Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monica At Home

Another fresh installment of Monica @ Home - I discuss Isis Taylor , Little Lupe Fuentes , the "This Ain't Avatar" Fleshlight , "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson M.D. and much more. Enjoy.

(correction - the Isis Taylor interview is by Cindi Loftus - not Rock Pepe )

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Short blog tonight, but felt the need to update since my last entry:

I'm very pleased to announce that I finally "officially" (I love that word) have a purpose driven life. I thought I did before but I wasn't quite an adult and awake yet. I suppose sometimes it takes a life changing event (which can often be a cleverly wrapped gift) to finally push you through the door into reality.

I was motivated before, but lets say that if my motivation level was on floor 12 of a 100 story building, I've just beamed up to floor 85 (keep in mind I don't know exactly HOW tall the building actually is).

Like today's most influential artists (think Madonna, Cher, Michael Jackson, Prince) , I believe in the need to reinvent yourself from time to time - why? Because if you're not consistently evolving, then you might as well not be walking this earth.

I thought I was taking "Monica Foster" and "Mighty Afrodite" and my other projects in a certain direction - but it looks like I'll be heading in a different direction.

I need to make a few things clear - my views, perspectives, beliefs and ideas are mine and mine alone. I am completely independent as of current in virtually all areas of my life - especially when it comes to my spirituality. I believe in God - but I have my own view and feel of God. I don't identify with any one particular religion and I'd appreciate it if those out there who read my writings and watch my videos NOT attempt to force their views and/or agendas upon me. In other words - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECRUIT ME.

I've come to realize (especially after my recent brush with some extreme negativity, evil and darkness) that finding an internal "balance" is important, however I've also come to realize that I'm definitely someone who is here to assist in tipping the scales on an energetic and universal level towards the positive, good & light.

I knew all along that working independently was the way I needed to go - I suppose I simply had to test the waters and see what it was like working with various "teams" (I needed to know) - and it looks like that what I felt in my soul was correct all along.

This is a picture from Helen Folasade Adu 's website - I really love it.

Remember to always treat others with the same regard of which you'd want to be treated.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The woman who created Monica Foster learned more about her past, current and future self over the past few days, than she could have ever imagined.

I'm wide awake, and I'm very angry about some things I didn't notice while I was drowsy.

In life we don't get to pick what we're born into, however we have the ability to choose what we become - and sometimes what we become, is something that we were once before (and in some cases a much more evolved version).

To those who understand what this blog is about - I'm not going anywhere regardless of certain negative individuals efforts. I will be living a VERY long life here on earth and I'm ready to do what I need to do to assist in getting this world where it needs to be.

I made the choice to be in it, and as always, I'm in it to win it.

ps: God has a lot of patience and a great sense of humor.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just a quick blog to let you all know that I'm not all work - sometimes I do actually get out and about to shake my groove THANG :)

I went to a fantastic VMA afterparty last night which was organized by (I even got to ride in an AWESOME limo to the party with about 20 other hotties).

Here's a "pre-party" photo with the beautiful Eva Ellington.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

As many of you who are my "regular readers" may have noticed, I've slowed down a bit on my regular blogging - and it's due to quite a few reasons - from realizing that there are some vital things in my life I need to attend to in order to put things on the correct track, to simply not wanting to share all of my ideas in regards to a few projects I have in the works.

Los Angeles - it's not really the city of dreams - it's the city of DREAM & IDEA THIEVES. Unfortunately many who reside here couldn't come up with an original idea or concept to save their life. I don't mind in assisting in the natural progression of things to come, but I DO mind others twisting something that may be good, positive, wonderful and progressive into a concept that is self serving to only a few (which is why I find it difficult to find others to work with professionally in this city).

A good friend of mine has helped me in MANY ways on my journey to where ever it is that I ultimately may end up - and his only request has been that I "pay it forward". In today's world - that's an idea that many know of, but few actually live by. My goal in life is to live by that ideal to the best of my ability.

Recently I've noticed in the adult industry news that there's been talk of a new "adult industry"/"porn industry" business model that supposedly has been launched and put into action by Vivid Entertainment (one of the largest and most successful porn studios as of current). Well, yea...exploiting celebrities and their kids, who are down on their luck I suppose COULD be considered a new "business model"...however is this concept to say that nowdays following your dream to reach your personal concept of "heaven" as an artist or entertainer can in the end land you in the pit of "hell" which is what the current state and attitude of the porn industry is?

Some may argue with me and say "Oh, porn didn't work out for you or simply wasn't for you so why are you deeming it as hell?" - hmmm, well porn actually DID work out for me in regards to progressing my long term goals which I didn't even REALIZE were my long term goals at the time, and as for porn not being for me...well it's not for me as a talent true, but that doesn't mean that I won't be around in other capacities...

Look, lets face some facts here: If the CURRENT state of porn wasn't so "hellish" then why is it that so many porn "stars" are scrambling over each other left and right to make it into "mainstream" entertainment? Just take a look at , and to see what I mean - every single time a "porn star" gets even the most MINUTE mainstream gig it's plastered all over the front page of such websites - it's rather comical at this stage.

If the current state of porn wasn't "hellish" then why are so many "pornstars" essentially homeless and "couch surfing"? Seems to me that more "porn professionals" who handle these "pornstars" aren't doing their job in helping these men and women make a living - it amazes me that top adult industry "agents" and "pr companies" are even still seen as "credible" considering the impoverished lifestyles their clients lead.

In actuality there is another "business model" for porn AND mainstream entertainment alike which is glaring everyone right in the fucking face, but few want to really take the time to look at, because the true NEW "adult and mainstream entertainment industry business model" is a model of which any INDIVIDUAL or very small team of people can implement into their adult entertainment industry careers - minus middlemen, minus agents, and minus large (and unnecessary) production companies.

When I first entered the "porn industry" back in March of 2008 and I related to other "porn industry professionals" who I came across what I was doing with my website, webcam shows and other ventures the majority belittled my ideas and concepts - well that was short sighted (and quite telling) on their part because as of current the "webcam girl" phenomenon is growing by leaps and bounds DAILY. Even long time "retired" pornstars are jumping on the bandwagon of which I have been on since 2002.

Being an individual and solo webcam girl is WHERE IT'S AT right now in the world of adult entertainment (the young girls get it and from what I can see - the smart pornstars and exotic dancers are quickly picking up on this trend too) - I knew this back in 2002 and guess what? I know what's going to be hot in 2014 (and it "ain't" parodies OR 3d porn).

In the next few weeks on I'll rewrite the section of the site entitled "the future of porn" because it's dramatically changed even since I entered AND retired from working as an adult actress.

Am I willing to share with you what will be hot next? Yep, but not at this moment - you'll have to keep watching me to find out what the real, stable, lucrative and enjoyable "future of porn" (and entertainment in general for that matter being that my ideas are too broad at this point to restrict them only to porn) really is.

I'll give you a hint as to what the future of porn is NOT however - it's not what's being produced now - why? Because the majority of porn put out now has ZERO substance and ZERO respect for what it's based on which is SEX.

Tube sites are not what's killing porn - pirating is not what's killing porn - lack of ethnic talent or diversity is not what's killing porn. It's the LACK OF UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT SEX IS REALLY ABOUT in it's most CORE ESSENCE that is "killing" (but in my eyes clearing the way for something better) porn.

SEX = PROCREATION which in it's core essence is about LOVE. Unfortunately most of who create the current "porn" product don't know what love is, and if they do, they've chosen to take a path in the opposite direction. Right now the majority of porn produced is attempting to sell the idea that SEX = CONTROL which is an incorrect equation. The future generation of consumers have picked up on this and they don't like it. Who are the future consumers? To find out I'll suggest the book "The Care and Feeding of the Indigo Children".

Truthfully, it's not always the direct fault of some who have gotten into the "adult content development game" as to why they can't see or understand this simple fact - they either entered "porn world" WAY to young OR they entered from a very damaged place in life and they haven't repaired their flawed thought processes.

Porn needs to depict RESPONSIBLE sex. Responsible Sex = Using Protection if you're not going to procreate (I have a potential directing gig for a company coming up and I've made the firm decision that if I CAN NOT depict responsible sex in what I want to produce and direct, I'll have to pass). There doesn't need to be a LAW to make this happen - people just need to use their BRAINS!

Porn also needs to stop with the hate and violence. As of current the porn industry consiously is DIVIDING humanity rather than UNITING humanity. Young people SEE, UNDERSTAND, and "GET" what's going on within the adult content marketplace and they're NOT going to spend their hard earned dollars on crap. You can NOT achieve success long term on any level via division.

The "porn industry" has a TREMENDOUS opportunity to educate young people in regards to what the HUMAN EXPERIENCE really is - I just don't understand why people who have the power as of current to take the reigns and do what's right won't get off their asses and DO IT...I'll tell you this, if certain individuals fail to do what's right, everything they have amassed via doing the WRONG thing will be taken away in the next year or so.

Someone who I used to have at least a shred of respect for, but now I realize is simply a washed up weirdo, who's been essentially replaced even (and by an industry that she panders to consistently no less) by the beautiful Misty Stone, twittered me recently accusing me of thinking I have "all the answers"...

Well I don't have many answers at all, and I don't claim to (I only have about 45 answers really in total - lol), however I do have a certain gift when it comes to identifying where industry trends are going - it's been documented at this stage.

Hell, I've entered and exited the porn industry as a "talent" within the span of under 2 years (and I've changed the industry a bit within that time), whereas this certain individual is STILL trying to maneuver her way through (and unsuccessfully I might add) it using an outdated plan which is doomed to FAIL - and in her case it's been over 5 years (which is FAR to long in my view to be a "talent" without segwaying into being primarily a studio owner/director - at this point she might as well give up and start all over again).

"Pay it forward" - as of current I'll pay it forward via teaching other people about what I've learned and observed - later I'll pay it forward to those who need it via other ways.

So all in all, these are my thoughts for tonight/this morning - this week has panned out to be relatively busy and it's still not over so catch up with me next week or feel free to say hello while I'm live on webcam for private webcam shows or on this Friday's live broadcast of

I'm not sure what I'll discuss on Friday's Monica @ Home show, but two things I WILL touch on is 1) how any porn company who's still distributing their product primarily on DVD is not even worthy of riding the short bus and 2) how fucking AWESOME liquid DnB music is and how such music increases the rate of your thought processes!


Thursday, September 02, 2010

I'm thinking I should re-title "The Official Blog of Monica Foster" to "How I Feel Today" for quite a wide array of reasons.

So lets see, how do I feel today? Well, I feel pretty damn great! I feel grounded and centered, quite happy and confident being that I'm currently only doing in life things that I feel can add positively to my future. Also overall I feel good simply about being me - I've faced and have dealt with a few personal issues I've toted around for years, and my mindset has expanded and developed tremendously.

I have a few projects I'm FINALLY completing independently and a couple new ventures I will be working on with others so I'm entering new phase professionally. I'm very fortunate to currently be surrounded by a small circle of some pretty cool individuals - It's interesting to see how the company that you keep (or don't keep) can really effect where you go in life and what can happen.

This Friday I'll be doing another installment of "" at 10pm PST on

Next Monday at 9pm PST I'll be doing members only "Club Monica" 1 hour long webcam show on my official website:

This weekend I plan on doing quite a few private webcam shows as Mighty Afrodite ( , so make sure you get a show with me through this Saturday

What I've come to realize is so fantastic (and rare within the adult entertainment industry) about having worked as independently as I have in developing "Monica Foster", is that now that I can take my persona as "Monica" (even though the persona is basically just who I really am) anywhere and into any arena of entertainment (or outside of entertainment) that I'd like.

I feel great about not being "locked in" to the adult circuit and I think deciding not to work as a talent ever again for any other adult studios other than my own was the best decision I could have made professionally (and it was probably at the best point in time I could have made that choice to boot).

"Monica Foster" might have been a "pornstar" at one point, but before being a pornstar, she was a glamour model, online personality and webcam girl and now after being a pornstar, she'll continue to do quite a few things.

Well that's about it. I'm anticipating doing quite a bit of travel over the next few months (I'm set to host a couple of events out of town), so look for blogs and videos on that :) I finally have the opportunity to get behind the camera and into the directors seat with a new adult content studio, so I'll post news on that another day. I'll also be implementing quite a few of my personal interests into "Monica Foster" a bit more so check in with me frequently!

See you all online soon!