Saturday, November 27, 2010

This is probably one of my most entertaining Monica @ Home ( shows to date. Enjoy!!!

Part 1

Part 2

Check out the rest of the broadcast (parts 3 and 4) on my YouTube channel

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another new broadcast of

On this installment I discuss James Bartholet's Acting Workshop, my new book "Getting Into Porn - The Handbook", and more.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm officially a published author now. My book "Getting Into Porn - The Handbook" is AVAILABLE NOW in Kindle / Ipad format on (click here to purchase)

The book should be available in paperback on Amazon around December 1st - make sure when you purchase the paperback book, you purchase the "final edition" version (I found some editing errors that I missed in the first edition - hey no one's perfect).

I've already begun my next book "Getting Into Porn - The Journeys" so I'll keep you all posted :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

I finally finished my first actual BOOK. Yep, I'm a crazed drunk loon oneday, and a productive author the next.

My book "Getting Into Porn - The Handbook" (currently available for pre-sale as an ebook on ) has been submitted to the publisher and I should receive the proof for review in a few days and I am SOOOOOO excited!

This book will be the first of a 3 part series on my experiences, thoughts and suggestions for the American pornographic industry.

Book 1: Getting Into Porn - The Handbook
Book 2: Getting Into Porn - The Journey
Book 3: Getting Out Of Porn - The Aftermath

Believe it or not, there are things in the books that are NOT on my blogs and websites.

I hope those of you out there will purchase and enjoy the book series, but if not - that's OK by me because I'll be pleased as punch just looking at the books on my coffee table in the future :)

Yep, even when it seems like I'm slackin...I'm still a busy bee....buzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Do you know where you're going to?
Do you like the things that
life is showing you
Where are you going to?
Do you know...?
Do you get
What you're hoping for
When you look behind you
There's no open door
What are you hoping for?
Do you know...?

The above lyrics are from the theme to "Mahogany" (sung by Diana Ross).

Everytime I think I know where I'm going in life, and feel I have a grasp as to what's going on, I find my perspective broadened even more. At times it's annoying, but at other times it's entertaining.

Here's one piece of life advice though girls and boys...DO NOT buy Franzia boxed wine UNLESS you are planning on having a huge party and want to save money on alcohol.

Why? Well it's hard to judge how much you are consuming...especially when you're just chilling at home listening to good music...and you just MIGHT find yourself blacking out and then wandering out of your apartment and into the hallway dazed and confused thinking that you're lost or locked out of your apartment even though you're just a few feet away and the door is actually open.

Thank God I live in Hollywood where being "a lush" can be passed off as being "eccentric" and I live in a building where my nice neighbor down the hall had enough sense to try my door and realize that it was open, and that I was simply out of it at that moment.

Friday, November 05, 2010

"There's no such thing as free."

That seemed to be the theme phrase of which consistently popped up at random times throughout my day yesterday - and I can see why. I not only needed to hear that message - I needed to understand it and relate it to all of you - my readers, fans and friends.

Many people who work within the porn arena seem to be consistently bitching and moaning about "free" tube sites making it more difficult for porn studios, producers and companies to make money. Well it's all a crock of shit - because the larger studios and companies are making MUCH more money than they EVER have due to all of the free content circulating - the only thing is that it's only a FEW key studios and companies making the money. They are giving away the product for free in order to squeeze out the competition, indoctrinate the upcoming generation of consumers to only like THEIR product, and to justify paying the talent, production crews and small scale content developers less. IT'S ALL A GREAT BIG SCAM.

How do I know this? Well it's begun to happen in MY primary market of porn - webcamming...and I am VERY upset and I'm not going to go down without sinking my venomous teeth into certain parties first, unless I get a payoff.

About a year or so ago - a little website popped up called - seemed harmless enough so of course I signed up as webcam girl and have logged on to work every now and then. I will not anymore though - want to know why? Because I can't make any money on their network - and neither can anyone else.

The site itself makes plenty and the audience LOVES it because it's "FREE". You can (and are encouraged to) get completely naked ("tastefully" of course) in free chat and then BEG for the viewers to donate "tokens". Now do the majority of viewers donate? No. And why should they? It's "free". A few nice guys here and there do though and most likely the actual website moderators do some donation "simulations" from behind the scenes to make it look like the money is flowing to the performers, but is it really? No. Also keep in mind that keeps a large percentage of each performer's "donations". has fucked it up for other GOOD, fair, professional and hardworking webcam networks such as and - both of which feature free CLOTHED chat, but make the viewers pay in order to see more.

Look, I am all about change and progress but I am very ANTI-SLAVERY and business model is all about turning good webcam girls into essentially STREET BEGGARS and SLAVES.

It has gotten so bad for webcam girls at this stage, that even on the GOOD webcam network sites, the viewers have been so conditioned as to how works that they consistently berate and insult the cam models, because they are not getting to see whatever they want for "FREE".

Being a webcam girl used to give the model the power to name her price. Now, it has changed to where the viewer decides what he feels like "donating" AFTER he's received the product. I refuse to allow someone else to decide what I'm worth. I DECIDE WHAT I AM WORTH.

Seems to me that the porn industry started to notice that webcam girls were making a good living independently and though they have MILLIONS of dollars, it just was not enough so now through , large key porn companies have decided to roadblock me from being able to make just enough money to pay my rent and bills.

On many occasions I will be online doing webcam shows in the free chat section and I consistently have viewers say "hey, let's chat for FREE, but I don't need a live show because while we're chatting I'm watching you get fucked in a porn scene I found you in on a FREE TUBE site".

So I've basically been totally roadblocked as a pornstar AND webcamgirl.

Unless a guy is a true fan, I can't make any money through my doing live webcam shows much anymore. I don't receive any residuals for any of the porn movies I've done. If I ever were to shoot a scene for another porn studio again, I doubt the rate I'd be offered for a scene would be over $700. I will never be a "contract girl" being that I'm almost 32 years old and black - and it's not likely that my investor will come through in the end for me to even start my own production company properly.

I need a regular job at this stage, and I'm not even certain where to begin to look being that I haven't had a non-adult industry related job since about 2002. I definitely am intelligent and embody a certain area of expertise - but it feels hopeless.

Fuck you - Fuck you tube sites which are heavily supported by Brazzers and Jules Jordan (I have a strong inclination that is SOMEHOW being backed by whoever backs Jules Jordan considering that one of his key pornstars will be signing at THEIR BOOTH at Exxxotica in New Jersey this weekend) and FUCK YOU INDIVIDUALS who have attempted to break me (yet failed) and have attempted to tell me WHAT I AM WORTH.


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

As I initially stated on the October 22, 2010 broadcast of my online adult industry show Monica @ Home ( - I "call dibs" on my very first adult parody feature (which is currently in the beginning stages of production) of which I have written, am producing, will be directing, and acting in:

"This Ain't Queen of the Damned"

Please visit the websites:

for updates over the following few months and progress reports on what I feel will wind up being one of my greatest creative works. Thank you all (my fans, friends and readers) for your continued interest and support.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010