Thursday, April 25, 2013

Full Circles sometimes transform into a Spiral

Circles and figure 8's - two shapes which are one in the same with the exception of the latter being twisted.

For the past couple of years I equated many instances in my life to being that of a horizontal figure eight which represents the concept of infinity ∞.

As of late however, my awareness has shifted towards the number 1.618 - which is the Golden Ratio - we often see 1.618 in nature in the form of spirals (snail shells, plants, galaxies, etc).

The past couple of weeks (most notably yesterday) in my world have been marked by several personal issues and external issues (of which I've felt I needed to lend my energy to) finally reaching a point of closure.

Sometimes closure is brought about by an issue or element in life coming full circle. Other times it requires innate spiritual growth which enables your perception to revisit the experience from an elevated level of perception.

Though I've said it time and time again...I'll say it once more - I don't think I have anything else to write as my "Monica Foster" entertainment persona. This particular blog posting is authored by the creator of "Monica Foster" - Alexandra.

Through my porn industry commentary blog - I've followed many news items that have deepened my understanding of what it truly is to be a human being (far more than I ever thought possible). Frankly, it nearly blows my mind when I attempt to even comprehend how we as nearly 7 billion people on this planet manage to build and maintain functional civilizations at all - but I'm grateful that we do (I believe in miracles - just as I believe in Jesus Christ).

Yesterday I witnessed a change manifest in the United States pornographic industry of which I felt was very important (please click here to read about Assembly Bill 332).  Other's who have followed the progress of this coming change have stated that it was "inevitable" - but it wasn't necessarily. Many individuals poured their energy into making that change manifest (just as others poured their energy into trying to prevent the change) and in what I perceive to be a small way - I did as well.  As I write this - it feels very good to know that others in the future who embark on the path I ventured on in March of 2008 will most likely enter a safer environment than I found myself in. Life is precious - so it must be looked after and respected (even when it's given up on itself, or isn't capable of caring for itself).

Beginning a couple of weeks ago, I was granted understanding via 2 individuals and 1 media source in regards to a personal issue I've carried for nearly 3 years.  Though now the explanation seems so SIMPLE - I know I only perceive it that way now due to psychological and spiritual growth. Knowing this makes me both excited and a bit anxious as to what I'll reach understanding of later in life.

At this moment I feel as though I've packed my bags and am walking down the shoulder of an interstellar highway...feeling gusts of wind blast against my body and whip through my hair as various intergalactic crafts whiz by. I turn on my heel, begin walking backwards, extend my arm and stick up my thumb as I face the oncoming traffic.

Hopefully someone kind and interesting will pick me up, because I need a lift to my next destination.  Being that I don't believe anything is random, I have a feeling that whoever does pick me up, knows exactly where I am and has just been waiting for me to give the signal that I'm ready to go. All I know is that wherever I find myself next, it will be a place where I'm constructing, building and manifesting some very unique things I've already mentally drawn the blueprints of.

See you live on webcam - I'm not sure for how much longer (but what does it really matter - time is just something we humans made up).
PS: stop treating Albert Einstein's theories as concrete fact.
Thank you EbonyBunnyKing for making this awesome graphic art from one of my photos :)