Monday, August 31, 2009

My Porn Name - a blog 100% from the woman who created "Monica Foster"

Many people like to dub porn stars as closet (or not so closet) sex addicts. In reality most people in porn are not sex addicts at all...however I'll admit that I am - physically no - mentally/psychologically YES.

I chose my porn name (which is/was in actuality my exotic dancer name) with the assistance of a strip club DJ (from Cheetah Pompano) back in 2002. I wanted my name to initially be "Katrina". He said I looked more like a "Monica". My alias surname "Foster" is in honor of one of my favorite actresses, Jodi Foster. The movie "Contact" made me a die hard fan of hers even though I admired her tremendously prior to the movie's conception and release (remember "Freaky Friday"?).

There are many other reasons I stuck with the name "Monica Foster" upon entering the porn world - because I'd already built my website, and being that I already had a fan base of course - but also heavily due to "The Artist Formerly Known (and known) as Prince". Remember peeps, I am a geek - a computer nerd - a code writer..."Monica Foster's" initials MF have an undercurrent along with everything else I do.

"Monica Foster" (also known as simply MF) is partially a tribute to the song "Sexy MF" by the artist formerly known as Prince.

In a word or 2
It's you I wanna do.
No, not your body,
Your MIND you fool.

Sexy M.F. - Prince & The New Power Generation

Come here baby, yeah
U sexy motherfucker

Were all alone in a villa on the rivera
Thats in france on the south side
In case u cared
Out of all yo friends I wanna be the closest
Thats why I tell u things
So ull be the mostest
When it comes 2 life, 2 be this mans wife
U got 2 be well educated on the subject of fights
I mean prevention of
In other words - its r.e.a.l meaning of this thing called love
Are u up on this?
If so, then u can get up off hug and a kiss

Come here baby, yeah
U sexy motherfucker

Come here baby, yeah
U sexy motherfucker

We need 2 talk about things
Tell me what cha do, tell me what cha eat
I might cook 4 u
See it really dont matter cuz its all about me and u
Aint no one else around
Im even with the blindfold, gagged and bound
I dont mind
See this aint about sex
Its all about love being in charge of this life
And the next...
Why all the cosmic talk?
I just want u smarter than Ill ever be
When we take that walk

Come here baby, yeah
U sexy motherfucker
Come here baby, yeah
U sexy motherfucker

Horns stand please...

I like it, I like it

U seem perplexed I havent taken u yet
Cant u see Im harder than a man can get
I got wet dreams comin out of my ears
I get hard if the wind blows your cologne near me
But I can take it, cuz I want the whole nine
This aint about the body, its about the mind

Come here baby, yeah
U sexy motherfucker
Come here baby, yeah
U sexy motherfucker

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The problem with porn "parodies".

I haven't been blogging as frequently as I used to over the past few weeks because I've been going through a period of serious self reflection and reevaluation - both as "Monica Foster" and as the woman who created the "Monica Foster" camgirl, exotic dancer and pornstar persona.

I felt the need to address the following subject matter on "the problem with porn parodies" in this blog, not as a method of "repenting", but just as a human being with a conscience who's able to decipher what responsible mainstream OR adult entertainment content production is vs. lazy and irresponsible entertainment content production.

I'm not against porn "parodies" - far from it. The whole concept unfortunately IS starting become worn out and old surprisingly quickly unfortunately due to the sub-par parodies being churned out nearly every month (time for a new concept hollywood/porn-valley), however I will say XXX parodies, if well done, I've always found to be very funny.

What I AM against however, is people hurting PEOPLE - and as of late, the parody "movement" in porn is doing just that. The people in charge of producing these movies are NOT making good and responsible choices, nor are they listening to their conscience.

XXX Parodies should be based on FICTITIOUS CHARACTERS and not REAL PEOPLE (and the characters XXX parodies are based on should be much more carefully considered).

I don't think that the Obama porns should have ever been produced. Period. The reasons are obvious, but if to you, the reader they are not - here are some reasons why:

Barak Obama is not a fictitious character - he is a REAL PERSON who has accomplished more in his lifetime than 90% or more of the people currently on this planet ever will. He's our current political leader and should be given much more respect than what the adult video industry is currently giving him (yet the industry whines every chance it gets that times are just SOOOO tough for them - gee I wonder why - ever hear of "karma"?).

Obama and those he works with have taken a tremendous amount of care to ensure that he's viewed by our society and other countries as a strong, solid, respectful, fair and positive individual. He is trying to HELP our country which is one of the few countries in the world that ALLOWS for industries such as the adult video business and PROTECTS THE FREEDOMS of such industries. The individuals in porn who couldn't think of any other way to make money in our current economic crisis than to slap the leader of our country in the face are simply pathetic.

The production of the "Nailin Palin" series was one of the most vicious assaults on a female political leader in recent history being that it probably
seriously affected the image of Sarah Palin in the eyes of many (primarily male) Americans, whether anyone wants to admit it or not.

Ms. Pailin, like Mr. Obama, is a political leader and a REAL PERSON, who has worked VERY hard in life and has accomplished quite a bit as a political leader, a woman AND a mother. Considering how many other topics and characters that a porn company with plenty of monetary resources could do a "parody" of, WHY make one of this woman who ALREADY was pulled through the ringer via mainstream media? It is so WRONG on SO many levels. Movies like this DO effect the individual they are patterned after, whether anyone wants to really believe that they do or not - it's just not cool, responsible or respectful. The creators and participants of "Nailin Palin" are neither young or naive - they knew better, but they were greedy. That is sad.

I'm certainly not a hypocrite (and strive quite hard not to be) so I want to personally apologize to Felicia Rashad, Bill Cosby, the creators/producers of the Cosby show and to all of those who feel offended by the "Not the Cosby Show XXX" movie.

Before I accepted the role of "Claire" I did think twice, but I probably should have thought one more time. Fortunately the studio that created "Not the Cosbys XXX" probably did a better job of producing such a parody than any other adult video studio currently in existence, however this doesn't mean the movie should have been made. I enjoyed myself more than 50% of the time and learned a lot through out the flick's production process, but since deciding to take a break from performing, I've come to realize that some things you think are important in life, are really not that important after all.

I felt taking the "Claire" role would be good for my "porn career" (which in reality would never be anyways and never was to begin with considering that I don't and won't play the "behind the scenes" porn game). When I think of all the REAL work, time and effort that went into the fine tuning of the "Claire" role by Felicia Rashad, and how the character was pretty much butchered and trivialized in the XXX flick and how my lack of acting skill even FURTHER dumped on the "Claire" character of which was and IS an African-American icon, I just want to throw up.

Again, to those who feel I have desecrated an African-American institution, ideal and cultural icon, I am truly sorry.

At the time when I took the role I really thought I needed the $1900, and I thought that it would help me in the long term, rather than hurt how I feel about myself and past choices overall today. "The Cosby Show" and it's primary characters are not just "characters" - they were & are icons - symbols. The Cosby show isn't just a sitcom, it gave real hope to a huge sect of the American population - it didn't need to be trivialized by "Claire" boning an English dude in her college days.

Lastly before I end this blog, though the scene was VERY loosely scripted, I am very sorry to Michelle Obama for even loosely portraying her in Foot Fetish Confidential #56. LUCKILY my wardrobe and hair was hardly close to Ms. Obama, however simply implying that I was her in scene was beyond wrong on both MY and the director's parts.

Considering how upstanding and accomplished of a woman, leader and mother that she is I'm a complete asshole and idiot for agreeing to even loosely portray her in a porn scene. I had no right. When I did it, at the time I wasn't in a good frame of mind, and I thought I needed the $1000 or so dollars (ironically I was offered a Michelle Obama feature part shortly after moving to Los Angeles - I'm glad I was in a right enough state of mind to decline that role at least).

Funny how what seemed like substantial money at the time, now seems like nothing and IS nothing in comparison to amount of possible damage I've caused to people's hard legitimate work and image. I always felt that I was someone who couldn't be "bought off", but apparently for the grand total of $1900 I could be (and no, I, like most other actors and actresses in porn DO NOT receive residuals - regardless of how much money the studios make off the flicks. My income has been and continues to be primarily from my webcam shows until I can make the transition into another line of work). Any porn and/or non-porn roles I take in the near and distant future will be original fictitious characters.

I don't regret the path I've taken in regards to performing in adult video, it's the path I suppose I was meant to walk down, however I HAVE learned some lessons - the hard way. If my site had been created by someone else in porn, before I'd decided to start, and if I'd read it and/or maybe if I'd read a blog like this, I DEFINITELY would have realized that just like in mainstream entertainment - in adult entertainment, you should really consider the ramifications of any role you play.

Some may say I don't have a "sense of humor" for writing and sharing the above, but I don't care - because I don't find things that are truly important in life to be funny - especially when it comes to the treatment of and portrayal of individuals.

Unfortunately from my perspective for as long as "Not the Cosbys XXX" and "Barefoot Confidential #56" are in circulation "Monica Foster" will be a symbol of a black woman selling out in pursuit of building a "career in porn". It's depressing, embarrassing, I'm disappointed in myself for having not understood why I shouldn't have taken the roles and I feel as though now I'm on the receiving end of a public stoning considering the emails I've received in response to both videos.

Well that's all I have to say for today - See you all on webcam this weekend - I'll be working.

Oh, and to the porn directors/studios/producers - it's time for you to try shooting your imaginations up with steroids rather than your penises for once (or hire someone who was born with some creativity since most of you were not) and write some 100% original content again before even the whole XXX "feature" movie concept dies along with everything else.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I love watching America's Next Top Model - yes, obviously because of all the fabulous fashion, photography, beautiful people and drama, and but also because the show is all about self improvement and being able to receive, accept and grow from criticism.

Arg, oh how I hate criticism... Actually the most difficult thing for me to have dealt with in "porn world" has been the element of criticism (both from directors during past shoots and from critics via their reviews of my work). In the past, my inability to take criticism has been one of my downfalls and has probably hindered some of my progression in life. I'm glad to have realized this though, because it's helped me make a dramatic change as of current - for the better.

I've had quite a few requests lately for some new self made MiZtress Monica domme videos SO I've decided to open a store especially for such videos - that will be coming soon.

Speaking for domination, I've begun reading up on BDSM / SM in detail - especially on the element of true "submission" - I feel it's important to know both sides of BDSM (domination AND submission) to properly play the role of either side of the coin.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tonight (this morning) was a good night - and a great start to the weekend - here's a video for my theme song till Monday morning:

Tonight someone special to me performed in the reunion of a group called "Say Uncle". It was a really great concert - even though the music would be classified as "metal", I'd have to dub their music as "Classic 80's Rock, but with a very melodic twist". The show was VERY high energy and I enjoyed the performance thoroughly.

The event was at a place in the Valley called "Paladinos" - very "neighborhoody" pool hall/concert venue/dance hall. I'm definitely far from snobbish, but I do have to say there were some VERY strange and shady looking people (that you could tell were from the neighborhood) there. I had to relocate the area I'd "staked out" for myself twice.

Regardless of the weirdos, I saw a few familiar faces, being that "Say Uncle" has couple adult industry commonalities. The beautiful "Porn Cougar" Magdaline and sexy blonde "Courney Cummz" were both present.

When I was leaving some guy yelled "Monica" out of his car, but I pretended not to hear...Monica was not out tonight - I was.

The bartenders at Paladinos are great - I had about 3 Malibu & Cokes through the night and I left with a great buzz. I hope that "Say Uncle" will decide to re-unite a bit more often.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It looks like Mighty Afrodite will be taking over Monica Foster Live on Tuesday since I, Monica Foster will be busy , so I hope that my fans and friends will take some time out of their work week to view her - I am working hard to get launched.

As of current I have about 15 adult dvd releases reviewed for my upcomming site: - I'm excited about getting that site launched because as an industry "insider" and performer, I feel I have a unique perspective as to the quality (or lack of quality) the newer adult video releases embody.

I took a little time to myself Friday and Saturday (hence why I wasn't on webcam) but I'm online all today/tonight if you want to stop into my video chat rooms.

Lately I've been watching the series "Weeds" on my netflix account - what an awesome show - I highly recommend it - I love being able to watch an entire series at once rather than having to wait for a new installment week by week - I suppose I'm simply an "instant gratification girl" - lol. Here's a few more recommendations to enhance your life this week:

Anoushka Shankar & Karsh - "Breathing Under Water" - a beautful (primarily sitar music) album

The Cool Catz - "Catnip" - this cd is fucking GREAT - I've been listening to it in the mornings all week to get myself amped up to work - it's a slick medium between 95 South and Snoop Dog. I know one of the rappers on this album - good guy - so I urge all my readers to support this group and other independent artists as well.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yesterday someone left me the following comment on my blog:

"What parts of your blog are ficticious? Some times you talk about your personal info and then you are talking as Monica. It is confusing."

It's not confusing if you realize that and this blog are simply entertainment - Adult entertainment to be exact. I'm an entertainer as Monica Foster - bottom line. I'm an actress. That's what cam girls, exotic dancers, and pornstars are. Now yes, many aspects and experiences of Monica Foster are based on the life of the woman who created Monica Foster, however Monica is not 100% that woman.

In the past, Monica Foster was 90% of the woman who created Monica Foster, but as of yesterday and in the future, that percentage will be dropping to around 30% to 50%.

The woman who created Monica Foster is currently moving into many other arenas, both within the world of adult/mainstream entertainment and outside of it. The woman who created Monica Foster doesn't necessarily want the world to know exactly what she's up to in her personal life any longer. Not because she's hiding, but because like everyone she requires a certain level of privacy. The energy that was put into Monica Foster, now is going to be distributed into many other positive and productive projects - some visible to those familiar with the world of Monica Foster - and other not.

Both the woman who created Monica Foster and Monica Foster are good individuals (and that's obvious considering the time and effort that went into creating - which was a collaborative effort between the woman who created Monica Foster & Monica Foster herself. That project's purpose is to help and assist women entering or currently in the adult entertainment (specifically porn) world and that will always be the purpose of that particular project), however one person is real, while the other is a character.

If this is all confusing to someone, I suggest you stop reading this blog and stop following adult and mainstream entertainment in general. Think about it - is Madonna the same as her real "every day life" self? Is Kid Rock the same as his? No. That's why entertainers have aliases - to create characters that they can leave behind when they want to be themselves in their personal lives.

Every character an entertainer creates is a bit or piece of themselves, but it's not entirely themselves. I know it is hard for many people to believe that an adult entertainer IS an actress and realizes it (in my case I'm also a tech geek, writer, artist and overall hard worker), because that validates that I actually have talent, emotions, a soul and a BRAIN.

Enjoy the blog if you decide to continue with Monica Foster on her journey from here.

Friday, August 07, 2009

I am far from "famous" - however being that I have a good amount of adult movies out and a popular website, I'm starting to realize that I'm more visible and known than your average girl. In some ways it's cool - in other ways it's not, primarily because I'm beginning to experience a wave of "blasts from the past".

What's a "blast from the past"? Pretty much someone that you used to date or who you ran with in your crew, but who for whatever reason (usually due to the person being a jerk) you no longer communicate with any longer.

As of late I've had about 4 guys that I used to date or know (years ago) try to contact me over the past week. Get fucking real. It's not as if I just suddenly "popped in their head". These guys obviously either saw me in a porn, or on a website or in a magazine. One went as far as to say that he keeps up with my blog and is "concerned for me" (be concerned for yourself loser).

Anyone who's been a real, sincere, nice and good person that I've come across in life is still someone who's in my life - I have a pretty good amount of friends. However when people cross the line with me, I cut them out of my life - in the past it was harder for me to do that but as I age, it's getting easier.

I'm sorry "blasts from the past", but if it didn't work out then, there is no round 2 after years have gone by. I'm sorry that the girl you left me for is now overweight and not keeping herself up. I'm sorry that you've begun to lose your hair. I'm sorry that your career didn't take off as you thought it would. I'm sorry you still live at home. I'm sorry that the girl you thought you were too good for is now someone who men all over the world lust after. I'm very sorry that your friends who knew me who now know what I'm up to laugh at you for not realizing what you had when you had it.

However, I'm not sorry that I'm now an adult movie star, have aged very well, had the courage to leave everything I knew in Florida to move to California to take a chance at fulfilling some dreams, and I'm not sorry I have built a career for myself which is growing more and more day by day. Lastly I'm definitely not sorry that now that I've had "porn sex" with some of the most sexually skilled men and women in the world, I've learned a LOT.

"Blasts from the past" - please move missed out. Too bad, so sad.

In other news, Not the Cosbys XXX has just been released on AEBN and I've received some very positive and complimentary emails in regards to my performance - so thank you very much Monica Foster fans and friends out there.

Well I'll be on webcam all weekend starting this morning (Friday) but will be taking a break to have brunch with a friend on Sunday. See you all online!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Nothing too exciting to report on my world today, though it was a nice and HOT day here in sunny California. The next few days are supposed to be cooler during the day actually, so I'm looking forward to that.

A good friend of mine, Desi Foxx who's in a life transition as
in regards to her career just found out that a photo pictorial of hers is showcased in Swank magazine this month, and she's very excited about that. Congrats Desi!

Here's something a bit random: I recently realized that in the past I've been deeply opposed to wearing dresses. Yep. Why? Well because I've never really considered myself
much of a "girly girl" - I've almost always been a jeans or shorts type of girl. However as of late I've been growing, and have begun to get in touch with a femininity in my core which has been lying dormant, so this will probably be my decade of dresses and pretty flowy tops. I particularly love dresses with a bubble hem line or a maxi (long) length dress. Anything with butterfly sleeves is cool too :)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I'll be shooting a new photo set for this's about time being that it's about about 2 months since I produced my last photo set. I also will be starting the graphics for my newest webcam character "Mighty Afrodite" - that will definitely be fun because that I can draw from my "aggressively crazy-sexy" creative side for the project (and God knows I'm harboring a ton of aggressive sexual energy right now).

Though I'm working on growing spiritually, I'm going to focus a bit more on improving myself physically. I've been working out nearly every day for the past couple of weeks and I see a difference in my body already. I naturally have very low body fat, but it never hurts to stay toned.

I'm looking forward to moving, because with the few hundred dollars I'll be saving per month in rent, I'd like to get a little dental work done. I'd also like to trade in my car.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

So far it's been a good weekend. Overall it's been relatively uneventful, but I've been able to catch up via phone with my family and friends who I don't get a chance to speak with enough, and have gotten a lot of work done on my personal projects. Of course I've been on webcam quite a bit too.

Tonight I went to a friend's impromptu birthday bash and met a few new people in the area which was nice. One of my best friends here in California and boyfriend are world class musicians in my view and every time they show up at a party, it's bound to be a night of music and merriment as it was tonight.
I'm going to ACTIVELY practice my guitar so that one of these days I'll be capable of joining in with my musical friends.

I'm looking to get into my massage therapy classes by the end of this year, that's a field I can definitely see myself in long term. Mainly because the "health and wellness" fields are really booming and it's an occupation in which you're helping and giving to others which is a positive thing.

I love the whole "green" and "health and wellness" trend - it's actually more than just a trend - it's our society getting back to our core and what's natural and earthy.

I suppose I don't have much to blog about this morning as I want to get back to webcamming and some other things, so have a great Sunday!

I've been enjoying this song lately - not so into the video - man do I love the sound of a sitar - it really adds an otherworldly sound to western grooves.