Monday, October 29, 2012

Monica Foster Christian Pornstar edition : Measure B, Hookers For Jesus, Joyce Meyer and more

On this webcast of Monica Foster at Home, Christian Pornstar edition, Monica discusses Annie of Hookers For Jesus and her fantastic book recommendation "Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyer along with the importance of Californians voting YES on Measure B.

Later in the broadcast Monica announces her latest book, a coffee table book which tells the truth of the Los Angeles pornographic and adult entertainment industry "Perfect for Porn" volume 1 - which is now available on (the only book of it's kind) and then concludes by sharing how thankful and peace she feels to be away from the Los Angeles porn industry and their influence.

Monday, October 22, 2012

My new coffee table book "Perfect For Porn" is available on

I'm excited to announce that my new coffee table book "Perfect For Porn" (volume 1) is available for sale as of today on Amazon (click here to purchase: ).

This book will not only make the perfect Christmas gift to someone who enjoys humor based on the harsh realities of life, but it also is the perfect tool to deter ANYONE from embarking on a career path within or attached to the Los Angeles porn industry.

The back and front covers of Perfect For Porn - the coffee table book
I've decided to only sell this as a paperback book. This is a book that's meant to actually sit on your coffee table, not inside your Ipad or Kindle.

Monica Foster - Christian Pornstar : October 21, 2012

On this webcast of Monica Foster at Home : Christian Pornstar edition - Monica discusses dating after a career in the adult entertainment industry, the importance of voting YES on the November 2012 Measure B ballot, Aurora Snow taking a stand on behalf of herself and her pornstar peers who will be voting YES on measure B and Monica concludes with the announcement of her upcoming coffee table book "Perfect for Porn" and the re-launch of

Friday, October 12, 2012

Why I've continued to fight against the LA porn industry

Many people wonder why I've continued to fight against and bring awareness to the LA porn industry - the answer is simple - BULLIES.

The blog I've maintained: chronicles exactly how the LA porn industry bullies people who speak out and/or leave - and who specifically is doing it.

The goal of these bullies? To drive you into 1 of 3 things: silence, self-destruction and/or suicide.

I've chosen to do none of the 3, so the bullies I've dealt with since 2010 have quite a lot to think about.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The porn industry does NOT back Barack Obama - they are using the press to say that in effort to not have the condom law passed in November

Stop the spread of HIV from the porn industry to the general public!

The porn industry does NOT back Barack Obama as the mainstream media wants you to believe - in actuality the porn industry is simply using the press to say that they "back Obama" in effort to not have the condom law passed (please make sure you vote YES on measure B Californians) in November and in effort to affiliate with several influential Democrats.

The Los Angeles porn industry is primarily REPUBLICAN. In fact, the individual who has organized the "No on measure B" campaign Sean Tompkins (who ironically is the SAME man who has stalked, defamed and terrorized myself and family, and who is the man who was in part behind Pornwikileaks which led to the close of the AIM testing facility) is a REPUBLICAN and REGULARLY insults, denounces and berates Barack Obama on his twitter account.

Steve Hirsch of Vivid is rumored to be one of the biggest racists on this planet. I have heard from several reputable sources that he has called Barack Obama a NIGGER publicly at multiple social functions. 

Joy King of Wicked Pictures (a porn industry "leader") is rumored to be an incredibly staunch racist as well. I personally can vouch that Brad Armstrong (a director for Wicked) is a racist - I met him and I he definitely harbored extreme negativity towards African-Americans.

To conclude, don't let the media (which has most likely been paid off by porn dollars) fool you in regards to the Los Angeles porn industry supporting Obama - the majority of Los Angeles porn professionals HATE Obama and are simply jumping on his bandwagon in effort to continue spreading HIV to the general public by not having their pornstars (many who are illegal prostitutes as proves) wear condoms.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm enjoying life.

I figured this week would be interesting, but I honestly didn't anticipate it to be as enjoyable as it's been so far...

I suppose being that I've eliminated all "points of entry", someone (somewhere out there) is stuck in a very uncomfortable position.

To that someone: YOU DO HAVE OPTIONS to get out of your predicament. Unfortunately  every option is along the lines of having to saw off one (if not more) of your own limbs.

Too sad...

In the meantime the song below illustrates perfectly my state of mind :)

Monday, October 08, 2012

October has always been a turning point - which leads to freedom

For some reason, October has always been a turning point (or maybe more like a "realization" point) in my life, and this year is no different than the previous ones...

When I lived in Los Angeles - something around this time of year (one particular year) very strange occurred. I didn't understand the significance of it at the time, but now I do.

I've harbored a lot of anger towards one particular person from my "Los Angeles past" for a while... primarily because I loved that particular person very much.  He let me go... and now I know why and I'm very grateful that he did - so I forgive him and have let him go. I do hope oneday however, that he frees himself.

If you cut to the about the 15 minute mark of this video you will understand what I'm referring to.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

It's almost Time to Take Notice

"Our heirs, whatever or whoever they may be, will explore space and time to degrees we cannot currently fathom. They will create new melodies in the music of time. There are infinite harmonies to be explored." - Clifford Pickover

coming sooner than you think...

Have a great weekend everyone - catch me on webcam all weekend!

Visit to connect.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Monica Foster - Christian Pornstar broadcast - PornstarHookerAlert is closed due to the attack on Barack Obama's mother

On this webcast of Christian Pornstar, Monica Foster shares that she has closed (a site which is now up for sale), due to her anger towards whatever individual or group has attempted to label Barack Obama's mother as a pornstar.

Monica Foster also shares her thoughts on not allowing others to steal your time, on walking your own path in life, and on taking responsibility for your own choices as you mature. Monica feels that at times in life though we as humans may be heavily influenced by others, as we grow and evolve we should acknowledge and account for our mistakes and we consistently make efforts to improve.