Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5 years later after being raped.

5 years later after being raped, this morning a porn industry professional finally decided to give me the alleged name of the man who raped me. Yep, FIVE YEARS LATER (actually it's 6 years - took me about a year to realize what happened). Of course, this only happened after I made the conversation below known to the public:

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In other news Crystal Cox has given my website an exclusive interview concerning her ninth circuit court of appeals victory which is a win for independent investigative bloggers and journalists nationwide.

The interview with Crystal Cox is the 1000th blog post. I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity to post such a historic piece of news as the conclusion to a project which has helped me reach a level of understanding in regards to my time not only in the porn industry, but my encounter with the world of organized crime (the Los Angeles porn industry is NOTHING but organized crime as clearly illustrates).

There are still individuals I'd like to know the truth about, and experiences I've had that I'd like closure on - but even if I never receive the answers to the questions I have, I know I've done a good job simply being a human being who has a soul that God refused to allow Jesus Christ to abandon.