilize just hit Australia. An Australian company trying to sue people for illegally downloading Hollywood movie Kill the Irishman has extensive links to internet pornography, raising suspicions that the legal action may in fact be a stalking horse for a larger assault on behalf of the porn industry.

As reported by Fairfax this month, Brisbane law firm Lloyds Solicitors, acting on behalf of the Gold Coast-based Movie Rights Group, has written to internet service providers including Telstra, iiNet, Internode and Exetel seeking the details of thousands of people alleged to have illegally downloaded the crime thriller Kill the Irishman in May.

An investigation by Fairfax has since revealed that the New Zealand-born brothers behind Movie Rights Group (Matthew Clapham and Richard Clapham) are major players in the internet porn industry, raising the possibility that their real motive is to sue thousands of Australians who have downloaded porn without paying for it.

Richard Clapham

What I find interesting about this situation is that an organization here in the United States called the Free Speech Coalition (the FSC) while in support of these anti-piracy tactics (at one point in time Michael Fattorosi attempted to be a board member on the FSC), is AGAINST the implementation of the .XXX extension which would help to protect children from accessing porn online AND has gone as far as to grant membership to the FSC and support pornographers who depict children having sex in adult content.

Matthew Clapham
Amazing how completely disrespectful the so called "professionals" in and attached to the porn industry are in regards to the public. Porn professionals virtually invade your home, tempt you with "free" downloads, pervert your children, and then extort you later under the threat of humiliation.

Porn fans, you're far better off dealing with a LIVE and INDEPENDENT webcam girl in my opinion than bothering to support the unethical con-artists and extortionists which make up the traditional "porn industry".

opinion / editorial by Monica Foster

Having fun and laughing more while beetles stop by and say hi (from

As I move forward through life (as if I or anyone else really has a choice - I still haven't seen any time machines on Yahoo shopping) I'm finding far more things comedic and entertaining than I used to.

I laugh at myself much more. I also find my negative feelings in regards to events and people from my past funny now days - primarily due to my realization of having placed far too much importance on things that really don't matter when it comes to the "big picture" of life.

This is an interesting phase to reside in.

Maybe I'm reaching true happiness. Who least I'm smiling more and am having some fun.

The only thing missing is a partner to be happy and have fun with.
From the Animal Totem Dictionary...
Although there is naturally a great attraction to spiritual matters, June Bug/Beetle will show how to balance and remain grounded. His wisdom teaches to navigate what is hidden in the sub/unconscious realms. Pay attention to nocturnal activities: dream time, journeys, and moments of waking, along with meditational impressions. Expect emotions to come to the surface as well as being emotionally tested in order to clean and clear the way for new and better things. Mental, spiritual, emotional movement appears in sets of 3.

Pay attention to synchronicities. He demonstrates exterior strength and fortitude and the use of a tough outer shell when needed. June Bug/Beetle demonstrates a higher intuition connection and a keen sense of discernment in all areas. He will show how to dig for answers to reveal the truths you need. He shows how to move with a sharp sense of timing. His medicine represents opportunities to recycle, reinvent and repurpose what you have, know, think and act. This self-reinvention may include participating in larger groups to expand knowledge and awareness. A balanced diet includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains. May or June is a significant indicator of events. The time period for June Bug/Beetle has various stages. Take notice of circumstances, dreams, wishes and encounters that may happen within the next two to five days. In 3 to 4 weeks lessons will be coming to swift manifestation. Be ready. In the last two to three years, have you been inspired to do something, have unfinished projects or endeavors that have been delayed? He will show how to progress forward as it is time to emerge.
The cause for .XXX domains gained ground today due to the Sesame Street porn incident. 

On October 16th, 2011 some idiot decided it would be fun to add porn clips to the Sesame Street youtube channel (click here to read about it on I suppose it's not enough to add adult rated content to video games that teenagers have access too. Certain people are out to PERVERT the minds of children as well (I've been saying for a while now that quite a few porn industry "professionals" have an abnormal fixation with the merger of SEX and CHILDREN and keep trying to depict child themed situations in their porn movies - porn director Will Ryder sure did in that damn Not The Cosbys XXX 2 movie. )

Fortunately the operators of the Sesame Street youtube channel caught the incident within 22 mins of the clips being posted - however the channel did become unavailable.

In my view, this incident most likely will assist in the .XXX domain coming into effect and shortly being MANDATORY for all adult content to be placed under. Certain "porn professionals" have bitched and moaned about the cost of the domains, but perhaps that's PUNISHMENT for the lack of professionalism and responsibility the porn industry has displayed over the past decade.
The availability of adult material to youngsters is reaching a level of being out of control, and since a centralized internal regulation system which should monitor, control and account for such incidents and individuals is not in place - the government most likely will have to step in and create new laws.
When an internal system doesn't exist or fails, and external system will step in. Either conform or DEFECT (in other words get the fuck out the USA you unprofessional porn industry DEGENERATES)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Porn Wiki Leaks and projects of the like are a form of Gang Stalking.

If you are or were a victim of the Pornwikileaks project (or something similar) and are seeking understanding - I strongly advise you visit:
Also watch the following video (and it's associated part 2, 3, etc):
Also click the following link for resources on youtube:

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

My latest art piece entitled "Remembering" is available online for purchase on: