Monday, February 11, 2013

Difficult tasks are the road to inner peace

I haven't shared my thoughts in a while, so I figured that this morning I would - being that I'd like my longtime fans, followers and friends to know that I appreciate you far more than just as my "sexy webcam show" viewers.

Things in my personal life are going rather smoothly nowadays. I don't have anything especially exciting to report and that's not such a bad thing. As usual I'm working on maintaining and updating my websites, developing new web ventures and developing myself.

The past few weeks, though not exciting, have been pretty interesting. A woman I know well used to like to use the phrase "turnabout's fair play"...and as of late I've been fortunate enough to watch that particular phrase manifest in regards to several events I witnessed and was involved in over the past few years.

As of current, I'm simply grateful. I'm the type of individual who always feels that I should be more "accomplished" or "successful", but as of current I'm fairly satisfied with how my life is at the moment. I've regained my optimism, drive and have reached a higher level of inner peace than I've previously known.

I'm looking forward to whatever life has in store for me from this point on, because I feel that I've done a pretty good job with the tasks God has put before me so far.