Friday, November 18, 2011

On this edition of Monica Foster at Home - Christian Pornstar edition , I discuss the concept of "Christian Porn" - is it possible? If it is, what should be the guidelines?

Later in the broadcast I touch on several porn and "sex" related news items:

  • the Herman Cain / Sharon Bialek allegations and Gloria Allred 's connections to the porn industry
  • pornstar and reality star Kim Kardashian in the new Tyler Perry movie "The Marriage Counselor"
  • Sasha Grey and her choice to read to first grade students in a Compton predominantly black and latin elementary school
  • Pedophilia - the number one problem (according to Corey Feldman and many others ) in Hollywood -  and how I feel the porn industry, specifically certain porn professionals, may be encouraging and supporting the problem.  I note how the youngest character ( Rudy ) in Not The Cosbys XXX 2 (directed by Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder ) was not depicted as being over the age of 18 years old (please skip to the 32 minutes mark to see footage from the movie and behind the scenes footage of the Rudy character clearly being depicted as a child) footage use via the US fair use act .

Keep in mind Not the Cosbys XXX 1 and 2 won several awards from AVN and Xbiz which in my view solidifies the Los Angeles porn industry supporting pedophilia themed porn, which supports the concept of child abuse world wide.