Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kacey Jordan aka Daveney Nicole - HIV Charlie Sheen's ex - OUTS Lindsay Lohan's lawyer Dave Feldman!

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Pornstar Kacey Jordan aka Daveney Nicole (HIV positive Charlie Sheen's ex ) OUTS Lindsay Lohan's high powered Hollywood entertainment attorney Dave Feldman (David Feldman - Partner at Bloom, Hergott et al)

In this PORN NEWS ALERT - Alexandra aka Monica Foster shares Kacey Jordan aka Daveney Nicole's tweets - recaps her recent Inside Edition interview of which she discusses her relationship with Charlie Sheen and questions exactly WHO pimped her to Feldman?!?!?!

Was it Dennis Hof - Nevada legal brothel owner? After all, Hof recently tweeted to the public that he believe's Sheen contracting HIV was BAD KARMA for testifying against Hollywood madame Heidi Fleiss..

Has it been Dennis Hof behind the illegal pornstar escort ring The Luxury Companion all these years?

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Sunset Thomas: Ex-Pornstar & Ex-Legal Courtesan TELLS ALL – an exclusive Interview

Legendary multi-award winning ex-pornstar and ex-legal courtesan Diane aka Sunset Thomas TELLS ALL in this extensive and exclusive interview hosted by adult industry investigative blogger Alexandra aka Monica Foster.

This interview takes you on a detailed journey from Diane’s rise to fame as Sunset Thomas (a top-tier highly sought after pornstar), to her transition into the Nevada legal brothel system – a transition that forever changed the face of the Nevada legal brothel circuit and opened doors for multitudes of her porn industry peers.

Though Diane has suffered years of abuse and has been routinely terrorized by a multitude of predatory men who’ve managed to weasel their way into her life, her inner light has never dimmed. Diane’s courage and drive to regain a sense of safety, security and normalcy allowed her to persevere and escape the brothels (namely Dennis Hof) for good.

Diane aka Sunset Thomas has made it clear to the public that she’s made the decision to completely retire from the world of adult entertainment. In November of 2014, veteran journalist Ben Tinsley conducted a detailed interview with Diane in regards to her retirement and her desire to live a normal life with the man she loves. Tinsley revealed in his article that Diane has experienced extreme stalking and harassment which stems from Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hof.

In this interview, Diane shares frightening details of exactly Dennis Hof has done to her and her loved ones. Rather than Dennis Hof opting to respect Diane’s wishes to move forward in life in peace, it seems that the Moonlight Bunnyranch Nevada legal brothel owner has intensified his fixation upon Diane – and to this day continues to pursue her in effort to corral her back into the Nevada legal brothel system (a system of which she’d vowed never to return to).

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Monday, November 02, 2015

Discussion videos for pages 09 – 16 of my coffee table book “Perfect For Porn”

I have posted discussion videos for pages 09 – 16 of my coffee table book “Perfect For Porn” – the only coffee table book that serves as an introduction as to the harsh truths of the pornographic industry.
Though I’m offering the entire contents of the book for free via my video series on – if you’d like to give a paper copy of the book as a gift to someone you love for the holidays in effort to deter them from the dangers of adult entertainment – you can purchase a copy of Perfect For Porn via