Saturday, January 24, 2009

Though primarily what may make an adult video performer is what he or she looks like, what really sets the forerunners apart from the masses is how one presents his or herself or what he/she does on the back end of the business that aids in their success. In other words, it's their mind (and drive) that makes all the difference.
I'm definitely far from being the most intelligent woman out there in the business, but (especially as of late) I've utilized a lot of my tech savvy and business know how to capitalize on what I've done so far, and I'll continue to try to expand my knowledge base to continue my current trend.
I think I set a record for myself today in designing a website for someone in the biz, actually the only thing preventing this particular site from being complete is having to wait on additional media which will be provided by the client (I hate waiting for stuff - so impatient).
Well it's another weekend of cam shows. The great thing about doing shows is that at least it's an interactive activity - well what's even better is hearing immediate feedback from my viewers, fans, and friends on what they think of my XXX scenes, camshows, website, etc.
I love my work, but I can't wait to get more into the production end of the business - that to me is where the true excitement lies.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Well yesterday was an interesting day. I received a booking with a new adult vid company called Blue Bird Films. I would say to definitely keep tabs on what they produce this year as I expect a lot of great things from them. The shoot went fairly smoothly without any issues and their staff, from the owner to the makeup/wardrobe crew to the camera crew, was very welcoming, kind and fun to work with.
I suppose my only criticism of the scene I shot with BlueBirdFilms was that it was set to where there was a lot of emphasis on the "racial element". I don't understand why when something is obviously interracial it has to be verbally expressed and at times in a way of which one race is somehow dominant to the other. Oh time hopefully this will change as out society does.
When I got home I was SOOOOO tired, so after texting a few friends I pretty much hit the sack. I expect to mostly do camshows over the weekend and hopefully get some grocery shopping done :)
One of my goals for February is to make a few purchases related to getting my media business in Cali off the ground...cross your fingers.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This morning was truly a historic day. I am watching the Presidential Inauguration this morning of Barak Obama on and I am so happy that I'm crying - I never anticipated that I would be this emotional over this, but I truly am. I completely understand today, at this moment what a historic and monumental event today is - not just for african-americans/blacks, but for all people in this country and world as a whole.
Yesterday on a local news broadcast a black woman in around her 50's was interviewed, and she stated that she didn't think in her life she'd witness a black president - well I wasn't sure that I would either and I'm 30.
I didn't think that there wouldn't be a black president ever because of racism in our country and in the world on a large scale, but on a small scale...meaning that there are simply just a few people who still harbor and promote very "old fashioned" and overall "hateful" mindsets in attempt to retain power - a power which they don't truly have to begin with.
I talk a lot on this blog about racism, in the adult industry especially (because that is the industry of which I work and it's what I'm familiar most with), and I will continue to do so - why? Because I'm going to try my best to implement changes in this industry. I feel like if Mr. Obama can make such a huge step for the country and the world, the least I can do work hard to make changes for other women like myself in an industry that counts on not being looked at too closely.
Today is my true independence day and today I am a woman in the adult industry who demands equality, equal opportunity and equal pay not just for myself, but for EVERYONE, regardless of what you look like.

I'm going to start a list of XXX studios and DVD's which I feel people should boycott due to racial issues I have PERSONALLY encountered because it's time to cut the crap.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I've recently discovered and have become a fan of the work of Michael Ninn - in case you're not familiar visit: - it's probably some of the most awesome erotic/porn/adult shorts that you'll ever see. I wonder how one goes about getting cast in one of his scenes - that's something for me to investigate over the next few weeks.

Anyways his work inspired me to create a video short of my own. Yep, it's incredibly amateur and of course, I shot it right in my apartment but a girl's gotta try - I actually don't think it's too bad and I decided to use a version of it as my intro video for my website. Here's the PG rated version that I posted on my YouTube account so check it out and enjoy :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

When you go into a situation blind, it's hard to figure out who's advice to take and/or which direction to take - it's even more difficult to figure out who has your best interest at heart - so what I've learned is to look at how each individual who surrounds me lives their life - are they self serving or out for the greater good? In the end you gotta listen to your gut, and not be too insecure to do so.
Insecurity has been my downfall in the past, but starting the end of '08 I put a stop to that and this new-found pattern I've adopted is definitely continuing into '09 and thereafter.
I've recently come to the conclusion that my career could be going much better, unfortunately I've opted to work with people who really don't give a damn about assisting me in building my career (even though they receive a fee per job for "working for me" - which they haven't been doing), so I'm going to fix this situation between this and next week. I'm really fucking pissed because the individuals I've chosen to work with assured me in the beginning that they were in it to win it, but obviously when it comes to me, they are not.
What pisses me off even MORE is that the ONLY reason I gave these "people" (I use the term loosely) a 2nd chance is because someone from the last gig I had suggested I do so and that since he'd "talk" to the head of these people, I could expect a different result. WRONG and honestly I'm not surprised considering...
Why even bother repping me if you're not going to work to get me gigs? So that someone else can't? What's the real fucking agenda here - to ensure that I DON'T succeed? Maybe I sound paranoid but I don't give a shit at this point because sometimes there's truth in a person's paranoia.
This move out to LA has been great, but scary (hell, I left everything I knew to come out here ALONE), and now having to start over with a new team is definitely going to be nerve racking, but hey - change is good - especially when your current situation isn't taking you anywhere.
Some people might call me pushy - I call it being driven.
On a brighter note - I'm almost done revamping the "free" area of my website - - if you're a frequent visitor you'll notice a new splash page, photos, etc - working a new intro video this morning. Man, I save a shit load of money doing my graphics, videos, webdesign, editing, etc myself BUT I pay via the loss of time in my life to do other fun stuff - well wait a minute - this IS fun :)
LOL - I'm such a nerd.
After I finish revamping the members area of my site I'm going to tackle putting together a site advertising my services as a web designer to other women in the XXX biz who'd like a site similar to mine.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Though it's only Tuesday I've been incredibly busy so far this week - mostly with the work that I do from home though. Along with doing a record number (at least for me) of webcam shows for all of my awesome Monica Foster fans, I've been working on updating all of my online presences - from my websites (which is a job in reality for about 4 people), to my MySpace page (I know myspace might seem like a waste of time but in reality it's one of the best networking and promotional tools an adult performer could ask for), to editing my new photosets, to editing my first installment of my POV series, etc - the list goes on and on and on.
It's been well over around 2 years since I've aggressively updated my "image" online. A big part of the reason that I've decided to do it, is because I feel that as a performer (and overall person) I've matured, and I want my image to reflect who I am today, not who I was yesterday.

The great thing about working so hard though is that you appreciate the rewards that much more and you take for granted that much less....
In other news, the AVN/AEE awards have ended - honestly I'm a bit disappointed that certain studios and pornstars didn't win or even get a mention (and for once I'm not talking about myself). Amazing how even the porn world is so political.
Well I've been up all night so time to hit Burger King for breakfast. See you online!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I suppose a part of me DID want to go to the AEE/AVNs but in all truthfulness, I'm glad I didn't because I would have ended up spending money needlessly, and wasting valuable time. Instead by staying home and working, I've managed to:
*almost have my upcoming site launch of done
*update my bio's for Monica Foster on every networking site I'm a member of
*do a bunch of cam shows
*and edit some photos.

On top of all that I had a really good workout today as well :) I have been keeping up with the AEE trade show and awards progression though via the AVN website and a few adult industry related blogs I like to read. I really hope that one of the XXX movie nominations that I'm featured in (Breast Meat & Control Freaks) wins - that would be a good thing.

Ok, well back to the grind - see you all online :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Though this weekend, is one of the largest adult industry networking events (the AVNs / AEE and Internext), I'm obviously not attending (sorry about that to everyone who asked if I'd be there via email and myspace - I will be next year). Instead I've decided to make this a weekend of cam shows, creativity, and business planning as I expect 2009 to be a very busy year.
I'm actually incredibly excited about this week, as I'll be producing my first VOD (video on demand) POV series installment. At this very moment (as I write this) I'm taking a break from making the graphics for my new site which will host the series. I think that all of you "Monica Foster addicts" out there will really enjoy what I'm putting together for you.
Tonight I received some GREAT feedback from my show on the CamZ network, so thanks peeps :) As most of u know, I always try to make the show fun, but 2009 shows will be EXTRA fun so keep watching (hell, I have a stripper pole again so how can they NOT be fun).
Tomorrow at some point I'll be putting together a new photo set for my site. As I look back over the "Monica Foster years" it's cool to see how my look has evolved. Well just talking about my "look" would be shallow - I suppose overall I've evolved a lot as a person - and I'm glad.
Thinking back on how I made the switch from being a computer/electronic tech to working in the adult industry (first as a stripper, then a cam girl, and now a porn "star"), I almost see it as a "revenge of the nerds" experiment.
I don't know who I think I'm fooling trying to be "little miss sexpot" but I'll tell u what, it is SOOOO much damn fun. Maybe I'm not "fooling" anyone though, appearance wise I've pretty much figured out what's "appealing enough" and working in the adult industry essentially has unleashed the sexual side of my personality which I may not have ever discovered if I hadn't been brave enough to embark on this "adult industry journey". I suppose that a big draw of the adult industry for me truly was the attention though - I'll admit, when I was back in High School, I was only asked out by 2 guys - in total - neither of which I was into. The one guy I had a crush on totally dissed me. It hurt. Growing up I never felt attractive and my family certainly didn't help much in the matter (an attractive appearance wasn't overly emphasized in my household being that I come from an intellectual lot of equal rights activists - which is probably why I do embody certain traits). For me finding a bit of success in the adult world is a twisted form of validation and vindication for me - and it's OK, we all have our hang ups.
Today I read an article on how Sasha Grey (one of my favorite AV performers - it's amazing to me how deep she is for someone so young) wanted porn to be "more creative". I have to agree with her. The most "creative" I've been able to be so far in porn, has been playing "Claire" in the most recent feature I was cast in, but even that role didn't allow me to truly spread my wings (or other body parts) like I feel I'm capable of doing. Honestly, the lack of "creativity" I've been able to explore pisses me off, because getting in, I assumed (and that was my mistake), that I'd get to do movies more along the line of what Wicked, Digital Playground, and Vivid produce. Gonzo is cool, but people want to see a story, and a high quality production. Yea, sometimes guys just want to jerk off to a girl getting rammed, but I know for a fact in general people on occasion want to see something beautifully erotic to get off.
Maybe if I was a DIFFERENT TYPE OF PERSON I'd have gotten the opportunity to be in more productions like I initially envisioned myself being in, but since I can only be me, I can live with it. After these AVNs are over we'll see what's up 4 sure in regards to casting opportunities.
Actually I'm glad that my "porn career" has been as it has, because it's pushed me to see that I'm better suited to be a camera person, writer and director. I hope in 2009 some cool castings come about, but if not, I'll cast myself in whatever I can dream up and execute. I suppose that just like with most of my photos of which I've shot myself, I'm pretty certain that I can manage to produce some kick as porn that I produce and distribute myself. Why not - NERD POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually I hope that by 2011 I'll be able to open my own studio/distrubtion company. I like the idea of having "contract stars" but not with an "iron clad" contract - and definitely short term. I'll elaborate more on my views of contract vs. non-contract another day.
Oh, and one more thing, I'm almost done with - I have a feeling that a few people will have a problem with the site, but I don't care - I'm over what other people think aside from my immediate family and loved ones. Plus considering how I've put the site together (lots of time and effort), I know tons of people (specifically young women) will benefit from the knowledge and experience I'm sharing. It actually amazes me that more women in the business haven't taken the initiative to help out other newbies - it's weird. Maybe it's due to a lot of women feeling the need to compete with each other rather than cooperate.

Friday, January 09, 2009

So far this year has been great, even though we're only 8 days in :) Yesterday was my birthday (and thank you to all my readers and site members and fans for all the "happy birthday" well wishes) and I can honestly say it was one of my BEST BIRTHDAYS EVER - probably because I'm surrounded by the BEST FRIENDS EVER and I have the BEST BOYFRIEND EVER.
Yep, I have a boyfriend - I think it's my first time writing in my blog about him actually...I'm not going to write much about my relationship with him because I like to keep at least SOME of my personal life private, but I will say that he's a really great guy who I absolutely adore and love spending time with. I'm really fortunate to have a man like him in my life.
I have to say I got the PERFECT birthday present from my boyfriend :) An X-pole (for those of you who don't know, it's a portable stripper pole -!!!!! My pole is the BEST present I could have possibly received - Why? Because it's like 5 presents in 1. I can use it to work out, I can use it in my webcam shows, I can show my girlfriends how to pole dance so it's a cool social activity, I can use it to teach other women how to pole dance to earn some extra income AND I can use it to entertain my boyfriend sometimes...well more like many many times :) THANK YOU!!!!

Anyways last night we hit up a really cool live music venue called Derby ( to see my friend Sara's boyfriend Lenny's band "Nipsy" play - they have a really cool sound - check out their myspace.
For some reason I had the bright idea to start drinking vodka cranberries. 3 vodka cranberries and 2 tequila shots later I was WASTED! It was my birthday though, so it's ok.
After Lenny's set, we went to a late night eatery of which I don't remember much of, mainly because I was so drunk - then for whatever reason I had another "bright idea", to have a glass of wine - big mistake, I started to barf.
This morning I woke up hung over but happy :) By mid afternoon I was pretty much recovered, so I put up my pole and it looks GREAT! 30 years old is looking pretty freaking fabulous :)

Oh, 1 more thing, it looks as though has released the "behind the scenes" promo for my upcoming feature - Not The Cosby Show XXX - click here to check it out.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Today I turn 30 years old - thank god I made it through my 20's! It's strange because though "30" can be seen as a monumental age, I actually have felt about 30 something for quite a while now - I think my 20's were a bit too long.
Overall I feel pretty good life wise in my new "30's". I feel like I'm on a positive career path (though it's a less traveled path for sure), I have a small group of good friends, my personal life is fairly balanced, and my family relationships are getting better by the day.
Happy Birthday and 2009 to me :)

Monday, January 05, 2009

Well it looks as though January will be a very busy month for Monica Foster! I'm very happy about that, however though a lot of opportunities are being handed my way I'm being very selective as to which opportunities I take.
When I look back upon 2008 - namely my leap into the world of adult video - I'm able to clearly see the good moves I've made - and the bad ones I've made as well. In regards to the "bad" moves and decisions, in 2009, I'm just going to do my best to avoid such "bad" circumstances and people when I'm able to do so.
For example - one thing I've noticed and simply don't understand in the world of adult video performance is the variance of the time span of which certain companies pay for a talent's performance. My favorite AV shoots of '08 were typically the shoots of which were run in the most "professional" manner and typically those shoots paid their talent the same day or within 2 weeks.
Upon looking back, the most UNPROFESSIONAL and aggravating adult video shoots, not only had half ass production systems, but they also took FOREVER to send out their talents pay check and often "forgot" to pay you in full (resulting in having to stake out the company's home/office to collect or calling every hour upon the hour).
I've decided to make it easy on myself this year by simply NOT working with anyone who had/has issues with their payroll dept. or check writing ability. In other words - no sameday pay = no Monica Foster unless you're a high end studio which regularly pays within 2 weeks.
I'm glad I'm in a position now to where I CAN be as selective as I'm being. A big thanks to my readers yet again for your consistent booking of private cam shows with me.
Most likely this week I'll have the first installment of my first Video on Demand POV series shot (of which I'm directing and editing and distributing myself). I look forward to getting my reader's feedback on it.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Hello 2009! I am SOOOOOOOO glad that I made it through 2008, and I'm even more glad that it's over. I had a pretty good New Years Eve this year again - that makes 3 fantastic New Years Eves in a row. I was invited out to a club opening (Ecco in Hollywood, CA) and then later an after party. I had a blast at both (I actually might have gotten a little too crazy but one of my resolutions this year is to relax and have more fun while I'm young enough to do so) and feel like the events of the evening were a great kick start to the new year.
Check out my New Years Eve outfit :)

I'm expecting this coming month to be very productive and busy. I have a few upcoming projects I'm set to be involved in, which I'm really looking forward too.
I'm not sure if I'll be attending the AVN's in Las Vegas this year, but I'm going to try my best to make it...something tells me it would be a good idea to go.
Well time for me to do some cam shows, so see you online and have a great 2009 :)