Sunday, May 30, 2010

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Tonight I discussed adult industry gossip, adult industry stars (who I like and dislike), gave a few webcamming tips, brought up the issue of how many adult stars are groomed to look like japanimation (anime) characters, and related how I feel about older men who have trouble relating to women their own age.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Well, I was drinking some pinot noir this morning, and I decided to do a video blog...I hat quite a bit to talk about - so enjoy.

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Oh, and to clarify (I lost track of thought in my video blog) in regards to my "speaking up" at the AHC / Osha hearing - screw that - considering how shaky and corrupt of a foundation that the porn industry is built on, I'm not about to speak up to make a change so that I can get shot by a bunch of confederate flag carrying pricks.

I'd rather wait for all the dumb asses to eliminate each other and then when the dust clears, create my foundation atop of top of their decaying corpses - that's what smart people do.

AND one more side note - in this video blog I wondered aloud whether or not Jules Jordan is a trustfund baby - apparently he's not - visit: to read a recent interview on him - very interesting - gives me hope in being able to do SOMETHING with my life at some point.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I haven't posted in a while, but truthfully, if I had it probably would have been a very boring read, as my life is relatively uneventful as of current, which really isn't too bad of a thing.

Last week was a bit of a vacation (deserved or not) - I managed to get my hands on a 4:20 treat and managed to find my way to the bottom of the bag by Sunday evening.

I don't think drug abuse on any level is OK, however I'm not so certain that a 4:20 getaway is exactly a "drug abuse" situation - for me it grants me several windows facing alternate perspectives of my life, others lives and just situations overall.

I've come to the conclusion that I worry too much. In fact I worry so much that my worrying often blocks my paths towards achieving certain goals in life I have. I suppose being a "worry wart" has saved me from certain negative situations and circumstance in my life - so maybe worry isn't even the right term - I should probably say I'm simply overly analytical (but hey, we are who we are, aren't we? LOL).

I don't anticipate living in Los Angeles beyond the month of September. Though I'm not leaving the city with Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick status (which initially was my goal - until I learned the price you had to pay to achieve it) when it comes to "porn world" - in the words of JayZ, I will say "I came, I saw, I conquered."

I did as much as this industry and the people who hold the reigns would allow me to do - hell I did more than was anticipated considering my web and self marketing expertise (mixed with a little common sense). I built a broader and stronger and much more stable foundation for "Monica Foster" , and now I can take her (along with her offshoot characters) to the next level - which most likely won't be rooted in the adult entertainment world.

It's funny, a long time fan and friend of mine today instant messaged me saying something along the lines of "why hasn't any studio marketed you or worked with you more considering everything you bring to the table - you're smart, well spoken, and very pretty without all the plastic surgery or glamour". That was an awesome compliment, however I know why and I told my fan/friend why - it's all due to fear.

Not fear on my part - I embody probably to little fear for my own good. It's fear on other's parts. I'm not your everyday "porn chick". Why? Because as I've stated in my blog before, I have no tolerance for wannabe Alpha, beta bitch boys. Yep. Many who hold the reigns on the porn carriage are unfortunately disgruntled beta men who surround themselves with beta women in order to feel better about themselves. I was actually very disappointed to find how the real porn SUPERSTARS (female and male) were in fact nothing more than glorified slaves. It's not in my DNA to be a slave.

I've come to learn that you can't fake certain things in your DNA or overall nature. The beta men in porn world could smell me coming from a mile away, and it made their dicks go limp - LOL.

In fact, if anyone reading this who may want to book me for any projects (adult or mainstream) - please do so entirely directly through my website - I'm no longer with being that my photos are no longer on their site. They were a good agency, as was but they and I have realized I outgrew them long ago.

I'm lucky to have been granted by God, the universe and whatever other powers that be 3 specific gifts. The gifts of empathy, kindness and the the gift of drive. The more time I spend on this planet the more I've come to find that the 3 traits I just mentioned rarely go hand in hand.

When I look back on my life, I've forgiven many people that others wouldn't have found the kindness or compassion to forgive. I've let bad deeds done to me by others go without seeking vengeance - I've come to realize now that I might be as I am primarily do to the fact that I don't want to waste the energy that I could funnel into my drive to succeed on people who are essentially a waste of space (in my view at least).

The only negative thing that I've found about having an extreme drive, is that sometimes those you meet along the way on your path, you have to say goodbye too - not forever - but often times for a while.

A good new friend of mine who writes and maintains an AMAZING blog on conveyed to me the other night while we were hanging out about how the drawback of meeting other cool and interesting women is that eventually they leave to chase another adventure. I agree with her feelings - however an interesting woman (at least to most - maybe I should say an "eclectic woman") is typically a woman who's worldly and who's lead a bit of a crazy life.

My life has definitely been crazy and full of adventure - but you can't expect much less considering that I come from pretty crazy stock.

On my father's side, I come from African immigrants - my great grandfather was a Moroccan sailor of Arab decent who married a woman from the Ibo tribe. They jumped a cargo ship at some point, made it to Trinidad, and then later settled in New York where they raised their family.

My mom's side is equally as crazy and adventurous - my great grandparents on her side are an eclectic mix of African Americans and Native Americans - for them to have survived slavery and colonialism you know damn well they were bad asses. My grandma was a bartender - I have a feeling she wasn't much different than myself (she was quite the looker).

So I guess to conclude this blog, I'll just say coming out to LA and entering the porn industry was crazy. Living within, meeting others within, learning about and writing about the porn industry was the adventure. Moving on now and creating a world of my own (well more of a collage of my own) comprised of everything I traveled out to Los Angeles with and a few select pieces I've decided to bring with me is the current challenge however.

For me being a real woman, is being a female human being who knows herself, who's comfortable being solo, who's just fine and functional living independently and who's comfortable a part of a couple of which she is 100% certain her partner is right for her.

I moved here a girl. I'm leaving here a woman. A real woman - not a wannabe one. I'm happy about that.

When I move from here, I will definitely be writing a book - along with a mini-series which is currently in the process of being written :)

Here's a nice song for you readers out there which expresses about where I am vibrationally at this point in time and space.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

As of late I've been inspired to add more feminine, sensual and romantic themed elements into my life - from my wardrobe, to my apartment decor, to the places I go to hang out.

Think pink, flowers, crystally items, cute dresses, sweet smelling incense, soft pillows, satin sheets, passionate music, etc.


Well because though I'm settling into being a single and happy woman, it doesn't mean my life has to lack the excitement and thrill of romance, sensuality and love. I'm starting to realize that it might be possible to have these fulfilling elements minus the man (at least for now).

Over the next few weeks I have a feeling that the new style and way of life I'm sliding into will reflect in my online presence - so to all my fans and friends - enjoy the upcoming additions to the world of "Monica Foster" :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Young people between the ages of birth and 16 right now, are much more advanced and aware than when I was in that age bracket. I suppose every generation makes that observation though, after all, it's simply evolution...however I think that certain evolutionary "leaps" are currently in play.

I read a book a few years ago called "The care and feeding of indigo children". I'm glad I did because if I ever have a family and generate a child anywhere along the lines of the one in the video below, I'll need all the pre-family prep I can get.

Monday, May 10, 2010

I haven't written an "in depth" blog in a quite a while, so I figured I would today, simply to touch base with all of my fans and friends who have stuck by me over the years (since 2002 in fact which was the year "Monica Foster" was conceived).

Not too much is going on in my life...well that's not really true, a lot is going on, but everything that is happening as of current falls under the category of "project in the works". I have about 3 websites I'm STILL working on launching, I'm still doing my daily webcam shows on , I've been trying to keep up with my daily adult industry half hour commentary video blog , and last but not least am working my ass off to get myself into a better position financially to where I can open my adult content studio/label by the end of the year.

I currently have nothing to "hold me back" and I'm incredibly grateful for that. I used to look at myself and think "woe is me, I'm all alone" , but my mindset has totally flipped as of late - now I look at myself and say "HA HA I'm free and have no chains to hold me down suckas!"

That's right - no kids, no romantic interest and limited debt (of which I'm paying down more and more day by day).

Before I moved to CA, and since I've moved to CA, I've had a few elements here and there which have managed to slow down my life progression - shitty friends, losers I've made the mistake of dating, career opportunities I didn't need to consider, etc.

However I've successfully cleaned all of the crap out of my life - people, situations, and material items - and I feel GREAT about that. Now that I'm motivated, blazing forward and am no longer willing to allow negativity into my world I'm excited as to what future lies ahead.

Check out this cool cartoon version of my alter ego Mighty Afrodite / Afrodiva , my friend miss Julie Meadows made for me! If you haven't read her blog do so, it's been keeping me on track and might do the same for you as well (and if you enjoy her blog, don't be shy about donating a few dollars to her - remember it takes money to keep these interesting takes on life written by interesting people going).

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Thursday, May 06, 2010

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