Sunday, February 12, 2017

90 days of fitness & the enslavement, replacement & disposal of white women - Alexandra Mayers LIVE

In this webcast, Alexandra takes on a 90 day fitness challenge and discusses the strategic enslavement, replacement and disposal of american white women.

Alexandra also announces her 2017 Christian pornstar music and event tour and outlines the Christian Pornstar movement, music & visual art which will be accessible soon exclusively on

The christian pornstar event and music tour will have stops in the following
cities: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Denver, Seattle and Miami

The primary focus of this webcast revolves around Elizabeth warren, the horrific fact that the current political establishment has ties to white nationalists, the strategic targeting and destruction of white american women by those with the mentality of today's racist Trump supporter & that Melania Trump was indeed a sex worker considering that she worked as a nude model willing to do lesbian sexual acts on camera (for Jarl Ale Alexandre De Basseville specifically).

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster - Lately - Christian Pornstar volume 01 - lyric video

Lately - the premier single from the Christian Pornstar volume 1 album by Alexandra Mayers - lyric video

For more music from Alexandra Mayers and the story behind this song visit and