Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Though it's Monday, I feel like I'm still on a continuation of last week, being that I've been busy with either a personal or collaborative projects daily starting over a week ago.
I'm glad to be busy because generally being busy leads to productivity which in turn leads to financial gain (hopefully). However lately I've been feeling really drained from being a lot more active mentally than I've been over the past few months.
Mid last week I went to visit a couple of friends of mine, Desi & Elli Foxx and I wound up doing a "spur of the moment" interview with Desi - I'll post a clip of it here later in the week, but I plan on editing the interview for my upcoming site "gettingintoporn.com" - in the interview Desi and I discuss how doing live webcam shows is a vital key in making a living as a "porn star" .
Tomorrow I'm going to tag along/assist with the costuming of one of my co-stars for my final AV role. I'm glad to have a chance to participate in this wardrobe process, I've learned a lot.
I'm looking into buying some new photography equiptment (lighting primarily) to start getting my photography business up to par. Living in Los Angeles is such a bonus when it comes to my photography business/hobby because used equiptment here is abundant and inexpensive. Also there are tons of models to work with who will work on a TFCD basis.
I have been neglecting REDTback.com - not purposefully (of course), but hopefully I'll have all the changes and updates started shortly.
Ok, well this blog is a bit short and cold and bland, but I'll post some pics and video to make up for it later. Oh and thanks for all the cool email's lately in regards to my retirement from AV after this last feature role. I love the porn world but everyone needs to try other avenues.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I recently found a really nice photo online entitled "Gilded Cage" - featuring Holly from the Playboy Mansion show "The Girls Next Door". Being a pretty girl living out here in Los Angeles it is VERY easy to fall into (and then find yourself trapped in) a "Gilded Cage" type situation - mainly because you have many older men out here who have amassed wealth somehow (whether it be via honest means or not)who feel entitled to the consist ant stream of young women who come out here to be models, actresses, etc.

Now if you're interested in a man 15+ years older than you for healthy reasons and it's mutual - GREAT, but if it's just for $$$ I suggest you do some soul searching - because the old men who are after you generally lack a soul.

Older rich men in LA who date young women really throw off the natural balance of nature, because it creates difficulty amongst the population of young men who'd normally date these women. In fact if you go back an an earlier post I wrote on "MenWem", you'll see how it causes behavioral abnormalities in many of the young men out here along with straight up bitterness towards their female counterparts.

Not all young women who live out here fall into the "Gilded Cage" trap, but it can be difficult not to when your tempted by trendy clothes, a nice car, dinners in 5 star restaurants and other things that money can buy. Hell, I almost feel into that trap but fortuntately I tend to remind myself to look at things from alternate perspectives.
Los Angeles women - don't look for old emotionally stunted rich men to make a life for you. Create one yourself - you have the power. Also you might find that dating a man in your age range who understands that a dinner in a nice restaurant is great sometimes but a hike in the mountains or a trip to a lake along with great conversation and understanding is just as fulfilling.

Check out this pic, am I intuitive in regards to choosing sides or what?

Lately I've been looking through my old photos of family, friends, places, etc - I haven't done that in a while, but I'm glad I have recently because it's nice to see how far I've come in life and where I've been - yea, there have been ups and downs but I wouldn't trade any of my experiences at all because I really love who I am now and where I am now (and you better believe many of those experiences were AMAZING - I've been to Stone Henge, the Eifel Tower, the Hollywood sign, and tons more - oh and I'm not even close to being done yet).
Last weekend I attended a "womens gathering" hosted by a good friend of mine - it was GREAT! I haven't hung out with such a diverse group of positive thinking women in a long time - I'll be hosting one sometime soon for sure.
I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing for the Holidays yet but I'm looking forward to them - I have a feeling that the rest of this year will wrap up nicely.

Oh, enjoy this last pic - especially the nipple flash part :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Today I had the pleasure of really getting to know the writer of the upcoming porn feature which I'm set to shoot in December along with meeting one of my co-stars. It's great to meet other adult industry professionals who not only have goals and aspirations outside of the business, but who embrace their time spent in the business and who embrace with a sense of reality and class.
Since living in Hollywood I've started to see how closely linked the mainstream entertainment arena truly is with the adult entertainment arena. I give it less than 10 years for their not to be a definable difference between the mainstream and adult worlds.
Since living here, I've ALSO begun to develop a huge preference for swing/big band music. I suppose it has to do with all of the "old time Hollywood" influence I'm surrounded by. Since I haven't really done too much decorating in my apartment since moving here, I've decided that my best route to go in is to take on an "old hollywood" theme in my decor. I'll be sure to post some pics of my place sometime once I've implemented my style choice :)
Well most of the weekend I will be doing cam shows for my "fans" (more like friends) and I'll be working on my online talkshow projects. Hopefully I'll get a chance to get out and socialize a bit, but we'll see.
Below is a photo of the wig which I'll be wearing in the upcoming feature I've been talking about - can you guess the character I've been cast as and what the feature will be?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Though a traditional education is valuable and definitely a bonus in many circumstances and arenas of our world, often times the best forms of education come in via experience, apprenticeship and basically just "tagging along".
Today was part 2 of the costuming process for the role I've been cast to play in my final porn role which is set to be shot in December of this year. I had the opportunity again to run around with the owner/director/set designer/wardrobe consultant of the studio which is producing the movie. I definitely learned a lot about wardrobe and creating and authentic "look" for the film once again - it was GREAT!
Though many people both in and outside of my life might not agree with my personal and career choices over the past few years, I am very pleased with the path that life has set me on. My ultimate goal is to work behind the scenes in some capacity in the world of entertainment (adult and/or mainstream) and as of current, every experience that I've found myself in - especially over the past few months has really been very beneficial to me getting to where I'd like to go.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

There are plenty of things in this world that can lead to temporary "set backs" - recently an event which led to a set back for me was the loss of my main "everyday work" laptop. I've replaced it and most of my data was backed up, but still it is a real pain in the butt to have to reset all of my personal account passwords and such - oh well - you live and learn.
Tonight a very wise man gave me a clue as to how to be successful in this world: make sure you have your PHYSICAL, MENTAL and FINANCIAL life in check.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Over the past few days I had the opportunity to take what many would deem as a "trip of a lifetime". From staying at a top notch hotel in a desirable tropical location to seeing both the prep time and actual event of one of the most pricey, thrilling and popular boating events in the world.
Initially I'd anticipated the trip as being one that would be very smooth and without problems (as well as an opportunity to visit with my best friend), and though I and the individual I took the journey with had a pleasant time - unfortunately there were a few mishapse, misunderstandings and material losses along the way.
What I learned on this excursion however is that often when ou think you're taking a journey for one reason, in actuality the universe may be trying to show you and teach you something completely different than you could have ever imagined due to your mindset before departing on that particular journey.
I'm glad to be back in sunny Hollywood, California and I have a very fresh, optimistic and motivated mindset. I'm beinning to understand that many losses, especially material ones, may be for the reason of a deeper spiritual and psychological gain. I must say that this recent journey re-centered my soul and I feel back on a positive life track.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Well election day is upon us and hopefully my vote counted. Since I'm still registered in FL rather than CA, I had to vote via the "abentee ballott" which OF COURSE I didn't receive in the mail until this past Friday so hopefully my tiny vote truly did make a difference.
It'll be interesting to see what happens politically over the next few years - well hell, it'll be interesting to see what happens in our society as a whole. Hopefully there will be some positive changes.
I read an interesting article today both on adultfyi.com and xbiz.com via the LA Times about pornstars being the new "cross-over" artists - well I've been saying all along that porn is where it's at if you want to draw some attention to yourself as not only an entertainer but as a creative. Check out the link here: http://www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=31078