Saturday, December 27, 2014

A feeling of Peace, Wholeness & Completion

Tonight I took a very long walk, and while I was walking I felt happy.  Not just happy though, but GRATEFUL for the life I've been given.

In the past I've written of feeling at peace, but I haven't ever felt as peaceful, centered, whole and complete as I feel at this particular moment.  Maybe it's my age, or perhaps it could be the time of year... regardless even if I didn't wake up tomorrow, I'd feel very good about how I've lived my life and the person I've become.

As always, I have goals I'd like to accomplish and projects I'm working on and plan to start in the new year (that's just what I do - consistently create), but I'm not in a rush nor do I feel obligated to stay within any time constraints.   As I look back over this year (and my life in general), I have always embarked on journeys or started projects at the right time and have completed them on timee. Realizing that lifts all the stress I've foolishly carried.

This year in particular received a tremendous acknowledgement and gratitude from others for my work.  The "thank yous" felt so good - and that's all I've ever really sought in life.  I'm not driven via the attainment of material wealth - I seek emotional wealth and genuine connection with compatible souls.  This year I finally was shown exactly which people in my life are truly here to be with me throughout my time on Earth (and exactly which people I WANT and DON'T WANT to be in my life).

It's funny, because I feel that I can often see what's in store for others I encounter, but I never can for myself.  Yes, I have the projects I plan to work on, but (and maybe out of pure choice) I can't see what the future holds for Alexandra Mayers.

Whatever happens next, if anything...I hope it's good.  Regardless, I'm only opening doors to options I feel are presented by someone who really likes me for exactly who and what I am.