Monday, November 28, 2011

The new genera of Adult Entertainment 

I will be producing the first Christian Porn content in 2012
Look forward to it and welcome to the future.

Monica Foster at Home - Christian Pornstar Edition 03 - 21 Commandments , Alexandralism & Prayers from Monica Foster on Vimeo.

Friday, November 25, 2011

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

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Friday, November 18, 2011

On this edition of Monica Foster at Home - Christian Pornstar edition , I discuss the concept of "Christian Porn" - is it possible? If it is, what should be the guidelines?

Later in the broadcast I touch on several porn and "sex" related news items:

  • the Herman Cain / Sharon Bialek allegations and Gloria Allred 's connections to the porn industry
  • pornstar and reality star Kim Kardashian in the new Tyler Perry movie "The Marriage Counselor"
  • Sasha Grey and her choice to read to first grade students in a Compton predominantly black and latin elementary school
  • Pedophilia - the number one problem (according to Corey Feldman and many others ) in Hollywood -  and how I feel the porn industry, specifically certain porn professionals, may be encouraging and supporting the problem.  I note how the youngest character ( Rudy ) in Not The Cosbys XXX 2 (directed by Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder ) was not depicted as being over the age of 18 years old (please skip to the 32 minutes mark to see footage from the movie and behind the scenes footage of the Rudy character clearly being depicted as a child) footage use via the US fair use act .

Keep in mind Not the Cosbys XXX 1 and 2 won several awards from AVN and Xbiz which in my view solidifies the Los Angeles porn industry supporting pedophilia themed porn, which supports the concept of child abuse world wide.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tonight (this morning) I am sad, disappointed, ashamed (for having ever dealt with the United States porn industry) and ANGRY!

An adult content studio by the name of Evasive Angles created a porn parody based on Alex Haley's Roots

In a video blog I created on I discuss this issue.

Click here to sign the petition I created on about this issue.

Please assist me in halting it's distribution. I have made mistakes in the past (1 especially which was my participation in a parody that I am ASHAMED to have been a part of as of current), but it's not too late to correct and STOP other mistakes such as that from occurring.

I have compiled a list of people to contact who need to be aware of this situation and who may be able to assist in efforts to halt this movie's distribution - click here.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Yesterday's broadcast of Monica Foster @ Home - Christian Pornstar edition !

Friday, November 04, 2011

Check this video about Anti-Gravity technology - quite cool (literally)!

This Sunday at 3pm PST I will be conducting my first webcast for on - see you there.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

There are some very good perspectives out there as to what really goes on in the porn industry. Here are some of my top picks.
by Monica Foster

Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn
by Shelley Lubben
by Desi Foxx

The porn industry is much more than "porn" - many aspects of it are gateways to turning away from God, Jesus, the Light, and Good. I'm an unconventional Christian, but a Christian none the less - that's what's in my core.

I don't believe that Christianity is the only "right" path - I think all paths rooted in God, the light, good and doing what's right, each have a piece of the puzzle which makes up the "big picture".

I've wondered for a while why my life has taken the road it has - and I finally have a resolution. I feel that God set me on a mission to point other's in the "right direction", who've taken the road that I have - but who might still be a bit lost.

I suppose what I'm saying - is that I'm up for the job of being a "sign post" I suppose.

If there's one thing I've realized on my journey through the Los Angeles porn circuit - it's that through guilt and despair - certain "porn professionals" attempt to turn God's children away from the light permanently (and if they resist - these jerks will use " gang stalking " tactics to drive these souls to suicide before they can make it back to the light). The reason, is to attempt to gather souls and energy for their weak, demonic, satanic and losing side. I know because this nearly happened to me - but it didn't (God sent me some help just in time).

If you are reading this, I urge you to reach out to any adult industry worker you know, and tell them that they ARE GOOD ENOUGH for God, Jesus, good and/or the light. They just have to make a step in the right direction.

No one has to be perfect - you just need to try your best to do the right thing when you know you can.