Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not much to blog about today. Actually I will say "thank you" to those who sent me a few notes of encouragement considering my most recent "pity party" blog. At times I need to vent and being that I live in an apartment with thin walls where I can't (or at least won't do so out of consideration to my neighbors) scream and throw dishes , I resort to ranting about personal trials, situations, feelings and other things in my "Monica" blog. Probably not the BEST way to save myself from personal embarrassment overall, but oh well :)

Since I'm really psyched about doing this massage therapy course (I decided against the cosmetology for now) as soon as possible I wrote yesterday about being in search of a "regular job", so I can pay for the course find my "regular job employment" within that field. After taking some time out last night and really thinking about where to search for employment, I'm thinking that since I need to keep up with all of my online stuff, my best bet is to find bartending gig (preferably in walking distance because I can't see myself having to drive in this LA traffic on a 3 to 4 day a week basis). I've responded to a few want ads so I'm sure I'll hear at least something from 1 place by the end of the weekend.

Almost forgot, today I'm meeting with a girl I know about getting her website together, she's already fairly "established" in the porn world so I'm looking forward to doing her site, she definitely needs new photos so I'll throw that in with the package I put together for her (it'll be nice to have the shots for my portfolio as well).

Well time to get to work, will be on webcam tonight, other than that I think it'll be a good day.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Well it looks as though I've had 2 rather eventful weekends in a row...actually in this case I've had a busy week in general. In the beginning of the week I had a couple house guests for 2 nights - the (yes and I will use the term "famous" because at this point it's apropriate) Famous biologicial mother and daughter of porn...Elli and Desi Foxx - actually I encourage all you readers out there to visit their website

Elli and Desi get a lot of criticism from the adult industry out here in Los Angeles - probably because Desi has been intelligent enough not to allow anyone to get enough of a foothold in their world to be able to "own" them, like myself, but unlike many adult industry "icons" out there. I have a lot of respect for these 2 ladies - they are definite bold, beautiful and strong risk takers - so having them spend a couple days in town at my place is always welcome change of pace in "Monica Foster land".

Friday night was rather mellow and Saturday was a great webcam show day thankfully, so Saturday night I decided to venture out a bit with a friend of mine and hit up an adult industry sponsored party that I was invited to courtesy of my agency Type9models at a club called Opera here in Hollywood, CA.

It was a nice event, it was more of a "mainstream populace" rather a than a "porn party" but truthfully that made it all the better. Jayme, one of the agents from Type9 did a really good job making sure everyone from Type 9 who showed up had a place to hang out and feel comfortable in the club. I saw a few familiar faces of whome I've worked with and haven't worked with - notably Rayne Rever, Naomi Banxxx & Jenny Hendrix - all of which (including myself) somehow look better in person than in photos. It's so ironic how mainstream actors and actresses usually look worse than their publicity photos where as adult actors and actresses often are much better in person than their photos and videos.

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful "California dream date" day with my boyfriend. We wound up checking out the beach near where I live which I hadn't really spent much time exploring. That evening we had dinner at a nice restaurant and at the end my take home leftovers got wrapped us as a tin-foil bunny ... only in Los Angeles :)
Today it's back to work, but after such a nice weekend, I'm very energized and motivated.

Oh, by the way - all Club Monica members starting tomorrow will have a chance at the "pre-release" of my comic book porn scene for !

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Had a great night last night at a good friend's place for a really mellow "420 day" get together. One thing I can honestly say about living in Los Angeles, is that having a decent circle of friends is VITAL. I suppose that goes for living away from your family in general - a support system is a key to your staying safe, sane and active. When I think back to a lot of the women I've met in the adult industry out here in California , a common dis-functional theme was that aside from their "boyfriend" many of these women were very isolated socially and therefor possibly "sense of self" spiritually.

Today I woke up in a very happy and energized mood, so after answering my email and doing a couple of web things, I decided to hit my complex's pool. It was a lot better than I'd expected! Being from Florida, I'm more accustomed to going to a pool surrounded by lush shrubbery and grass and plants but being that California is so damn dry, to save water very few plants are planted ANYWHERE so my apt. complex pool reminds me of just a literal "cement pond". Well shrubbery or not, that pool is REFRESHING AS HELL! I think I will be a pool girl all summer, it's probably the only way I'll survive this 100 degree no humidity LA world.

I've been a lot more into New Age pop music lately, I recommend to anyone looking to explore that genera of music to check out - it's a free music service.

Oh, one more thing, decided to stay on the CAMZ network for now along with the other new webcam network I'm using for , so Club Monica members, you now can catch me for 1 hour Monday's at 2pm :) I'll also be available for 1 on 1 shows through again.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I feel totally rested and recharged (for about a month) after this past weekend. I and my boyfriend went to a a concert festival called Coachella in the Palm Springs area and it was GREAT! Check it out here:

The music was great, the crowd had a VERY positive vibe, the friends we went with were a lot of fun, and of course, I had a good amount of drinks so that made the evening a ton of fun as well :)

Since Saturday was so "action packed", after sleeping in this morning and having breakfast, I spent a nice day by and in the pool. I'm exhausted from the sun, but I suppose summer is now officially here - about time :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Here's a link to my last appearance on Rude TV earlier this week:

If you watch to the end, you can catch me almost breaking my neck trying to kick it "old school" by doing some gymnastics.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well, the "Not the Cosby's XXX" trailer is out and here it is :)

Today (Wednesday - yes I'm writing this blog a little late) was "hangover recovery" day, because Tuesday night was one hell of a party night :)
In the beginning of the day, my agency (Type 9) sent me a text message about an industry party to raise funds to "save porn" (truthfully I don't think the porn industry is in any danger - it's just going through a restructuring phase like just about every other industry in this country right now). I'm not one to turn down an invite to a good party and since I try to get to 1 to 2 social "events" a month I figured this would be fun thing to go to, plus industry parties are always a great networking venue as well.

My boyfriend and I wound up getting to the party at around 10:30 and about 3 vodka redbulls and 1 vodka shot later I was TRASHED (but at least I looked good). It was really cool to see so many people from the industry that I've worked with before and it was also nice to meet some new people. I ran into a few girls that I'd never met who are with the same agency as myself, but I've gotta say that London Keys stood out the most - she is a BILLION times hotter in person than her photos (and her photos are very pretty).

Tomorrow I have a video shoot as a "strap on domme". Yes I know I said that I wouldn't be doing many more xxx videos, but hey, I'm not getting fucked in this one :)

This weekend will be eventful, I'll be going to a concert series called Coachella for the first time and I'm very excited. I'll take lots of pics and videos while at the event to post here when I get back.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's technically Tuesday morning, but for me it's still Monday night - today was a much more busy day than I'd expected, but I feel like I'm on a good track.
This morning when I woke up I realized that my apartment was becoming much to dirty, dusty and feathery/hairy (due to my bird and dog) and the little floor sweeper I'd purchased when I moved into this apartment simply wasn't cutting it, SO I decided that it's about time I get a regular vacuum.

Of course, being the broke (but thrifty) girl that I am, I logged onto and checked the "for sale" ads for someone possibly moving and looking to unload their old vacuum fairly cheaply. Well lucky me found a really good Hoover vacuum for only $40! After picking it up from the seller, I came home, drank a RedBull and went on a cleaning spree :) It is SOOOOO nice to have a fresh looking, smelling and feeling apartment again.

By time I finished cleaning, it was about time for my first bi-weekly hour long webcam show on the new webcam network I've joined and I think it went pretty well. I really love the interface of the new system I'm on.

I had a bit of a surprise and change of pace this evening - my good friend Powder of called and asked if I'd sub in as co-host for Ebony Nights, a show on which I've sub co-hosted for in the past, so though it was last minute, I was happy to fill in.

Unfortunately my drive home SUCKED due to an accident on the highway right before the exit of where I live, which delayed traffic (and me) for about an hour - ugh. I was both starving and very tired by time I set foot into my apartment.

All in all it's been a nice and fairly productive day though so I'm glad. Either tomorrow or Wednesday I'll be checking out a few vocational schools so that should be exciting :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter everyone! A big thanks to all my fans and friends who sent me "Happy Easter" wishes - my email inbox almost went into overload :)

Well thanks to my favorite adult industry news and gossip blog I realized that the boxcover for my first and currently only XXX feature has been released:

I'll be on webcam the rest of the weekend, so see you all soon!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yesterday left me with a very strong feeling of "accomplishment". I FINALLY have relaunched my online talkshow Real Exotic Dancers Talk Back (! I will be hosting the show every Thursday at 3pm PST / 6pm EST and I'm actually contemplating making it a bi-weekly show - we'll see...

Next thing on the agenda is to launch - I've decided that this particular show will definitely need it's own webhosting, so I will get that together this weekend.

April 9, 2009 clip- Broadcast your self LIVE

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ok, well today could have been a day of camshows but it wasn't. Mainly because I've been slacking on getting me online show Real Exotic Dancers Talk Back ( relaunched so I figured I'd dig into that.

In my attempt to make the show much more professional than it was when I initially started it, I decided to implement my "green screen" technology - ugh - what a freakin task - my main delay in getting the screen to work properly with my webcam graphics software has to do with my lack of a proper lighting system. After tinkering with different lighting techniques and camera techniques for over 2 hours I finally got it working about 70% properly - once I have a little extra dough I will head over to IKEA and try to find something along the lines of hanging or ceiling mounted halogin lights to get a good continuous lighting effect.

Back when first launched RedTback I was broadcasting through - well for whatever reason, now I can't get their interface to work with my webcam setup SO I've decided rather than going back and forth endlessly with their tech support to migrate the show to - I will probably set up the weekly live show for on as well - we'll see...

I'm reading a new book - "the Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren - I've only gotten through the intro being that I don't have much spare time to really read a lot of books nowdays, but I'm totally hooked into the book just from the first page so I'm sure I'll have more to say about it later as I read more. The author of this particular book suggests that you only read 1 chapter per day (which will be hard for me to do because when it comes to anything I get into in life - I have a severe lack of patience). There are 40 chapters so getting through the book will take 40 days - the author mentions in the intro that "40 days" may be a spiritually siginificant amount of time (ie: the great flood in the bible being 40 days, Moses spending 40 days on Mt. Siani , etc) so I'll probably need to get into another book simultaneously while reading this one so that I'm not tempted to read ahead.

It's funny - when I was younger (especially from around age 10 to 16) I was a "book-aholic" - I'd read 3 to 4 books per week - I suppose I have my parent's intellectual natures to attribute that towards.

Though I'd have liked to upgrade my video and photo equipment prior to beginning the development of another website I'm hoping to launch to showcase other beautiful ethnic women in a "softcore erotic" style - I've decided to take the bull by the horns and just use the technology and know how I already have to get started. I've met a few women in the biz I'd have liked to work with but unfortunately they are all beyond unmotivated and flakey SO I put up a few ads to try to find some women who are interested in working with me - hopefully I'll find a few - realistically I only need 6.

Well time to get back to work on relaunching Real Exotic Dancers Talk Back - hopefully I'll get everything setup properly tonight to be able to relaunch the show tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Yesterday was a cool day. I received a "pre-releasse" copy of the scene I shot a few months ago for - it looks fantastic - thanks Steve Steel!

I wrote the following yesterday but am posting today - if it puts off certain Monica Foster "fans" I'm sorry but I'm sick of the bullshit:

As I’ve stated on my blog before, with the possible exceptions of creating content for my Official website: and the few exceptional projects within the porn “industry” itself that may come my way, I’ve made the decision to try to move my life into the fields of Wellness and Beauty (via cosmetology & massage therapy - of which I’m hoping to start school for in the summer). Of course I’ll continue with the online talk shows that I’m working on (and TRYING to re-launch) in regards to informing people within and outside of the adult industry as to “what’s really up” - but I know that as I age, cosmetology and massage therapy are 2 fields that I can excell in, will find satisfaction in and inner completeness in and have a bit of longevity in.

It’s amazing how when you try to do what you know is the right thing for yourself, the “devil” tends to rear his head to try to throw you off.

You would THINK that my blog readers, website members, cam show viewers and myspace “friends” would be supportive of this choice - WRONG. Instead you have a bunch of self serving, shady, weird assholes out there who try to instead of saying “go girl !” , say “hey that’s great - how about you fly up for a weekend and “hang out” and I’ll help you pay for your school”. Yes - this blog is specifically pointed towards you piece of crap readers out here who made the ILLEGAL “offer” and you’re lucky I don’t publish your name and phone numbers on this blog so people know who you are and what you’re about. Hell, oneday I still MIGHT!

I’ll tell you, you would THINK that considering all the crap happening with our countries economy and world as a whole that people would have learned by now that attempting to take advantage of a situation when you know damn well you shouldn’t is WRONG! Apparently some people just can’t stop OR they simply refuse to LEARN.

Right now a lot of adult industry professionals - namely porn performers and strippers are having a VERY hard time and many are being VERY TEMPTED to ILLEGALLY work as a prostitute. I’m not against anything that is LEGAL - however in 99% of our country prostitution is NOT LEGAL so it truly shouldn’t be done unless in a LEGAL enviroment. Many porn girls and strippers are feeling FORCED and PRESSURED into doing something ILLEGAL by the “JOHN’s” themselves and it needs to stop.

Don’t be fooled - these JOHN’s are not willing to pay in the HIGH HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS for women and men they normally wouldn’t ever have a chance with - they are essentially paying PENNIES on the DOLLAR for girls who rates were once 1000 plus an hour. I urge women out there who work in the adult world, but who don’t want to do anything illegal to SEEK OUT OTHER OPTIONS! They DO exist (webcam shows, creating your own website, finding a job outside of the adult biz for now to supplement) .YES you’ll have to work harder than maybe you are used to but it is WORTH IT!

Recently someone (a girl I know AND fellow “pornstar”) who I thought was smart AND a friend who I offered to build a website for and assist in getting started on webcam shows blatently told me “I’d rather just go fuck some guy for half an hour and make $200 than sit at home on my webcam to make money”. What a total and complete dumb ass and disappointment - glad I found out what she was about sooner than later though.

Hell - I think true pornSTARS who are working for rates well below the norm should stop working until the economy improves because eventually it will and when it does - the stupid bullshit that people try to bait you into to make chump change will seem COMPLETELY not worth it.

So in conclusion : DO NOT contact me to try to bait me into being your in person prostitute, because through life experience, I’ve learned that I am WAY better than doing anything ILLEGAL. If I wanted to be a LEGAL prostitute I’d probably just go to the Bunny Ranch.

Also do not contact me to say “hi” via IM unless you are in an active camshow from me because just like how you have a job and don’t like your time being wasted at work , and just like how you don’t go to work for free NEITHER DO I. Respect that.

If this peals away the “illusion” that I’m your “girlfriend” then oh well - apparently you don’t live in reality anyways.

Right now I’m pissed because I do work hard and I’m seeing very little reward for my work and effort right now. I know damn well if I were to do ILLEGAL activity like many adult industry professionals are right now I’d be sitting pretty financially but I’ve chosen not too.

Whether people want to acknowledge this or not - porn IS acting - it’s physical and verbal ACTING - it is NO different than being an “action hero” AND it’s out there for everyone to see. I’m starting to think that the biggest reason prostitution IS NOT legal in the USA is because the providers are nearly forced to “out there” via their advertising and websites and such where as the “Johns” are able to remain a bit TOO annonymous.

I say if you wanna pay for sex - then be like a porn-star and put your name OUT THERE so that people (including your girlfriends or spouses and or co-workers) KNOW what you’re about. If you’re willing to pay for sex, why are you trying to hide mother f*****s?!?!?! The government should probably legalize prostitution at this point, tax it and then create a public registry for providers and the John’s and issue licenses of some sort to both parties.

So in conclusion , I'm simply saying - respect that I'm ONLY a pornstar and cam girl - if you want to chat then you shouldn't have a problem paying per minute. If you have a problem with this - don't bother me or find someone else - better yet get some social skills and find an ACTUAL GIRLFRIEND - not sure how? - Call me and I'll TELL YOU HOW as long as you pay per minute. My free time is for my boyfriend and friends and family - my PAID time on cam - which I'm glad to give when I'm able to - is for you.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Though I'm not "officially" done with the adult biz (as I'll continue to maintain my Monica Foster websites and other adult biz related sites and ventures such as , , , etc), I've finally figured out where I want to move my life into now - the beauty, health and wellness industry.
Since getting into the adult industry, I started to realize how much I actually love the "beauty" and "styling" end of the business - I suppose it's the artist in me. I'm pretty good at doing my own makeup, but I think I have a knack for doing other people's as well, so at this point in my life I figure "why not explore that?". Plus being that I have a little bit of a photography background, I eventually will be able to merge both talents.
I think the massage therapy is a great idea as well mainly because 1)I am naturally a people pleaser and love making people feel good and 2) It's something I can do anywhere and make a decent living 3) many of the institutes that offer cosmetology also offer massage therapy so it would be great to get certified in 2 things at once.
Lately I've just had this insane drive to learn as much as I can about natural health solutions and ways to take care of yourself so I'm going with my gut on this decision once again :)
I'll be checking out a couple massage therapy and cosmetology schools in the area this week and hopefully will get enrolled for the summer classes. I'm praying that I qualify for a student loan or grant of some sort. I'm pretty psyched about this step I'm taking. Though I'm broke financially, lately I've been feeling wealthy in all the other aspects of my life - I have a few really good friends, my family and I have a great relationship again and my boyfriend and I have a great, strong understanding and growing relationship, and I feel like I have a clear life direction. It's great to feel good.
I'll be doing my cam shows quite regularly from now on because I'm sure even with a student loan or grant I'll have to pay at least partially partially for these classes - so I'll see you all online :)

By the way: Yes my new niteflirt rate is 2.99 to 3.99 a minute - some have expressed a problem with this - however my rate is my rate - plain and simple. Does your boss approach you daily to be "flexible" on your set salary? I doubt it. If my rate is out of your affordability then you have the option of joining the members section of my site for my free weekly show or hell, just buy one of my XXX porn titles :)

I DO NOT respond to attempts to "haggle" my price down or threats to leave me bad feedback because I value myself, body, soul, mind and time. Here is an example of a conversation I had with someone on Eyeball chat in regards to my rate:

gregritchie: I respect thast your time is valuable however let's try to work with people on this price
MonicaF001: this isn't up for discussion. My rate is my rate. If you want to call you will, if you can't afford to don't
gregritchie: Yeah, but what about tommorow or two nights from now.Who knows what price you'll be
MonicaF001: true however how about this, I'm blocking you because you're little attempt to "haggle" a price is insulting
MonicaF001: since you have no respect for me or my profession at this point in my life, i have no respect for you either. don't contact me any more in the future.
gregritchie: It's not insulting but go ahead...Check your rating card it's getting some bad ratings
MonicaF001: oh ok - blackmail huh
MonicaF001: my real callers know about desperate men like you, I'll be sure to post this convo

I strongly encourage anyone reading this to contact this guy on Eyeball chat and tell him that he's just a plain old dick.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Well yesterday I was on RudeTV yet again - check out the archive here:

I shouldn't have worn that turtleneck sweater but oh well...I actually had a good time - the host and hostess of the show were both really cool and into the adult biz "gossip" so that always makes for a fun convo - PLUS I totally kept my clothes on - no titty or booty flashes at all.

Today is going to be my house cleaning day because my apartment is a wreck - how this happened I'm not sure, but it's time to fix it.

Tonight I'm going to try to do a few run throughs with my online talk shows because I have to get those up and running again by the first few weeks of this month so we'll see...

Online tonight I found something that proves my point as to how not only are black women VERY limited in the adult biz - we are also painted in the worst ways possible 9 out of 10 times:

I would never be on that website or shoot for that studio.

I have a feeling that I've been cast in the better roles my short time in the adult biz. I'm glad.