Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Alexandra Mayers LIVE - The exploitation of teens in pornography by fathers with teen daughters

Within the pornography industry (both in America and world wide) there are men who are fathers to teen daughters, yet who exploit, promote and pimp other parent’s teen daughters into the adult film industry...

Ex pornstar Alexandra (aka Monica Foster) herself understands what it is to be exploited by the sex industry, and she questions exactly HOW parents who work within the porn industry feel it could possibly be OK to NOT treat other people’s children (especially if they're underage) the way they’d likely want their own offspring to be treated.

Pornstar Holly Hendrix stated in an AdultDVDtalk interview conducted by “Captain Jack” that she was recruited into pornography prior to her turning 18 years old.

As of current the porn industry's (self defined) top blogger Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL is one of Holly’s primary promoters via The Real Pornwikileaks and XXXstarPR – but is Holly Hendrix aware that Sean claims to be the father of a daughter who’s not only close to Holly’s age – but who embodies a striking physical resemblance to her?

Underage sex, child pornography and pedophilia are becoming increasingly hot topics of discussion within the legal sphere of today’s porn industry – will the case of Holly Hendrix add to the argument in SUPPORT of lowering the age of consent? Pray to God via Jesus Christ that it doesn't.