Monday, November 30, 2009

A big "thank you" to everyone who sent me well wishes via email, myspace and/or twitter over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Yes, I was a little blue, but after a really nice, and relaxing weekend I feel much better.

I'm very excited about starting my massage therapist classes soon so that I can officially "certified". I probably won't begin till around late January or February, but it's a new chapter of my life, I'm definitely looking forward to opening.

I'll be on webcam today as usual - but I managed to get out and about this morning to one of my favorite discount haunts: Ross ! I picked up a nice BEBE tracksuit and a couple sweaters. Being that I've only lived here in Los Angeles through 1 winter season so far, I've come to realize that I really don't have too many winter clothes, so when I can, I buy a piece here and there to add to my winter wardrobe - mainly so that my small circle of friends and other's close to me don't have to consistently see me in the same beige sweater and black pants (or blue jeans) everytime we hang out :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! To those of you out there who are having dinner with family and/or friends, I hope you have a great, relaxing and drama free holiday. To those of you out there who are solo such as myself, don't get depressed - just realize that you're part of earth's family and that even though you may not be sitting at a crowded table with a big turkey in the center you're not alone.

I'll admit, I'm a little bit depressed and disappointed so far this holiday season, BUT I'm trying not to be. I received 1 Thanksgiving dinner invite. I suppose I should be grateful, and I am - but I'm a bit puzzled truthfully considering that there are people who I THOUGHT I was close to in my immediate life, who know damn well that I'm essentially 100% on my own right now, who could have asked if I wanted to join them - yet they did not (the Holiday isn't over yet - it's only 1am so those individuals still have 23 hours to redeem themselves). I'm taking this situation as a blessing in disguise as to who is really there for me and cares appropiately - opposed to who is not.

In other news, it looks as though the AVN award nominations for 2010 are out. I'm very happy, because my 1 and only feature movie that I was in, "Not the Cosby's XXX" was nominated in 4 categories! Best Art Direction (congratulations Scott David!), Best Soundtrack (congratulations Jeff/Will Ryder), Best Non-Sex Performance (congratulations Thomas Ward), and Best Supporting Actress (congratulations Misty Stone - in fact received 4 nominations in total in various categories - she'd better win at least 1))!

Some of the people/studios/movies who were nominated from my perspective should not have been - but then again I don't know what all factors in behind the scenes in who is nominated opposed to who is not, so who am I to judge. Amazing how "politics" factor into every facet of our society - even the porn industry.

Though my mood is a little low right now, I'm trying to combat that, and I will be actively on webcam quite a bit starting from tonight to the end of the weekend.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I know that my blog, websites and myspace primarily have to do with my life as an adult entertainer/content developer, however being that I'm planning on my "post porn" career to be within the health and wellness field (I hope to own a spa/bed and breakfast in the future), I figured I'd start making the transition here on myspace accordingly.

I have been actively studying healing arts techniques and finally have put my healing arts home studio together, so starting today I will be taking appointments with people who are interested in relaxing and rejuvenating bodywork sessions.

Please send me a message here through myspace or email monicaf001 at if you are in the Los Angeles area and interested in setting up an appointment.

Since I'm just starting, my hourly rate is VERY reasonable. Most likely my schedule will fill up quickly so let me know ASAP if you're interested.

PS: These are NOT F/S or G/F/E or P/S/E sessions, so if that's what you're after - try eros or something of the like.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So as of tonight, I have a love/hate relationship with - The Stan's of Hollywood video of myself talking to a porn fan and interviewing Nyomi Banxxx about her newest release was removed and supposedly is in violation of's terms of service (keep in mind, there was not any nudity or raunchiness in the video), yet a video such as this one (click the link below) is ok?

I will simply have to host my adult industry interview videos on my own server from now on and will rarely use youtube in the future. However I will be re-editing the Stan's of Hollywood video to where there's NO WAY it can be rejected. I'd love to know who flagged and/or rejected the video - stupid ass haters...

Update: Hosting the video via my server for now. Reposted it the preceding post - thank goodness I have some tech know-how.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yesterday I hung out at Stan's of Hollywood (adult megatore) for most of the day for first adult DVD signing. I had a GREAT time and really enjoyed getting to know Ms. Nyomi Banxxx and Mr. Alexander Devoe. Rather than me blogging on and on, I'll just post the video from the event below.

A higher resolution extended version which will include my interview with Alexander Devoe will be posted on my newest website Friday of this coming week.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Though I'm writing this blog at around 6am in the morning, it's not due to the fact that I'm an early bird catching the's more like I'm a night owl who's lapsed back into her insomniatic ways.

My inability to sleep once again however isn't such a bad thing - when I enter these cycles I actually find myself at the peak of productivity. Here's a breakdown of a few projects I've been tackling:

  • I'm nearly ready to "officially" launch 2 more new websites - I'll refrain from telling you what they are, until the weekend.
  • I'm in the beginning stages of 2 additional blogs which will greatly expand the "world" of Monica Foster.
  • I've edited about 10 more videos for my store which I will be officially launching by the end of November
  • I've re-worked my format for the re-launch of (no deadline for the re-launch is set however as of yet).
  • I've managed to find a co-host (yes!!!!!!) for my upcoming launch of the interactive broadcast.

    Yep, busy busy busy - plus in between all of the above, I've been steadily and consistently doing private webcam shows for all my peeps out there :)

    I had a great time by the way on Tuesday, when I had the opportunity to visit with the beautiful and VERY down to earth and cool Nicki Hunter and the always fun and bubbly Jessica Bangkok on Playboy Radio's Night Calls.

    I want to give a HUGE shout out to James aka "looking around" for calling in and saying hello while I was on the air this Tuesday on Playboy Radio's Night Calls. That was really awesome of you!

    It's amazing how the media loves to paint a picture of pornstars and other adult industry professionals as being self absorbed, materialistic, flakey, silly, unintelligent people, yet in reality (though of course there are those who do live up to the stereotype) the adult professionals who actually have built a career for themselves are often some of the most amazing people you'll ever meet.

    There's definitely been a surge of interest in the adult industry as of late within the mainstream media, however I'm not very happy with how the media is choosing the "introduce" the adult business to the public. I simply feel that if the media is going to paint a picture, they need to implement stylings akin to realism rather than abstract.

    Last night I had a good night as I hit up one of my favorite dine out spots with a good friend. Where did I go you may ask? The Olive Garden of course.

    I LOVE the Olive Garden. Some may argue "oh, that's not REAL italian food" - well SO THE FUCK WHAT? I like it and considering the chains success so do many other people apparently - so THERE! :)

    Once again, don't forget, I will be doing my first signing at Stans of Hollywood
    from 1pm to 6pm on the 21st (this Saturday).

    Stan's of Hollywood
    1117 North Western Avenue
    Hollywood, CA 90029
    Phone: 323-467-1640

    Come on down and say hello to myself, Misty Stone and Alexander Devoe. As a bonus, the first 30 people who come down to see me, will receive an exclusive limited edition Monica Foster CD card which includes a free 3 month membership to my website:
  • Tuesday, November 17, 2009

    The week is already off to a product, busy and a bit of an exhausting start, but hey, that's a good thing - after all I'm 30, full of energy and fabulous - lol :)

    Yesterday I worked with DT wrestling ( - yes, along with being a pornstar, model, webcam girl, journalist and computer nerd I'm also a part time professional female wrestler to those of you who aren't aware (yes I'm consistently full of surprises). I'm still relatively a novice compared to the more seasoned DT girls, but I'm learning quickly and have quite a few matches under my belt now.

    What's really great about DT, is that it's all about what the fans and viewers want. Members of the site can write their own custom "fantasy wrestling match" scripts and pick out the opponent pairings. It's a really cool concept - think GLOW from the 80's (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). If any of you Monica blog readers out there want to see me either kick some ass, or get my ass kicked definitely check out the site and order a custom match!

    Working with DT is the equivalent of going back in time to around 2nd grade and getting to run around getting rowdy and rough and tumbly with your classmates. It's a VERY physically demanding activity but more fun than you can imagine (you don't even notice the bruises). I worked with the beautiful Akira Lane and Tylene Buck today - both of which are not just attractive on the outside, but on the inside as well - which in LA is both rare and refreshing.

    Don't forget, I'm on Playboy Radio's Night Calls at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST tonight. The call in # is: 1-877-205-9796 - hope to talk to you soon :)

    Saturday, November 14, 2009

    I'm glad it's Saturday - this was one busy (and a bit hectic) week, and I'm going to take the first half of today to really rest up, as next week will be just as busy.

    This coming Tuesday (November 17th), at 5pm PST/8pm PST I'll be on Playboy Radio's Night Calls. If you're a fan or a friend, please call in to say "Hi" @ 1-877-205-9796 - I'd love to talk to you.

    Then this Saturday I'll be at Stans Of Hollywood to sign your favorite Monica Foster DVDs. The store signing will be from 1:00 to 6:00 pm, you can come and have your photo taken with me, and purchase pictures, DVDs, and promotional material from the myself and the other adult stars (including Alexander Devoe and Misty Stone) who will be there.

    Stan's of Hollywood Adult Superstore is located at the corner of Western and Santa Monica at:

    1117 North Western Avenue
    Hollywood, CA 90029
    Phone: 323-467-1640

    Last night was a another great night by the way. I made it out with my publicist to a club called Cabana Club out here in Hollywood in support of adult director Lee G. - who has recently suffered from a stroke (click here for details and email if you'd like to make a donation).

    I had a really good time at the venue, and as I was partying with some industry peeps (Angelina Aspen, Mr. Marcus, Will Ryder, Gianna Taylor, Alexander Devoe & Will Ryder were all in attendance) , I really came to realize that this is one of the best times of my life and I'm very fortunate to be living my dreams, as not many people get the opportunity or have the courage to do so.

    I also have come to realize that being single, really works for me right now and I'm truly enjoying myself and have settled in to having a relationship with myself. I am no longer open to dating or giving the time of day to any more deceitful, toxic, manipulative, game playing or negative men. I'm no longer "Miss Naive Pushover" and I feel great about that.

    Anyways, in time, I'm sure I'll find myself in a solid, committed, happy and healthy romantic relationship. However unless the guy "puts a ring on it" - I can't take him too seriously.

    Well I'm going to take a short nap now but will be on webcam all night tonight and the rest of the weekend. C-ya!

    Friday, November 13, 2009

    I spent the first quarter of my day today recovering from getting my drink on at the AIM fundraiser last night. I had a great time and saw quite a few people that I haven't seen in a while, which is always nice.

    My night started off a bit rocky unfortunately. The club, Les Deux (this is the venue the kids on "The Hills" often hung out at) is within walking distance of where I live, but considering that I didn't want to arrive all sweaty (and the fact that I was wearing 3.5" heels) I decided to take a taxi. I called about 2 hours in advance to schedule to taxi pick up from my place for 9:15pm. Well get this, when the taxi arrives and I get in and give the driver the address of the club, he says "Oh my god, I can't believe you couldn't walk there, what a waste - I've been waiting 25 minutes to pick you up".

    Initially I thought maybe he'd picked up the wrong person, so I asked him if it was my name on his pick up sheet. When he said it was, I asked him what time his dispatcher gave him, and he said 9:15pm - so I asked him what the problem was. That it was a short ride and a small fare - I even offered him an extra tip for his "trouble" (trying to be nice). Instead this psycho CONTINUED to bitch the entire ride (which fortunately was only about 5 mins) and yell at me about how I shouldn't call in advance for a cab for such a short distance. I have a lot of patience and tolerance, but I won't put up with someone being unjustifiably rude to me.

    After about 2 mins of this guy not quitting I told him that he obviously has a problem and that he should be ashamed of himself for talking to his taxi patrons as he was talking to me. When I got out the taxi he sped off and nearly ran over my foot.

    I was pretty upset and this incident probably would have set the tone for my night, but just as I was about to walk up to the club my friend, talented mainstream comedian and co-star from "Not the Cosbys XXX , Thomas Ward rolled up. THANK GOD - perfect timing. Now I had someone to vent to about the taxi driver from hell AND enter the club and walk the red carpet with (yes, porn parties often have a red carpet for those of you who don't know) :)

    Thomas and I spotted James Bartholet of Galaxy Publicity a few mins before the porn paparazzi snapped some photos of us. He was conducting interviews on the red carpet that evening which was cool as he's probably one of the most entertaining personalities in the adult industry.

    I'm glad I got to the club relatively early because I like to be able to check out the venue before it gets too crowded, stake out a spot at the bar and have at least one drink prior to the social scene getting into full swing.

    The theme song for the evening could have been Britney Spears' song "Circus", because I'll tell you, the adult industry is JAM PACKED full of some of the most entertaining, friendly and fun characters you'll ever find - I think mainstream entertainment WISHES they had even 10% of craziness and fun that the adult entertainment world has.

    I had a chance to visit with the beautiful "Ultimate Cougar" Magdalene again, I said hello to the "World Famous" T-Reel (another Not the Cosbys XXX costar of mine - he played Cockroach - we've also done a seen together for BlueBird Films) and his beautiful GF Tori Black (I'd never seen Tori in person before - she is just as pretty in person as in her photos - a true Victoria's Secret supermodel quality girl).

    Both Tommy Gunn and The Real Tommy Gunn were in attendance, I met super sexy Nick Manning for the first time (another performer who looks just as good in person as in his photos), I had a chance to say hello to adult industry legal expert Michael Fattorosi, and I hung out with probably THE MOST TALENTED wardrobe and set designer Scott of (that's who made Not the Cosbys XXX, Not the Bradys XXX, and a multitude of other adult parodies from SitCumZ look as good and true to the original series as they do) along with his partner in crime, the writer/genius/director/creator of Will Ryder (check out the photo of me and Mr. Ryder below!).

    2 of my favorite adult event photographers were at the party, Rick Garcia and the beautiful incredibly cool Miss Gia Jordan (Thanks Gia for your suggestion on some additions to the "Where will your Look Fit In" section of - I'll be updating that shortly). I could go on and on about all the adult biz peeps I rubbed elbows with throughout the night, but instead I'll just refer you to the "Event Photos" category of the AVN website.

    Due to the fact that I like to wake up at a decent time in the morning, I left the club at about half after midnight.

    After getting home, I called that taxi company to report the driver (turned out that I'm not the only person he's unleashed his wrath upon) and went right to bed.

    Today wound up being a pretty productive day even though I did have to go struggle a bit in the beginning (no more than 2 drinks per party from now on - maybe - lol). Ran some errands, treated myself to Mc Donalds, and have had a fun webcam evening so far.

    Tomorrow will be a busy day again, so stay tuned :)

    Wednesday, November 11, 2009

    For those of you as lucky as I am to live in Los Angeles, Club Les Deux will be THE place to be tonight if you want to hang with myself, or your other favorite hot adult actors and actresses. The event starts @ 9pm.

    Les Deux will be ground zero for the "This is our industry" fund raising event. Currently AIM is under fire and they need your help. Visit the website for more info.

    It's Wednesday according to Blogger but according to me, it's still Tuesday night.

    Today was another fun filled day in the lives of Monica & I (we're one in the same - technically - but when I'm lonely, I like to pretend Monica is my sidekick). The day began by running some errands in the early portion of the day - one of which included stopping by the beauty supply store to buy some......(drum roll please).....WEAVE.

    Yea yea yea, I know I've gone on and on about how I'm over wearing a weave, but hey, every once in a while I'm entitled to a relapse...I have a few projects coming up of which "long haired Monica" is necessary so gimmie a break - hell, part of the beauty and fun of being a BAP (Black American Princess) is that we get to change our hair length and style like how other women change their nail polish color. Here's a pic of me from tonight however for all you "short haired Monica" fans :)

    On the way home from the weave/beauty supply store I stopped by CVS to pick up a few items - soap, toilet paper, shampoo, fruit juice, Arbor Mist, etc. Well upon getting to the check out the clerk asks for my photo ID. Of course, I left my damn license in the car so I had to run and get it being that the clerk INSISTED she see it before she sold me the oh so potent (not) Arbor Mist.

    Now I know I look young for someone who's 30, but I DO NOT look under 21. I've found that age is a major issue in California (specifically Los Angeles). So many people out here don't think twice about lying about their age, even when it's obvious that they're lying. Everyone wants you to either be much younger than you are, or much older.

    I've come to realize that I'm an "odd" age in porn - especially being that I entered at the age of which I did (29). Being that most porn actresses, enter at around 18 to 21, by time they're 25, they are typically already a "MILF". Porn directors/studios are frequently cast me as a MILF, which is cool - even though I don't have any kids, but in two cases studios tried to cast me as a cougar (though even the directors in the end admitted that it was ridiculous). Yep, I can't go anywhere without getting carded, yet I'm a cougar - LOL - well, maybe I'm a baby cougar.

    You may have noticed I have ads on a few of my blogs now ( and - please be kind and click them :) Helps to support the continuation of my informative (and sometimes mindless) drivel.

    The reformatting of my video editing machine went well yesterday. It's working MUCH more smoothly than before - feels like a brand spanking new system :) Hoping to get some more video editing done this week so I can get my store up and running.

    After doing a few loads of laundry tonight, I jumped on webcam for a while. Thanks to all of you who grabbed a quick show with me. Don't forget peeps - tomorrow at 4pm PST is my show on the network!

    On the 21st, I'll be doing my very first store signing here in Los Angeles at Stan's of Hollywood (an adult megastore), so if you live in the area COME BY AND SAY HI!!! Hopefully people will want me to sign their stuff and take photos with them, if not it'll be cool though - I'll just run around the store sexually harassing people - lol j/k - well maybe not.

    Monday, November 09, 2009

    It's only Monday but already the week is off to a a busy but great start.

    I spent most of the day yesterday on set with one of my favorite adult industry directors (this man has managed to successfully segway from the old school porn world into the new school of the adult industry) David aka "Pussyman" - I shot for one of his newest projects: which is part of the "A Mean World" family of websites. I had to channel Miztress Monica for the shoot, which is always a fun persona to call upon. I'm excited to see the scene, as I think it turned out sexy, nasty , raunchy, deviant, and just about everything someone into hot and sexy ebony dommes could possible desire :)

    Pussyman is a cool cat, because he's proof that regardless of what era you begin in an industry, if you're creative and passionate about what you do, you'll remain timeless.

    It was recently brought to my attention that someone I know but no longer communicate with lifted some of my info and "frame work" if you will, from my website and twisted it into something rather negative for their own self serving agenda - People who do such things really don't bother, stun, or affect me, because truthfully at this point in my life I understand that there really aren't too many people out there who are capable of coming up with original ideas independently. In the end thieves never win, so I'll let the universe take care of it. and it's associate blog is meant to be an honest, non-sugarcoated, fun, free, helpful and informative resource/gateway for ANYONE looking for info on the adult entertainment world - primarily porn. It's not meant to taint or influence anyone's view on the industry - it simply provides a window for outsiders to look through if their interested in the process of getting into the world of adult entertainment.

    Today while I'm writing this blog, I'm in the process of reinstalling the OS and some new hardware onto my video editing computer. It's a boring tedious task, but it must be done. After I trade my SUV in next year, I plan on saving up for my first MAC video editing systems.

    Later this week I may have another video shoot coming up which I'm looking forward to and just maybe, I'll do an installment of Real Exotic Dancers Talk Back on

    Stay tuned.