Monday, December 31, 2012

Alexandra aka Monica Foster live on webcam

Alexandra aka Monica Foster live on webcam from here on out. Have a wonderful 2013 - links to me can be found on

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Redesigned and Relaunched my Official Monica Foster website

Just a note to let you all know that I've redesigned and relaunched my Official website just in time for the New Year!

See you all LIVE on webcam from here on out!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

An AMAZING new beginning - buckle up.

At some point, the wishbone will break, and when it does I'll be holding the larger half. 

Estrellas De Porno - a Spanish adult entertainment blog examines Christian Pornstar

The Spanish adult entertainment blog decided to cover my Christian awareness website 

You will have to translate the blog posting from Spanish to English (and if you use Google Chrome like I do, you will automatically be given the option). I really enjoyed the write up which is by porn blogger Rock Pepe, and to make it even better, he posted it on Christmas :)

Click here to visit Rock's site and to read the posting:

I will be back live on webcam daily now that the Christmas holiday is over - you can find links directly to me on

Monday, December 24, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

Live on webcam for sexy Monica Foster shows all weekend !

I hope you all had a mind expanding 12-12-12 this past Wednesday :)

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Monica Foster at Home - Christian Pornstar : What really happened to Donny Long?

Update: The day after this webcast was released the front man and head (CEO / managing partner of Manwin Fabian Thylmann was arrested in Germany for tax evasion).

On this webcast of Monica At Home (Christian Pornstar edition), Monica Foster questions whether or not Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane is still alive. No recent photos or videos have been spotted of him since the height of Pornwikileaks and since he supposedly relocated to Thailand.

Monica Foster relates at the start of the webcast how Donny Long essentially revolutionized the Los Angeles porn industry by launching his website xxxfilmjobs - a website of which many of his competitors may have wanted to control of destroy. Monica outlines how the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) may have "set up" Donny Long as the "fall guy" for PornWikiLeaks due to Pornwikileaks leading to the closure of AIM, which led to the formation of the APHSS which is controlled by the FSC who in turn has been primarily funded by Manwin.

Monica also shares her awareness of how Marc Drescher aka Marc From the Dark experienced similar backlash from certain porn industry professionals and namely Sean Tompkins (someone on the fringe of the LA porn industry who is an avide supporter of the FSC and my primary stalker) due to his website AdultTalentRegistry which has changed how porn professionals interact and work with each other in today's porn industry marketplace.

Monica explains how throughout history dating back to Biblical times (Jesus Christ essentially was GANGSTALKED), whenever someone comes along to change a certain system, way of living or generally help humanity evolve they tend to be silenced, suppressed or even killed.

Monica shares how she feels Elliot Bernstein - the creator of IviewIt (a video codec which revolutionized the internet) is experiencing a similar situation (luckily he is still alive), along with Nikoli Tesla and possibly Steve Jobs (a man Monica feels passed far before his time).

Monica explains that this is the final webcast of Christian Pornstar indefinitely and shares once more that the foundation of the Los Angeles porn industry is organized crime run illegal escort and prostitution rings. Monica encourages her viewers to familiarize themselves with Annie who runs Hookers for Jesus and to support her efforts.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Living my life...

2 artists of which I intensely relate to as of current are T.I. and Rihanna ...
here's a taste of things to come...