Saturday, September 29, 2012

Closing tomorrow at 5pm

Tomorrow at 5pm I am closing permanently - if you'd like details as to why you can click here:

As far as what has prompted my decision (and what has pushed me over my limit) - click here:

To whatever individual or group is behind that attack on Barack Obama and his family...I've seen many people do incredibly stupid things throughout my life - but this particular move is BY FAR the STUPIDEST and most DESPICABLE that I've EVER witnessed (and I truly pray that an excruciatingly PAINFUL return befalls whoever is involved).

As of today there are several individuals and groups that I will never communicate with or acknowledge ever again. What was done to me personally and my family was unacceptable (and I believe it was a test for what has just occurred in regards to Obama and his mother) - however now a barrier has been breached of which there's no return from - this is quite possibly the biggest and most pathetic "fuck up" in American history.

My eyes have been opened.

Update 10/09/2012: I have decided that until is sold - the database will remain publicly accessible. Enjoy :)