Thursday, March 28, 2013

No desire to turn back - just a desire to move forward free of influence

Whatever is in the past is in the past - I don't just know and understand that fact... I LOVE that fact.

My past is exponentially moving further and further away from my present...and I have Jesus Christ to thank for it.

I see 3 very clear personal life paths I could take - and this week in particular has been very strange spiritually for me, because I've had signs physically manifest in regards to 2 of the 3 roads I could embark on.

I do not want anyone to pray for me anymore. I don't want to hear anyone's opinion any longer as to what I should do, or who I could be. I'm forever grateful for all the kind thoughts, prayer and advice I've received from others over the years, but now I need to make a decision free of anyone's influence.

I've worked as hard as I have on many of my online adult related projects, because it was therapeutic for ME. I've dealt with a tremendous amount of pain over the years - not just due to working in the Los Angeles porn industry, but due to various events throughout my life. I've wanted to save others, because I've seen elements of myself in others - and I needed to save myself.

I don't know if anyone can ever totally heal - but I believe I'm pretty darn close to being brand-spanking new :)

I'm ready as of today to have the "green light" manifest in regards to the 3rd path/road my life could take. It's the road I think would be the most surprising to those who know (or know of) me, but it's the journey of which I've always had in mind daily (and that I've dreamed of for a very long time) that would make me the most happy.

I'm ready to explore happiness. Solid, pure happiness (and my happiness is no longer dependent upon what anyone on Earth thinks).